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RUSH: Bloomberg, all the stuff that’s being discovered about Bloomberg. Folks, this myth that billionaires are brilliant. They may be at one or two things, but they are not massive, triumphant examples of a brilliant IQ. This guy says some of the stupidest stuff and has said some of the stupidest stuff and done some of the stupidest stuff over the course of his political and business career that you can imagine, and it’s all been kept under the radar. Now it’s starting to surface.

You talk about misogyny. There isn’t a conservative in the country that can hold a candle to the misogyny of people on the left like Weinstein and Bloomberg. Now his comments about farmers, that he could teach anybody to be a farmer. Yeah, all you gotta do, you grab a seed, you go get some dirt, you dig a hole, you put the seed in the dirt, you pour water on the dirt, and up comes the corn, and you’re a farmer.

He doesn’t even know that there are agricultural universities teaching farming. He puts it down, slams people who do it, but claims if you’re in information technology, why, that requires real intelligence, like Bloomberg, who will then talk about how a Chinese communist dictator has to answer to his constituents, his voters. A communist dictator doesn’t have voters or constituents. He’s got political prisoners, essentially.

They’re called citizens sometimes. But people who live in dictatorships are political prisoners. They’re certainly not constituents, and he’s out there talking about Xi Jinping, the Chinese premier, as though he’s no different than an American president in terms of having to keep his people happy. It’s amazing.

Now Bloomberg is trying to overcome all this misogyny by talking about maybe putting Hillary Clinton on the ticket? And no matter where you look, Crazy Bernie is still cleaning up in every poll — I know, Biden was too. But that party is an absolute mess. And don’t you think it’s somewhat fascinating that a true groundbreaking candidate like Mayor Pete has to sort of be sequestered? I mean, it’s a little curious.


RUSH: There’s a story on Drudge: “Betting Odds Soar for Bloomberg Winning Nomination. Biden’s Numbers Plunge.”  The source is The Daily Wire, but it’s Real Clear Politics and they monitor the betting sites.  But they’ve buried in the lede.

Do you know what the lede of the story is?  “Betting Odds Soar for Bloomberg Winning Nomination,” but what doesn’t change is Donald Trump is leading everybody to win the presidency in these betting markets, no matter who the Democrat nominee is.  “With each passing day ahead of the 2020 United States presidental [sic] election, Donald Trump’s odds to spend another four years in the White House continue to improve. At Bovada, Trump is now the -170 favorite to win the election — an all-time high,” and yet that’s buried.  The headline is:  “Betting Odds Soar for Bloomberg Winning Nomination.”


RUSH: Bloomberg’s making news for all kinds of things. He’s spending money like… Isn’t it fascinating to watch how rich guys spend their money? Bloomberg is spending his money on TV ads to try to get rid of Donald Trump. Jeff Bezos is buying mansions to impress his girlfriend. Well, he is. You take a look at the transformation of Bezos. When he started Amazon, he was a nerd. He was a warehouse geek nerd wearing too-large khakis and everything else.

He gets married. His wife’s name is MacKenzie. Her parents live near here. Nice people. He scores big with Amazon, huge — and everybody knows what happens. He buys the Washington Post, and then starts having an affair with some Hollywood type, and that’s it — divorce — and here he comes buying the Jack Warner estate, buying yachts, all these other houses, dressing like you’re a hipster on the red carpet. Bezos is spending his money on a woman.

Bloomberg is spending his money trying to get rid of Donald Trump. I’m gonna tell you: I’m already hearing from people who are sick and tired of Bloomberg ads, where they live. We got a guy on hold here who’s gonna talk about that. Bloomberg is just smothering people with TV ads. Now, among the things that Bloomberg has talked about — and, folks, look. I’m gonna mention this again. This is not insignificant.

Here’s a guy who ostensibly, theoretically is running for president. But he still has to get delegates. He still has to do the things that anybody wanting the Democrat nomination is gonna have to do. He’s gonna have to win some primaries to win delegates. He’s gonna have to do well on Super Tuesday. He hasn’t done anything yet but buy a bunch of political ads, and since people are fascinated by billionaires, the Drive-Bys are examining him and reporting on him as though he is something special and unique.

I think there is a large myth surrounding wealthy people, and the myth is that they are smarter than everybody else. Now, I don’t deny that they may be brilliant in a particular area that worked out where they created their wealth. I’m not trying to impugn anything there. But look, they’re just like actors and Hollywood people. They don’t know what they don’t know. But their wealth gives them license to pretend they know all kinds of things, and I think… Here’s Michael Bloomberg.

