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RUSH: Here’s Leanne in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program on Friday. Great to have you, Leanne. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for having me on.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I work for a large corporation. There’s like over 40,000 employees, and over the last month or so we’ve gotten like 10 or 12 emails about how racist America is, how we have to be aware of our unconscious bias —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. From who?

CALLER: From the CEO of our company and from VPs of the company.

RUSH: Now, I know that the American CEO class has gone radical left in the last 10 years or so. I know that’s been happening.

CALLER: Oh, this is really bad. And how they stand with Black Lives Matter. They want us to read the 1619 Project.

RUSH: You’ve gotta be kidding. That’s a fraudulent, made-up New York Times bogus thing.

CALLER: Yeah. White Fragility.

RUSH: White Fragility, DiAngelo or whatever it is?

CALLER: Yeah, it’s one of the books to read.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s the thing I read yesterday, this supposed take on white culture that’s so destructive to the country. You are having to read all of this? The CEO is suggesting you do all of this?

CALLER: Yeah, resources for everyone to read. And there’s a list here. It goes on and on.

RUSH: When are you supposed to do this? In your off hours?

CALLER: Yeah. I mean, they just want us to educate ourselves because, you know, of our unconscious bias and now they’re —

RUSH: Do you think your CEO knows that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist, communist organization, not civil rights?

CALLER: I don’t know how they can know. But they want to raise like $5 million —

RUSH: Oh, wait a minute. Hang on. Whoa. Whoa.


RUSH: Now we go back to Leanne, Land O’ Lakes, Florida. She works for a major corporation, 40,000 employees, CEO is a Marxist leftist demanding — you know what it sounds like to me, Leanne, that’s happening to your company?


RUSH: There’s was a story from the New York Post. “Obscene federal ‘diversity training’ scam prospers — even under Trump.” And this is the nut of it. “Critical race theory –” is what your CEO has bought into. That is “the far-left academic discourse centered on the concepts of ‘whiteness,’ ‘white fragility’ and ‘white privilege’ — is coursing through the federal government now. Last month, a private diversity-consulting firm conducted a training titled ‘Difficult Conversations About Race in Troubling Times’ for several federal agencies. The training called on white employees at the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the National Credit Union Administration and the Office of the Comptroller to pledge ‘allyship [sic] amid the George Floyd Tragedy.'”

So it sounds like exactly what’s happening at the federal government in the bureau, even with Trump in the White House is exactly what’s happening in your company, and now your CEO wants $5 million raised, pledged by the employees?

CALLER: Well, no, I think the company’s gonna commit that money.

RUSH: Oh, the company is gonna commit the money. I misunderstood.

CALLER: They also want us to donate as well.

RUSH: Oh, okay. I thought that’s what you meant. So you’re having this forced on you.

CALLER: Every week.

RUSH: Every week.

CALLER: Email after email. So should I stand up, should I say something?

RUSH: Well, to whom do you want to say something?

CALLER: I don’t know, the CEO?

RUSH: Do you have access to the CEO? Does he have a door open policy?

CALLER: Email policy.

RUSH: Email policy. Jeez. The question. This is the question. Let me ask you, do you like your job?

CALLER: I like my job, yes.

RUSH: Okay. Now, Leanne, the next question is a very important one. I understand your commitment to what you believe and therefore your opposition to what your company is engaging in and more than likely forcing you to be part of. Is this, opposition to this, is this the hill you want to make your stand on? Is this the hill you want to maybe die on? Or do you want to keep your powder dry?

CALLER: Yeah, that’s the question I’ve been wrestling with.

RUSH: Yeah. Keep your powder dry for other opportunities. But of course while you wait, this is only gonna metastasize and get worse.

CALLER: Yeah, and I’m wondering how many other, you know, large companies are doing this type of thing.

RUSH: A bunch of them. You are not alone, a bunch of them. When I call them the CEO class, I mean it. There is a class, like an economic or a membership to the class of the — like the political class is elected people. There’s a class of CEOs that have gone radical left in some of the major, biggest corporations in the country. And it’s contrary to what everybody thinks.

Everybody thinks Big Business is a bunch of Republicans that are cheating everybody. And it isn’t. Big Business today is far and away bankrolling the Democrat Party and financing this move to Marxism and communism. So if you’re just one person, I wouldn’t advise you to take on the CEO here.

