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RUSH: Let me switch to a couple things here on the virus to make sure I touch on these things before we are gone for the most of the rest of the week. On Saturday, the U.K. announced that they were gonna pause their daily update of the death toll from coronavirus over concerns that their death toll might be exaggerated. We need to do the same thing here.

The problem is that Britain, unlike the rest of the U.K. and the European Union, has been counting people who tested positive for coronavirus as dying from it no matter how much later they died. This is the old argument, did someone die with COVID-19 or because of it? And the U.K. is doing exactly what the U.S. is doing. If you are in a car crash and you die and they test and find out that you had COVID-19, guess what? Your cause of death is gonna be COVID-19, not the fact that you ran into a tree.

And they’re doing this all over. Remember the false reports that came out of Florida, out of Orlando, there were 300 testing sites in Florida reporting 100 percent positivity. A Fox TV station, Orlando, uncovered this. If that happens to that extent in Florida, imagine the rest of the country? So the U.K. has now paused the reporting of the daily death toll.

Here’s another story on the same subject. This from Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller. How many of you have heard the story that 85 newborns tested positive for coronavirus in the same period of time? The point is, it isn’t true. “Reports Of A Surge In Coronavirus Cases In Texas Infants Is False, Official Says.”

There was a report of a sudden surge of coronavirus cases in babies in a single county in Texas. And a local official finally said on Saturday that it was inaccurate. Here’s the history. “On Friday, the top health official for the Corpus Christi area said at a press conference that the county currently has 85 cases of newborns with coronavirus.”

And everybody just ran with it, didn’t question it. Just ran with it. Annette Rodriguez, director of public health for Corpus Christi Nueces County, said, “We currently have 85 babies under the age of one year in Nueces County that have all tested positive for COVID-19. These babies have not even had their first birthday yet. Please help us stop the spread of this disease.”

“Her comments stoked widespread fear of a surge in cases in the county. News outlets across the country picked up the story, including CNN, CBS News, Huffington Post, The Hill, and the Associated Press.” But according to Nueces County Judge, Barbara Canales, Rodriguez was wrong. She was mistaken.

“According to KRIS 6 News -” this would be channel 6 Eyeball News in Corpus Christi “- Canales said that 85 infants have tested positive for COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic several months ago.” Not on the same damn day, or not even in the same damn week. “Stating this number during our press conference led many to believe that we had a sudden surge in infants -” You know what’s driving this? The news that young people don’t spread the disease as fast.

So you got a bunch of anti-Trump people out there in various government positions who want to do everything they can to dispel myths and to lay it at Trump’s feet. So they come out and they say 85 infants in one day tested positive. It’s all about getting rid of Trump, folks.


RUSH: Now, Brian, stand by to put that chart I sent you earlier up on the Dittocam. Folks, it’s gonna be really hard to see. It’s really tiny. But there is a graph here that if I explain this properly, it’ll make sense to you. This is from the Centers for Disease Control. And it is death counts attributable to COVID-19 through July 11th. The week ending July 11th, which is the most recent date for data. They run about, you know, a week to two weeks behind here.

So throw the chart up. This is by age. All sexes by age. So if you look at the top line, the red line, the very top, that is the week ending April 11th. You can’t see this on the chart. Go ahead and put the chart up there, Brian, switch it over. The top line is red. You can’t even probably tell that. But, trust me. The top-most line is red, and it occurs on April the 11th. That is the peak death rate, and it’s probably about 6,000. I don’t know in what interval that this thing is reporting.

Probably… Eh, it’s in a week. The key is to go all the way over to the right side. You see the peak of death rates was April the 11th. It isn’t now. The peak death rate was April 11. That red line is people 85 years and older. The line under it is people 75 to 84. That’s the yellow line. The blue line underneath that is people 65 to 74. We’re under 4,000 now in a week. So the top line is people 85 and older.

If you go to the… This is where I’m not gonna… There are two reds, but you can’t tell the difference in them. Just trust me. Let’s move to the far-right side of the chart. That’s July 11th, and you’ll see that the death rate is not even 500, right now, per week — CDC — in all ages, in all demographics, says the CDC. We’re not at peak death rate. The peak death rate was April the 11th to April the 18th.

April 11th is when everything started going down to where we are now on July 11th, easily under 500 deaths a week, counting all demographic age-groups. So what are we supposed to make of this? That’s the chart. That’s from the CDC. That’s on their website. And if you’re not watching the Dittocam, we’ll post this chart at RushLimbaugh.com. You’ll be able to see it there.

So where is…? They want you to believe that all these new cases are gonna equal death, and they’re telling you the death rate’s climbing and we’re catching up. The CDC’s own chart shows the death rate is as low today as it was on March 28th. The peak, again, was April the 11th to 18th, and it’s been a plummet. It’s not a slow decline since April 18th. It is a massive decline — in all demographics.

So, again, I apologize because you can’t see any of the identifiers in this chart because everything’s printed so small.

But you can see those lines, and the lines tell the tale.


RUSH: So I got a note from a malcontent out there saying, “You know that chart that you just put up there? If I was the left, if I was the Democrats, I would use that chart to show that lockdowns work.” You can’t win! You come out with good news for people and you find malcontents out there who want to blow it up.

(interruption) What is that facial expression? (interruption) Well, she’s saying that the left could make the chart look like lockdowns work. What the chart clearly looks like is that as the number of cases has been skyrocketing; the death rate has not. The death rate has been steadily going down.

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