Now, he used to be a Democrat, then becomes a Republican after Giuliani to get elected mayor of New York. Now, what did the guy do? Among many things, what did he do? He starts running a Nanny State. He starts putting a limit on the size of soft drinks New Yorkers can buy. Why that didn’t disqualify him immediately as one of the greatest encroachments of personal liberty and freedom, I don’t know.

And then after putting limits on the size of soft drinks, then he started talking about banning certain kinds of soft drinks that had things in there that he didn’t like, like sugar or aspartame or whatever. This is not smart stuff. Then when I heard him talk about the dictator of the ChiComs, Xi Jinping, as (paraphrased) “having to satisfy his constituents like any other politician. He can’t go crazy. He can’t do things that are going to cause problems with his constituents because he’s like all of us; he has to answer to his constituents.”

Xi Jinping especially has set himself up as Mao Tse-tung Jr. Xi Jinping has essentially taken over the Communist Party apparatus. He is attempting to become the most powerful dictator in China since Mao. He doesn’t have “constituents”! He doesn’t care about “constituents.” He doesn’t get elected. He takes out — he kills, like other communists do — any potential rival or enemy within the Communist Party. Now, there’s a downside to doing that, though, and Mr. Xi Jinping is discovering it now.

When you set yourself up as the authority, when you are the lone powerbroker and something like the coronavirus happens, it’s all on you, buddy. There’s nobody left to blame because you’ve taken out all of your rivals. You can’t go blame the Republicans, per se, because you’ve killed them. You’ve eliminated them. So something coronavirus happens; it’s on you, buddy. That matters in terms of the rest of the world, not inside China.

Because no matter what happens inside China, no matter what happens with the coronavirus, nobody inside China is gonna get rid of Xi Jinping unless they take him out with a bullet. But nobody’s gonna take him out with votes. Nobody’s gonna take him out with constituents being upset and angry. To me, folks, this matters! We’re gonna elect somebody president who doesn’t even know what communism is, doesn’t even know how it is structured?

Then he teased Hillary Clinton as a potential vice president. Now, everybody knows that’s a trial balloon. Bloomberg has to act fast if he wants to overcome Mayor Pete and Klobuchar (and her Klobmentum) and Crazy Bernie. If he really wants the Democrat nomination, he’s gonna have to do something fast to start getting enough delegates where he can at least try to broker a convention, if not win it outright — and Crazy Bernie isn’t just gonna sit there and stand aside and let it happen, although everybody needs to know Crazy Bernie is not a brawler.

Crazy Bernie will not be able to stand in the same ring with Donald Trump. No. Do not doubt me on this. Look at what Hillary did to him! He allowed Hillary Clinton to walk all over him to steal the nomination from him, to rig the election. All the while, he knew it. He’s not a brawler. He is a full-fledged, communist ideologue. There’s a difference. He’s not an organizer. He’s none of these things.

He’s trying to survive strictly on the power of his ideology resonating with people and that that’s what’s gonna keep them energized. But nobody thinks Crazy Bernie’s a fighter. You ever heard that aspect of him described that way? No. Nobody thinks of him as a fighter. But everybody knows that Trump is. So Bloomberg has gotta do something here to get noticed. He’s gotta do something. So they float the trial balloon that he’s considering Hillary Clinton as vice president.

Now, there’s so many possibilities here, and let’s just examine one of them for the moment. Every one of these people hates Donald Trump personally and viscerally, because he has done something they never thought he would be able to do. Donald Trump has always been seen by the glitterati in New York as a friendly but sort of stupid huckster. He’s been underestimated throughout his entire life. He’s gotten his share of respect, and he has earned his place in the New York hierarchy.

But the real New York City, the real Manhattan elite despise the guy, they hate the guy. And when he went out and ran for president and got elected, that humiliated them, because they think they should be able to be doing that. They’re the ones qualified to do that. Not Trump. He’s never run for anything and he gets elected? So it is personal. They despise him. Now, they know Hillary has already lost her mind with hatred over Trump, and Bloomberg is a close second here.

All the money in the world will not make Bloomberg happy if Trump does something that he, Bloomberg, can’t do. So something has gotta give here. So he floats Hillary. One possibility is that if that were to ever work, and if Bloomberg would ever get elected as president with Hillary as the VP, a lot of people would think that the deal is that she actually gets to be president while Bloomberg goes off and does what he does after having won the election.

