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RUSH: Story from The Daily Caller: “President Trump Threatens to Sue ‘Everyone’ Over the Mueller Investigation and Roger Stone Trial.” I’m gonna tell you, this is exactly right. Here’s the story: “Trump threatened on Twitter [today] to sue ‘everyone’ involved in Robert Mueller’s … Russia investigation and the trial of former Trump adviser Roger Stone.”

I’m just gonna tell you, Trump is exactly right about this. “‘These were Mueller prosecutors,'” these four that resigned in a so-called huff. It was nothing more than theatrics, nothing more than a show. “‘These were Mueller prosecutors, and the whole Mueller investigation was illegally set up based on a phony and now fully discredited Fake Dossier…'” That’s all true. There’s nothing legitimate about the Mueller investigation.

There was never a crime. There was noth… Look, I’ve been through this until I’m blue in the face. You know this as well as I do. They lied, they forged documents, they made up things at the FISA court. Trump said everything about this is bogus. Nothing in this is real. “Everything having to do with this fraudulent investigation is badly tainted and, in my opinion, should be thrown out,” the president tweeted.

This is in reaction to the judge, Amy Berman Jackson, saying she’s not gonna delay the sentencing phase of Stone’s trial, but she might delay things because of a call for a new trial. Trump ended this tweet storm by saying, “If I wasn’t President, I’d be suing everyone all over the place, BUT MAYBE I STILL WILL. WITCH HUNT!” He’s exactly right about that.

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