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RUSH: If you will pardon me, I’m gonna run a risk by talking about some of the heartfelt pieces that have been posted and written since I announced my medical diagnosis a few weeks ago. I see everything that’s written. As I said yesterday, I’m never gonna be able to respond to all of it, and I’m hoping that the expressed gratitude here finds its way to everybody who has taken the time to reach out to me, to try to reach out to me, or has written something for public consumption, publication.

It’s all overwhelming, folks. It’s all very humbling. It’s very sobering at the same time, and it’s tear-jerking. (chuckles) I have to tell you, it’s tear-jerking, and I hesitate to single one or two out because I run the risk of offending others who have written equally nice things who may not get pointed out, but I do want to mention something that was pointed out to me today. Kathryn, in fact, saw this and sent me the link. It’s a piece at FoxNews.com by Peter Rosenberger.

The headline is: “How One Call to Rush Limbaugh’s Show Changed Countless Lives.” I’m not gonna read the whole thing, but here’s how it starts. “More than a decade ago, I called Rush Limbaugh’s show and, amazingly, got through. Sharing with the call screener what I wish to discuss with Rush, he placed me on hold for more than an hour. As I saw the battery on my phone looming dangerously low, I scrambled to plug it in and held my breath while hoping not to lose the signal.

“Finally, at the bottom of the second hour, I heard the click on my phone as Rush came on and said, ‘Peter … welcome to the show.’ We had a lively chat and Rush seemed genuinely interested in my discussion and kept me on for nearly ten minutes (a lifetime on his show). Asking about our work, he graciously allowed me to give out our website.” Well, this man is involved in… Well, just read the piece. We’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com.

It’s better to read than me, in a brief period of time here, trying to paraphrase it for you. But he talks about how the outpouring of love and support his organization got after just one call on this program has led to the changing of countless lives because of the work his charity does. It involved prosthetics for amputees regardless how the injuries happen, and it talks about the numerous friends that he made after just one phone call.

Basically, folks, it’s a testament to you. It’s a testament to the goodness of the people in this audience and how you have come through on every such occasion. You really ought to read this because it’s actually more about you than it is me. Peter Rosenberger at the FoxNews.com website, the opinion section: “How One Call to Rush Limbaugh’s Show Changed Countless Lives.”

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