He’ll be there in Washington, but she’s gonna have the power. That’s a theory I have heard bandied about over the weekend, that in order for her to do this, Bloomberg’s gonna have to promise her that she is gonna be the de facto president. She gets to implement the ideas and the agenda while Bloomberg is the figurehead — and knowing the people on this side of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that happened.

But let’s think about this another way. Let’s think about how this plays out. You have a multibillionaire, Doomberg, who it can be demonstrated is not — I don’t know how to say this ’cause I’m not trying to be insulting. I’m not. How do you politely say somebody’s not as smart as they think? Say they got holes in their head? What do you say about ’em?

Anyway, you have a multibillionaire who is trying to buy the presidency, wants the help of the swamp creature who purchased the Steele dossier, who cofounded a sham charitable organization that served as cover for the biggest pay-for-play scam the country’s ever seen, the Clinton Foundation. And not only that, remember Hillary Clinton cheated Crazy Bernie out of the nomination in 2016.

So let’s imagine this alliance, Doomberg and Hillary, who will be vaulted to this position not having had to win anything because she’s proven that she can’t. She becomes Bloomberg’s veep after entering no primaries, after having spent no money, after having not gotten a single vote. She has the baggage with the Russians all the way back to 2016. How do you think this is gonna play with the Crazy Bernie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the Democrat Party? A billionaire teaming up with a corrupt cheat who kicked Crazy Bernie to the curb in 2016.

You think Crazy Bernie’s people just gonna sit there, stand idly by? Crazy Bernie may not be a fighter, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The Squad certainly are. If Bloomberg buys the nomination, if he goes out there and does this and puts Hillary Clinton on his ticket as his running mate, if he goes in there and floods the market and buys it, hello third party. They’re not gonna put up with it this time.

Crazy Bernie may have to be dragged kicking and screaming to third party, but they are not going to put up with. But let’s not forget who Hillary thinks that she is. You think that she would literally play 2nd fiddle to Mini Mike? I doubt it. I don’t think she would do this if she literally had to be vice president. We’re watching a party literally implode. The Democrat Party is imploding and disintegrating. It is a mass of chaos.

It has an identity that it is trying once again to hide because it has not worked being open and up front and honest about being socialist and communist. So they’re once again trying to hide it. They don’t have anybody — I’m telling you, the Democrat Party hierarchy is looking at their list of candidates, starting with the first 23 down to however many are left, and they don’t see one of them who can win. Not one.

Now, guess what the prepub is on the Nevada caucuses? It’s gonna be just like Iowa. We’re not expecting results the same day. We’re not expecting results in a day or two. How can that be accepted by Democrats? You run a caucus, you announce the winner. What do you mean, we’re not gonna know for couple days? What do you mean it’s the same sort of chaos we had in Iowa? Why? Who’s in charge of this show? And the answer to that’s the Democrat National Committee.


RUSH: By the way, folks, before we go back to the phones, one thing. We have the audio sound bite. Michael Bloomberg — now, this is at Oxford. This is nothing. I’ve been invited to speak at Oxford twice and I’ve turned it down both times ’cause I thought it was a setup. Yeah, way back in the nineties, way back in the nineties before Fox News started. They invited me twice, and I thought it was a setup. It was during the Clinton years. I thought it was a total setup.

I regret not doing it. I didn’t go. Well, if they invited me to Oxford today I probably – I’m not angling for an invitation to Oxford. I’m just telling you, you know. I regret that I didn’t accept the invitation, but it’s not something I regret, regret, regret. I’m just saying I wish I’d done it now looking back on it. But I thought it was a setup like everything else. I mean, it’s left-wing university extraordinaire, Oxford. But I should have seen it as an opportunity to get their minds right, and I saw it instead as a — anyway. Bloomberg was there.

Bloomberg was addressing Oxford in 2016. And, folks, this is classic. I tell you constantly what leftists, Democrats and liberals think of you. Now, Bloomberg has come along, he said all of this stuff publicly, and it has never made it into public media until now when he seeks — this stuff didn’t even surface when he was running for mayor of New York. So here he is putting down farming.

BLOOMBERG: Ninety-eight percent of the world worked in agriculture, today its 2% of the United States. Now comes the information economy. And the information economy is fundamentally different because it’s built around replacing people –

RUSH: Okay, stop the tape. This is not the good stuff. He’s talking about how easy it is to be a farmer. “So all you gotta, get some dirt, and you get a seed, and you put the seed in the dirt, and you pour water on all that, and here comes the cornstalk. And that’s all you have to do. I can teach anybody to be a farmer in five minutes.” He doesn’t even know there are entire universities devoted to agriculture. He hasn’t the slightest idea what it takes to farm. He hasn’t the slightest idea what it takes to start a farm.

