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RUSH: Looky here, ladies and gentlemen. This is a Breitbart story: “Democrats Start to Worry Support for Portland Riots Will Help Trump.” Now, wait a minute. So we’ve had a story today the Democrats are worried that Biden’s VP choices, all those African-American women, are a problem. There’s not one of them that doesn’t have a problem. Say, but wait a minute. What does it matter? Because Biden’s leading by 10, by 13, by 12. What does it matter who his VP choice is? He’s running away with it, isn’t he?

And now we’ve got Democrats: “The first signs of worry emerged early Monday as some opponents of Trump, surveying the damage after a weekend of nationwide riots, began to worry openly if supporting ‘peaceful protests’ in Portland, Oregon, would hurt Democrats.”

There is nothing peaceful. These are a bunch of people with their noses out of joint. They’re spoiled rotten kids ’cause they can’t get over they lost an election. That’s what this is, a bunch of people that refuse to acknowledge that they are losers. They lost fair and square. Now they’re tearing down the country as a result because they’re a bunch of spoiled, rotten people.

There’s nothing peaceful about these protesters. These are rioters. You got Jerry Nadler in New York trying to deny that things are even happening in Portland. But the truth is coming out. “Democrats Start to Worry Support for Portland Riots Will Help Trump.” That means the Democrats supporting the rioters is being noticed, even though the media’s not showing the video.

We’ve had 54 straight nights. It’s gonna get out. People are silently watching this stuff, and they’re keeping score, and there going to make the Democrats pay a price for all of this that you can’t even begin to comprehend. Here’s Rahm Emanuel, audio sound bite number 30. He was on The View today.

EMANUEL: Here’s what I would say is. You said protesters. There are moms out in Portland. There are other people legitimately raising questions about —

MEGHAN MCCAIN: There’s also Antifa.

EMANUEL: That’s right. Well, that’s what I’m saying. So they are not all — I wouldn’t paint the broad stroke is my short answer. There are people trying to hijack these legitimate protesters and create violence, and I think in the response from the federal government shouldn’t trying to make Antifa the face of the protest.

RUSH: They are the face of the protest. Antifa is. And so is BLM. Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, and Antifa are the face of the protests, Rahm. And that’s what you’re trying to cover up. There aren’t any moms out there peacefully protesting, being overwhelmed. This is exactly what it is. Militant, unhappy, deranged Democrat children fed up over things they can’t even explain, taking it out on everybody else.

The mayor of Portland knows. He went down there to be friends with the people. He knows they’re his buddies. They’re Democrats. He went down there to curry favor. He gets tear gassed. They told him to go to hell home. They didn’t care about Ted Wheeler. He’s not a star with these people. In his mind he is.

“Here’s what I would say to you. The protesters, there are moms out -” No, there are not. In fact, I’ve got a story here, ladies and gentlemen, “10 Big Fat Lies You’re Being Told About the Portland Riots.” Yes. Ten big, fat lies are being told about the Portland riots. I have limited time so I’m gonna go through.

“Lie 1: The Riots Are Committed by Mostly Peaceful Protesters.” They aren’t peaceful. They are militant BLM and Antifa. “Lie 2: Tear-Gassed Mayor Says It Was a Total Surprise.” It was not a total surprise. He’s been encouraging this activity. Ted Wheeler has been applauding the violence. “Lie 3: ‘Moms’ Bravely Leave Children’s Sides to Attend Riots.” So they want you to believe moms are walking the kids along in the stroller and they see the protests and they leave the kids on the sidewalk and they go join the protests.

Andy Ngo writes, “I recognize a lot of the so-called ‘moms’ as the same Antifa women who dressed in black as recent as a couple days ago. They just put on a yellow shirt now for optics. Most of these people aren’t mothers and many don’t even identify as female.” They’re transgender oddballs. “Lie 4: These Dads With Leaf Blowers Showed Up Out of Thin Air!” Portland has a leaf blower ordinance. You can’t use one. Yet they showed up. You can’t use a leaf blower in the city after 7 o’clock. But the governor okayed it anyway.

“Lie 5: Rioters Are Patriotic, Flag-Waving American Veterans!” They are not. They are Black Lives Matter and Antifa. “Lie 6: Portland Antifa Says, Hey, It Ain’t Us Doing These Riots!” Yes, it is. It’s Antifa. It’s Occupy Wall Street. It’s Black Lives Matter. It’s every Democrat faux organization that they have created since 2010 and when the Tea Party organically emerged from the primordial political gook.

