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RUSH: Let’s go to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, and this is Patricia, and it’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Trump support dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Two quick questions, they’re related. First question is, I was wondering how much input, if any, do you think that Jill Biden has in picking her husband’s vice president?

RUSH: Ooooh. This is a great question. I would, just off the top of my head, I would say that she has a significant position within the group of people making that choice. Particularly, if it’s gonna end up being Michelle Obama.

CALLER: And you’d think she would put up with another strong, domineering control freak in her administration like that?

RUSH: You mean Michelle Obama?


RUSH: (laughing) Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know Jill Biden. I don’t know much about her, so I’d just be hazarding a guess if I were to, you know, render an opinion on the kind of woman she would put up with or accept. If I had to pick a judgment I would say that Jill Biden is going to do whatever in her estimation is best for her husband. She strikes me as that kind — and plus she knows, she has got to know of his limitations now.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And she’s gotta be protective of that. She just has to be.

CALLER: I would hope so.

RUSH: Yeah, you wouldn’t think so. So I think she’s probably gonna be very, very protective, very guarded. And whoever the choice is gonna be, if she has a say-so in it, it’s gonna be a choice that — well, she’s probably gonna have to be able to live with it herself, but it’s gonna have to be somebody that she doesn’t think is gonna be undermining her husband from get go, although that’s human nature. It’s gonna be happening even before she even thinks it would.

CALLER: Right. And, Rush, my second question is after Joe officially makes his VP pick, should something happen to Joe before the election, does his vice presidential pick automatically become the presidential candidate or —

RUSH: No. No.

CALLER: What happens?

RUSH: No. The Democrats then have to go to Plan B. And you know what, folks? That whole subject, they’ve gotta have a Plan B now. Let’s talk about that when we get back. Thank you.


RUSH: Now, great, great question from the previous caller. If for some reason Plugs is unable to make it to the convention — he’s the nominee — if he’s unable to make it but he’s chosen a vice presidential nominee, is the vice president the automatic replacement for Plugs? Now, I said no, but if the nominee could negotiate for that and make that a condition of accepting the gig, then, yeah, I guess it could happen.

The Democrats can do what they want. You know, the Democrats would have to pick a replacement for Plugs. And they can’t reconstitute the primaries. They can’t do that over again. But if you want to look at it, who would be more entitled, based upon the primaries, the people who ran, the people who spent money and raised money, who would be more entitled to be given the nomination if Plugs can’t go? It would be Bernie, wouldn’t it?

Well, I mean Bernie came in second. Bernie has made it possible for Plugs to win the nomination without having to actually win it. So Bernie would be the logical next in line. Now, the Democrats don’t want Bernie. They want Biden fronting the Bernie agenda, but they don’t want Bernie out there. But they would have to come up with a plan. And I’m sure they’ve got one. There is a Plan B. We would love to know what it is.

Now, here’s my take on this, folks. Biden seems to be failing now at a geometric rate. I mean, it’s pronounced. His incoherence, it seems like it always goes racial. And this can’t continue. They can’t continue to have to come up with ways to explain Biden’s obvious fixation with race. There is no question that he is fixated on it, and not just because of these two examples this week. Throughout his career when Biden attempts to be funny or tell jokes, there’s very often a racial component, such as when he talked about how you can’t go into a 7-Eleven any more unless you can speak Indian ’cause there isn’t anybody in there but Indians. And that’s years ago. That’s just old Joe. That’s just Joe. That’s how people excuse him.

But look at what he’s done. He’s insulting Asians. He’s insulting Latinos. The past two days he has literally really insulted blacks. It’s quite incredible. They continue to cover up for him. They send Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucasians out there, but they can’t keep doing this. And what it means is they can’t let him loose. They can’t just open the door to the basement, say okay, Joe, hit the great outdoors. They can’t do it. They’ve got to try to keep him under some semblance of control.

So that means it has to mean that they are desperate to run out the clock in a virtual election with a virtual candidate. That’s what they are attempting here. That’s why no debates, that’s why plugs doesn’t go anywhere. He might leave the basement for the living room and they might put a teleprompter and he might go to some Knights of Columbus hall or some such place to do a speech where there is no audience.

It’s a virtual candidate with a virtual election. He cannot debate. He cannot go on the stump. He can’t. They can’t let him do any of these things that are almost required, they’re almost de rigueur for American politics. So the plan I guess is to sit on this lead, which I don’t even think they’re confident is real. But that’s the plan, to sit on the lead through the fourth quarter. I’ve never seen a candidate that doesn’t exist.

This is the first phantom candidate I’ve ever seen seeking the presidency. It’s like he doesn’t exist. They put him on TV now and then. They have him address groups virtually, but he does not interact. What are you laughing at in there? I know I’m a naturally funny guy, but… (interruption) I’m telling you, it’s like he doesn’t exist. It’s a phantom. Except his face not disfigured. But he’s, you know, phantom of the campaign. Maybe that would be a great ad. A play off of The Phantom of the Opera.

