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RUSH: Folks, have you seen all of the hubbub over a couple of Republican governors, like the South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem, who really is a huge success story, and, of course, the Georgia governor, Brian Kemp. They have resisted calls to issue statewide mask mandates.

The Democrats and the Democrats in the media are pushing to have the president issue a nationwide mask mandate. Never mind that there’s never been such a thing before, never mind that it would probably be unconstitutional, and never mind that it might actually be harmful, it might actually be counterproductive to have a national mandate on wearing masks.

Of course, in much of this COVID-19 stuff we kind of left the Constitution behind sometime back in the middle of March. Dianne Feinstein, senator from California, she’s gonna propose an amendment that would withhold coronavirus aid to states that don’t have a mask mandate. And I’m trying to remember, was there ever a law — let’s go to back to AIDS. Mr. Snerdley, help me, was there ever a law that mandated that gay people wear condoms during AIDS? (interruption) Why not?

I mean, the condom is the equivalent of the mask back then. (interruption) It would have been too intrusive? (interruption) Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Did you mean to use that word, the condom would be too intrusive? (interruption) You mean too discriminatory. (interruption) Oh, intrusive on their civil rights. I thought intrusive on a bodily orifice is what you were talking about. (interruption) Okay. Thanks for clarifying that.

No, seriously. I know I’m gonna get in a lot of trouble for this, but back during the AIDS crisis, and it was a genuine crisis, and it affected without exception the gay male population. They tried to say that it was gonna transmute to the heterosexual population, but it never really did other than blood transfusions and dirty needles. But not by way of heterosexual sex.

So if there had been a mandate that every gay individual wear a condom, it would have been the same as this proposed national mask mandate. It would have been laughed at back in the eighties. It would have been totally opposed. And it’s a ridiculous idea. But Dianne Feinstein is gonna propose an amendment that would withhold coronavirus aid to states that do not have such a mask mandate.

Remember, Feinstein was one of the Democrats who had a cow when Trump said that he would withhold federal aid from cities and states that sheltered criminal illegal aliens in their sanctuary cities. But I want to share with you a story here. I just got this. What an amazing coincidence.

Dr. Spencer, the well-known climatologist, University of Alabama Huntsville. He sent this to me after having posted it on his Facebook page. I’m gonna read it to you.

“A COVID-19 story and the dangers of politicizing a virus.” Dr. Spencer says, “I just asked a friend in a major U.S. city who owns a successful medical testing business his opinion about masks. He is on the advisory board to one of the top hospitals in the country (you’d recognize the name), and is an expert in immunology, epidemiology, and a couple other medical-ologies. His wife is an ER nurse.” That would be emergency room, for those of you in — well, you in Rio Linda know what ER is. You practically live there.

“They both believe that the public wearing masks is probably doing more harm than good, because cloth masks are being reused, laid down on unsanitary surfaces, and recycling bacteria from the wearer.”

And you know this is happening. You know, people are improvising and making their own coverings. Some of them are not using strictly medical masks. They’re using bandana-type things, and they to want look like Little Steven Van Zandt, they want to look like some biker or whatever. So people are out there making up their own masks out of nonmedical equipment.

“But that wasn’t the main point he wanted to make. He told the story of a friend whose wife recently got very sick with COVID-like symptoms and was admitted to a very good hospital in the city. She was told she had COVID by three top medical professionals. The husband called my friend to say her health was failing and was not expected to live. My friend told him to INSIST she be tested for other illnesses.”

That everybody’s got a COVID-19 bias, even in hospitals. Make sure, he was told, that you test her for other things, and they did. And you know what? They found out she had Legionnaires’ disease. She did not have COVID-19. Legionnaires is bacterial. It is not a virus. She was treated for Legionnaires’ disease and released a day or so later.

A day or so earlier she was pronounced, for all intents and purposes, dead with COVID-19, all because of this bias for chalking everybody up with COVID-19. And how did she get Legionnaires’ disease? Mask. You know, these things can trap bacteria. Medical professionals are not even supposed wear these things all day. You’re supposed to take them off when you have a chance, right? You’re not supposed to be wearing these things all day long.

You don’t have to put one on when you’re in the car driving around. Only when you get out of the car. The doctor buddy also related that he has personally known more people to commit suicide in recent months than have had COVID-19.

So Dr. Spencer here says that, “COVID-mania is causing harm. ‘Following the science’ means making rational decisions, but when the government pays hospitals extra $ for having COVID patients, you can bet that every illness will suddenly look more like COVID than before the financial incentive existed.”

Hey, undeniable. It’s unfortunate, it’s very sad, but if there is money to be made — this is how climate change gets expanded and extended. You corrupt every scientist in it by giving them money for coming to certain decisions and going public with their opinions on climate change. You pay them to do so, and you’re gonna corrupt them. And it’s happening now with COVID-19.

And isn’t it amazing, the story we had out of Florida — we had it earlier this week — that 300 Florida testing sites had somehow managed to report 100 percent positivity during COVID-19 tests? And that story is where? It’s buried. It’s gone. It didn’t appear anywhere other than here and elsewhere in so-called conservative media.

It’s the story of the day when it hit. COVID-19 testing centers, 300 of them were reporting 100 percent positivity. That’s a scandal. It’s been buried. It’s been ignored. Can’t find any evidence of it around. It didn’t survive much beyond Fox 35 Orlando, who did the original reporting on it.

So this stuff is going to continue. The effort is to portray Trump as incompetent, uncaring, has no compassion, doesn’t care what happens to people with COVID-19. All Trump wants is to get himself reelected, but everything here is about getting rid of Donald Trump on November 3rd. That’s what all of this is about.


RUSH: Now, looky here, folks. Health officials say no COVID-19 cases can be traced back to the July 3rd event at Mount Rushmore. Zilch, zero, nada.

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