All he thinks is that it’s dirt work. It’s dirt work, it doesn’t take much brain power, and it’s easy. But when you do what Bloomberg does, when you report the news, when you’re in news and information technology, why, that’s where you need the big brains. I just think this is classic of the way leftists look at people in flyover country. He says, “I can teach anyone to be a farmer. The skill for information technology’s completely different. You need more gray matter.”

This is why he gravitates to the Democrat Party. He’s a condescending elitist. He doesn’t think that you have the brains to get through the day without his instructions, without him putting limits on how much Coke you can drink. He doesn’t just think farmers are stupid. He thinks you’re too stupid to be trusted with salt shakers and sodas, not to mention guns. That’s the big one. And so Bloomberg is making it abundantly clear, the Democrat Party is the home for people that want to control you and your daily life because they don’t think you can do it.

It’s a dangerous, authoritarian political party. It’s why it has to buy votes. It’s why they have to fix elections and weaponize intelligence agencies and spy on political opponents, because they do not, I don’t care what anybody says, they do not represent the majority thinking in this country. This was at Oxford, 2016. So four years ago.


RUSH: I got one more comment about this farmer business from Bloomberg and how easy it is and how he could teach anybody to do it. That is the height of arrogance, by the way. “It’s so easy, even I could teach anybody,” meaning a nonfarmer. Some of the most brilliant people I know are farmers. Do you know who one of the most famous farmers in America is? (interruption) Well, he’s dead. I’m talking about people that are alive. (interruption)

Victor Davis Hanson! Exactly right. He is a farmer in the Central Valley of California. He has been — his family has been — in the farming business for a long time. He is also one of the most noted scholars at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. It is a conservative think tank. He is the expert on the Peloponnesian wars. He is the expert on Ancient Greek history and philosophy. He can even tell you who the Greek version of Bill Clinton was, a man by the name of Alcibiades. Same kind of guy.

Farmers today are some of the most… You know what they have to know? GPS. They have to understand global positioning satellites. They have to understand how to use computers. They have to be internet savvy. They have to use cyber tools hourly to plant, to irrigate, to harvest. You just can’t say, “I’m gonna grow some corn in the backyard.” You can’t say, “You know, I love rice; I’m gonna put some right in my backyard.” Do you know how water intensive rice is? Well, most people don’t — and it’s a hit-or-miss proposition every year.

I don’t care whether we’re talking about corporately owned agriculture or family farms, it’s hit or miss, and Bloomberg doesn’t even realize… Stop and think of it this way: 2% of the people in this country now produce what 98% use. That sounds pretty special to me. Two percent of the population produced 98% of the food! How does that happen? If it’s so easy to do, why isn’t everybody doing it? Why isn’t half the country in agriculture feeding the rest of the country and profiting to the heavens from it, hmm?

I wonder why. What is it that makes Bloomberg think putting something in the ground is always gonna grow, or is going to grow and produce profitable food? I happen to know Victor Davis Hanson. He has spent his entire life on a farm while commuting to academia. He has found… He lives in both worlds. He lives in the world of academe with supreme intellect, elitist intelligence and what have you.

And he has told me that farmers, in his experience, are more inventive. They are more canny, they have far more challenges to deal with every day than simply thinking about what you think about a specific issue. They have to be expert in markets. They have to be as informed as possible on the weather, on pests, on labor. These are things that the elites never deal with, they never have to come in contact with. The closest they get to it is when it arrives on their dinner plate — and yet he’s Bloomberg putting ’em all down like this.

It’s classic.

Literally classic.

Here’s Deborah in Detroit. Deborah, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you very much. Longtime listener. Here in the Detroit area, we are bombarded with Bloomberg commercials showing him and the wonderful work he’s done with Obama. He’s coming across like Obama is totally backing him for all of the years that he’s done things with him. I’m getting sick and tired of it, and I’m getting sick and tired of friends who are liberals saying, “Oh, he’s backed by Obama,” and I say, “No, he’s not.” (laughing)

RUSH: Well, no, Obama hasn’t backed anybody. But don’t let that frighten you. Obama ends up backing people that lose. Obama endorsed Hillary big time. What happened to her?

CALLER: I know. But Bloomberg wants to give the impression that he has the Obama endorsement so that he pulls Michigan.

RUSH: Yeah, well, but South Carolina is the next step here. He ought to be running… Why are you tired of the ads? Is it the frequency, you just can’t get away from ’em, or what?