“Lie 7: Riot Groups Are Not Organized.” Yes, they are. And they’re being paid to boot. There’s a whole bunch of others. Eight other lies, or three others, but I’m out of time to get to them. The point is, everything that you’re being told in the Drive-By Media about the Seattle riots and the Portland riots is just peaceful moms, it’s just — None of it’s true, folks. It’s all Black Lives Matter. It is all Antifa. It’s all Occupy Wall Street. It is every bit, top to bottom, the Democrat Party.


RUSH: These are the same anarchists that have been protesting capitalism in Seattle and in Portland since 1999. The World Trade Organization protests, it’s the same damn groups, folks. There’s nothing new about these people. There’s nothing newly outraged about ’em. It’s not that they’re outraged about slavery. They are professional, paid agitators here, and they’ve been around for decades.


RUSH: Silas somewhere in Virginia. Hello, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, thanks for taking my call, Rush. Longtime supporter. I’m an African-American conservative U.S. history teacher in an inner city school. So it’s a very lonely place. But I wanted to address this whole thing about defunding the police.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You know, there’s something not being talked about here, and this is an effort to really start removing behavioral authority altogether. You know, I see this in my classroom, and you’re dealing with kids basically who don’t have a lot of structure at home, no fathers at home. And it’s almost as if they don’t know how to respond. I mean, they’re raising themselves, Rush, and this whole thing about —

RUSH: Wait a minute. You’re talking about the kids?

CALLER: The kids.

RUSH: The students. They don’t know how to respond to … what?

CALLER: To authority, to direct instruction.

RUSH: Okay. To authority. Okay.

CALLER: If you look at the police pull them over, you know, and they’re giving them imperatives. Their immediate response is to fuss, to fuss their way out of things and to fight-or-flight. There’s little room for cooperation. I see this in my classroom. It’s almost a foreign concept to respond to an imperative. It’s just that they’re not raised that way.

They’re raising themselves, and this is a large part of the puzzle here. Because it’s just gonna go down. It’s gonna degenerate to a more… You know, Black Lives Matter trying to put a new spin on community and taking away the nuclear family. It’s all about how they’re being raised or not being raised.

RUSH: Okay. But wait. You started this off with defund the cops, and —


RUSH: — I’m trying to put that together with the way these kids respond to authority and defund the cops. I’m missing your point.

CALLER: Well, when you see them, for instance, in almost every situation when the police pull them over, okay, you don’t see a lot of cooperation. You see resistance. You see — 99% of the time if you look at what happens when African-American young man are pulled over by police —

RUSH: Wait a minute.

CALLER: — they are not (crosstalk)

RUSH: Wait a minute. Every time I see a black person on TV, I hear that they were raised to behave that when a cop pulls you over, you say, yes, sir, you say, yes, sir, you say, yes, sir, you do not confront, you do not argue, and they tell this story because this is the way they denigrate the cops. The cops are automatically gonna hate you, son, because you’re black, you’re African-American, so you’ve gotta go out of your way to be nice.

CALLER: No. I see them in the classroom. I hear the discussions. They want to prove to the cop that they’re not afraid of them. That’s the first thing. They don’t respect authority. As a teacher, they don’t respect my authority. I have kids who refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. And, you know, we have to work with this mentality that’s there and try to somehow help them, but there’s a lot of oppositional defiance.

And what I’m saying is, it’s gonna reach a level where you talk about changing communities altogether, yet there’s no foundation. Because in the home there aren’t any dads really giving them an orientation to respond to authority. They’ll manipulate their mothers. They raise themselves with their friends. And it’s a whole subculture that literally no one’s investigating.

RUSH: So you think that the defund police movement is really about they want to remove authority, they don’t want to have to react to it, they don’t want to have to be respectful of it, they just want to wipe it out?

CALLER: Because they’re not used to it. Yeah, that’s part of it, yes. They are not used to setting limits on behavior. It’s not something going to be accepted —

RUSH: What’s the solution for it?

CALLER: The solution, they need dads in their homes. They need to stop having kids out of wedlock and we need to get back to a nuclear family concept and understand that that’s a foundational —

RUSH: You know, Bill Cosby said that. Where is he today?

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I understand. Well, he —

RUSH: No, I mean, you can chuckle all you want, but Bill Cosby is in jail, and that was one of his major, major points when he was trying to help young African-Americans.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. You’re right.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: You’re right.

RUSH: It’s a tough thing. Look, I appreciate the call. Thank you, Silas.

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