CALLER: Right. I just thought you would find it interesting just, you know, another story —

RUSH: I find it depressing. I find it depressing, and it ticks me off. Because this election really is crucial. There’s only one way we’ve got even a slight chance of stopping this. And it’s keeping Trump in the White House and then keeping Trump motivated, inspired, and focused. If that doesn’t happen, all of this stuff your CEO is doing and all of this stuff that’s happening in the reconcentration camps, the federal government that I just shared with you, it’s gonna be forced on everybody at some point. Everybody who disagrees. Everybody who dares stand up to any of it is gonna find out what that’s gonna cost ’em.

There are people, Leanne — this was the toughest thing, ’cause, you know, I’m naive and I’m a Pollyanna on occasion. When I was a kid, I was well educated on the founding of the country. And my family continued the education that I was getting in school. My family is made up of patriots. My family is made up of people who don’t just love America, they cherish it. And they always have. And they have fought for it, members of my family.

My family, no matter where the family gathering was, all of us kids and grandkids were treated to conversations, discussions, miniature little speeches on the greatness of the country. We grew up believing it, we grew up accepting it, we grew up loving it all.

And I’ll never forget when I first — and I don’t remember when it was, and I don’t remember how old I was except that I was young — when I first discovered that there are people in this country who hate it — you know, I didn’t know anything about communism yet. Well, that’s not true because the family had told us everything we needed to know about communism. When I was 9 years old I knew.

I don’t remember specifically about when it was that I became aware that there are — and these were not crackpot kooks. These were educated people that literally hated the country. It didn’t compute. I didn’t understand it. And it was not race based. These are white people that hated it. I could not intellectually understand it. Not after what I’d been taught. And not after what I’d been exposed to.

I asked, “How can anybody think that?” when I heard rampant criticism of the unfairness and the other imperfections and deficiencies. And then as I got older and branched out — I grew up in the Midwest, in Missouri, I went to — this could be embarrassing except I don’t embarrass easy. Every major holiday — Thanksgiving, Christmas — where we grew up, everything was closed. There wasn’t a thing open anywhere. Got up, went to church or whatever.

It was a day that the family, those who were in town, got together. The drugstores weren’t even open. Nothing was open. Maybe the bars were, I have no idea. I was not old enough to be going to those, so I don’t know. I moved to New York from Sacramento in 1988, I think July, and my first Thanksgiving in New York was an eye-opener, like it wasn’t a holiday.

Nobody was at home. Everybody was out. And I don’t mean going to the parade. I mean, I myself was getting on a train to go celebrate Thanksgiving with some friends who lived way up in Connecticut. It was my first time in the Long Island Rail Road. I should have just got a car, but these guys, “We’ll pick you up at the train station. You need to learn how to ride the train.”

Okay. So I ride the train. I was stunned going through Grand Central. It was like it wasn’t Thanksgiving. So foreign to me, and even before that when I got to California, holidays were different. People just lived them and treated them differently. So I chalked it up to Midwestern values, small town, nothing is open anyway in a small town. There’s not enough to be open.

So my awareness of how things are different throughout the country was a slow awakening. And I adjusted to all of that. And that’s fine. It’s not a complaint. It was when I first encountered the sheer, genuine and to me explicable hatred for the country I had been taught that was worth loving, it just — I started ask, well, how can anybody hate? And I still ask that question when I encounter people who despise it.

Now, I intellectually understand it now far better than I did when I was very, very, very much younger. But the America that you was taught about, the America that I grew up loving, that I was told was the most special place on earth because of how it happened and how it’s governed and how the people are in charge of their lives and the people are in charge of making their lives whatever they want, I was taught the essence of freedom, that America is not going to exist anywhere if this election goes to Joe Biden.

That America is what is under siege and under assault. That America is what’s being destroyed. The America I was taught about, the America I grew up loving is what’s being targeted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. But now it’s the Democrat Party, folks, that is providing the platform of legitimacy for these people who have never loved this country.

We’re not talking about people who have loved it and then grew tired of it. We’re not talking about people who have come to an intellectual decision that America is deficient. These are people that grew up hating America because that’s all they were taught. They don’t know nothing. They don’t know anything of what they believe. They haven’t the slightest idea of the truth of this country. It’s not like we’re up against people who have at one time loved America like you and I do and then things happen and they change their mind.

These are people who have never loved this country and haven’t the slightest idea why you or I do. All they’ve been taught is to despise it and hate it and to tear it down and to take you with it. And that is what is happening. They are a minority. They do not represent a majority of thinking. But they have been so successful at scaring people and at intimidating people that whatever opposition to them exists is scared to death to show up, to say so.

So we wait with bated breath every election to find out or for affirmation that we still have a country, the country that we know and love, a country that’s the envy of the world.

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