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RUSH: Biden is out there saying he’s running for the Senate. Poor Plugs, you gotta feel sorry. Whoever’s making him do this needs to really be spanked. Plugs doesn’t want to be doing this either. Plugs doesn’t have the fire in the belly. Bloomberg doesn’t have the fire in the belly. Somebody put Plugs up to this as a means of heading off Crazy Bernie at the moderate pass.

But Plugs, folks, it’s embarrassing. He’s out there saying he’s running for the Senate. He’s in South Carolina, says (paraphrasing), “I’m running for the United States Senate. I’m running for the United States Senate. If you don’t like me go ahead and choose the other Biden.” The other Biden? What other Biden? Hunter Biden in Ukraine? What other Biden?

And then — this is even worse. Two things. Plugs claimed last night that he worked with the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping on the Paris climate accord. Well, Deng Xiaoping has been dead, room temperature, for 20 years. Deng Xiaoping is not the head honcho of the Chi-Coms. The head honcho of the ChiComs is a guy named Xi Jinping, and he’s becoming Mao Tse-tung Jr., becoming a total authoritarian. It’s why Crazy Bernie loves this guy.

And Crazy Bernie’s out saying nobody has raised the percentage of people out of poverty like the ChiComs have. What a crock. My God, this guy’s dangerous. He’s a crotchety, funny looking guy, but he’s dangerous. But poor Plugs claiming he worked with Deng Xiaoping on the Paris climate accord. The Chinese have nothing to do with the Paris climate accord anyway, except to go up and go (raspberry) we’re not playing. Deng Xiaoping left office in 1992. Deng Xiaoping was not even present when Plugs was vice president.

And then, did you hear about this? Plugs said he got arrested trying to greet Nelson Mandela as he was coming out of jail on Robben Island. “Yes, I was in Soweto! I was running around Soweto trying to avoid being necklaced, and I got arrested! I got arrested trying to meet Nelson Mandela.” Joe Biden was not in Africa when Mandela was released from Robben Island. (sigh) It’s embarrassing. Who is making him do this? (interruption) Well, you think he’s…? (interruption) Hunter is making him do it? Is that what you think? To try to protect everybody in Ukraine?

You think his son’s making him do this? “Dad, you gotta run interference for me.” Oh, my gosh, I hadn’t thought of that. Pfft! (chuckles) Well, somebody’s making him, and they’re letting him embarrass himself like this. (interruption) No. We have compassion here for people. We always have had. Somebody is letting Biden make a fool of himself practically every time he goes out and opens his mouth. Now, in the polling data in South Carolina, it looks like he got the endorsement from James Clyburn (father of Mignon Clyburn) of the Congressional Black Caucasians, and he is leading in the South Carolina polls because he’s leading in the black vote.

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