So what is this campaign? This campaign is Trump versus the media, not Trump versus Biden. Trump is desperately trying to make it Trump versus Biden, but they’re not letting him. It’s Trump versus the virus or Trump versus the media or Trump versus the economy.

The VP pick may end up being the real candidate Trump runs against. That’s a safe bet. But I still think the VP candidate is not going to have the power that a lot of political observers think, ’cause I don’t think we really know who’s the power behind this throne. Somebody is seeking to become president without being identified. And that’s whoever’s running Biden. Somebody is campaigning without us knowing who they are. They’re not having to raise any money for themselves. They’re not having to tell us what their policies are.

Biden, if he wins, if he gets elected, he’s not gonna be there very long. I’m certain that’s already baked in. So can we get it out, folks? Can we get Biden out from the basement? Can we find a way — I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure a way to get him out of the basement. I think Biden is uncomfortable with anybody around other than white people. His whole career is a series, a story of racist slips, like praising those segregationist senators just recently.

And if Trump — and this the Democrats know — if Trump can get 15% of the black vote, 35, 40% of the Latino vote, then Biden can’t win no matter who’s running him, no matter who’s pushing him, no matter who’s behind him. You look at the polls, you see Reuters, Politico, they’ve got these unbelievable margins of victory that drive down the Real Clear Politics average and create momentum. I just don’t believe them. The Poll of Polls is what’s tightening now, and that’s what’s positive.


RUSH: So I got the bunch of emails, “What do you mean everything Biden says is race related?” Oh, folks. This is my point. Look at what you’ve forgotten. Joe Biden said black kids like to rub the hair on his legs. If you want to talk about a gross-out moment, he said it. Black kids like to rub the hair on Joe’s legs. Joe likes to rub his hands on the hair of any woman that gets close to him.

Remember how Biden took on the black villain Corn Pop? You remember this. Biden was a young man, Corn Pop and a bunch of his posse were in a park somewhere threatening people, being a bully. Corn Pop was wearing some kind of big chain that was intimidating. And old Joe was the only guy that had the guts to take on Corn Pop. This was some local guy in the neighborhood, that was his nickname and Biden was the only guy, ’cause Biden’s dad taught him how to fight. Remember that? (imitating Biden) “My dad told me, my dad loved these cars, my dad loved muscle cars. Muscle cars, you could drive over, beat people up in ’em.”

Remember what he said about Obama? He said finally the Democrat Party has a clean and articulate black guy we can get behind. And that ticked off Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton still hasn’t gotten over it. Sharpton takes a shower every day. He’s not some dirty guy running around. He takes shower. He’s clean. And Sharpton’s articulate, he thinks. Biden said this, folks.

Remember he said he didn’t want his kids to go to the jungle, to have to go to school. People forget these things. They get reported, he says this stuff and now everybody’s laughing at it, but he said this stuff. Look. As I say, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to get Biden out of the basement. Because to do so will lose him the election. They know this. Getting him out of the basement, forcing him out into a real campaign and not a virtual campaign will lose him the election.

Biden and that team of his is counting on the VP to take the lead in all of the campaigning. Now, according to liberal logic, as a 78-year-old with health issues, you know, what they’re trying to say is Joe can’t get out. He’s 78. He’s got health issues. He is especially vulnerable to the virus. You have to understand that. They say he’s terrified to go out given his comorbidities, meaning the chances he’s got of getting COVID and then if he does get it, the chance that he wouldn’t recover from it.

And it’s hard to refute that. I mean, he is in the age group of people that are vulnerable, and if they want to advance that as the reason he’s gotta stay in the basement, you’re hard-pressed to — I mean, it’s understandable in that sense. But his lapses are getting really scary. So we got, what is their plan? What is their backup plan? What is the Plan B if something happens and Biden can’t get there? If he can’t remain the nominee through the campaign and the election?

Now, you know they’ve got one. They have to have a Plan B. But I don’t think — well, I don’t know. I was gonna say I don’t think it’s the VP, but it actually could be, and that may be one of the reasons they’re waiting. It could be one of the reasons they’re taking so much time, because whoever they pick, ’cause, folks, even if Biden makes it through the campaign and through the election, it isn’t gonna be very many days after Inauguration Day that he resigns and turns it over to whoever. And that’s probably something that’s baked in as well.

But if we could find out what their Plan B is, and it’s gonna take educated guesses to do that, or maybe we get hold of a leaker somewhere, whistleblower, you never know. But that’s what I would love to know, what their Plan B is, if Biden can’t get to the election. They gotta be worried about that themselves.


RUSH: Well, folks, it’s too bad. Corn Pop is dead. Corn Pop assumed room temperature in 2016. It was 1962 that Biden had the confrontation with Corn Pop there at the park. Corn Pop was wearing the big medallion on the chain, so he can’t be the nominee, is the point.

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