CALLER: Oh. Yeah. I wake up in the morning to watch the news; he’s there. You know, I’m retired. I watch the news in the afternoon; he’s there. At night, if I happen to watch a program that’s not on Netflix, he’s there. It’s like 24/7.

RUSH: Well, you know, the theory is that money is what wins in politics. It’s an age-old phrase that was begun by a California politico named Jesse Unruh: “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” People believe it, and that’s why they think it’s the answer to everything. A lot of political consultants really think that whoever has the most money is guaranteed to win ’cause they got the most ads to run negative ads on opponents; negative ads work.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So it’s become almost conventional wisdom — and yet, we’ve not had somebody like Bloomberg spend this kind of money this far out, and it is an interesting laboratory-type experiment because it is irritating people. I don’t think you’re alone in being irritated by these ads.

CALLER: Yeah, and it’s frustrating, because he’s riding Obama’s coattails.

RUSH: Okay, you keep… So that… Look, I have a keen ear, and when I talk to people, I hear what they say, and no matter my attempts to steer your call into various directions — I do it on purpose — you keep doubling back to what really irritates you about this, is that this guy is trying to tie himself to Obama.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: So you really don’t like Obama, right?

CALLER: No, I don’t.

RUSH: And you are afraid of Obama? You’re afraid Obama’s got some mystical powers in the next election?

CALLER: No. Not afraid of him. Just disappointed in friends who think he’s so magical and if Obama thinks that Bloomberg can win, then he’s for him.

RUSH: Well, he was. He’s the “magic Negro.” I mean, that was a column in the Los Angeles Times, “Obama the ‘Magic Negro.'” I quoted the piece. They think I wrote it, by the way, but I didn’t.

CALLER: I know. (laughing) I’ve listened to you for 25 years.

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah. Al Sharpton. “Barack the ‘Magic Negro.'” That’s one of my favorite all-time parodies that we’ve done on this show.

CALLER: And, believe me, I’ve been harassed for 25 years. (chuckles)


CALLER: People I work with, ’cause I listen to you on my iPod.

RUSH: Oh. You’ve been harassed because you’re a Dittohead.

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: But see? You’ve hung in there. You’ve hung in there and you probably dish it right back.

CALLER: I do. I do. But sometimes it gets a little frustrating.

RUSH: Can I guess why it it’s frustrating?

CALLER: That’s why I keep telling people, “Obama didn’t endorse anybody. He hasn’t.”

RUSH: I’ll bet you it’s frustrating because from the things they say, you know they’ve never listened. You know they don’t even know what they’re talking about. That’s what frustrates you.

CALLER: A family member from Boston that came for Thanksgiving two years ago, I mentioned your cochlear implant because a member in the family was having surgery and was going to lose their hearing. And I was saying nothing political, but it changed your life because you got to continue to do what you loved. And later in the evening, a member of the family said, who lives in Boston, “You know what we people in Boston say about people that listen to Rush?” And I said, “No. Tell me.” And they didn’t finish their sentence.

RUSH: Hmm.

CALLER: You know?

RUSH: Hmm.

CALLER: It wasn’t political. It was this was something that changed your life, because this is your livelihood. And that’s a good thing.

RUSH: Well, that ticked ’em off, though.

CALLER: Whether you’re Republican or Democrat or any —

RUSH: Ah, let me tell you, they were praying that I would stay deaf. They were praying it would be the end of the EIB Network. That’s just what they do. Anyway, don’t worry about these ads. These ads are probably affecting a lot of people the way they are affecting you. Understand that Bloomberg has to do this because he doesn’t have a delegate yet. He hasn’t entered this thing. Is he even going to debate these people? Have they built the box for him to stand on at the debate? These are questions to which we don’t yet have any answers.


RUSH: Ray in Detroit, great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s an honor to speak to you, man.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Just got a quick one for you. If by some chance Bloomberg were to take the nomination and pick Hillary as his running mate, what do you think his life expectancy would be?

RUSH: Don’t make me laugh. Ha. I think he’d be fine because he would willingly, I think, transfer enough power to her to keep her placated.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I tend to differ —

RUSH: Because I think Bloomberg just wants to go down to his houses in the Bahamas or wherever and play golf and sit there and fume about Trump or whatever.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I don’t think he wants the gig so much as he wants to kick Trump out of it.

CALLER: Sounds good.

RUSH: And if he has to end up empowering Hillary Clinton to do that, then he’ll do it. I get your point. I get your point. I’ll leave it for you to answer in your own way. Sometimes I have to hold back.

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