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RUSH: Dingy Harry is on TV right now, and he’s being asked about Biden and his vice presidential choices and what great women they are. You know, Dingy Harry going through the usual Democrat PR thing. And then he said (imitating Dingy Harry), “It’s wrong, it is wrong, it is wrong to attack Joe Biden on his religion. Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, and he doesn’t wear his religion on his sleeve. It’s the way it ought to be, and he’s doing the right thing. But you can’t attack Joe Biden, he’s a devout Catholic.”

You know, these left-wing devout Catholics have gotten a pass on something that has always befuddled me. The most famous devout Catholic Democrat was Mario “The Pious.” Mario “The Pious” was a huge left-wing — you know, a caller asked me yesterday, “Has the Democrat Party always been this radical?”

“Yes,” I said. And Mario “The Pious” is a great example. Go back to, if you want to try to find it. It’s not hidden. Mario “The Pious” speech at the 1984 Democrat convention in San Francisco and tell me if it differs in any way from what you’re hearing or seeing today in terms of Democrat Party orthodoxy.

Now, Mario “The Pious” was very comfortable telling everybody how they should live, as every liberal Democrat is. Every liberal Democrat, every socialist, every communist wants to tell you how to live. They want that kind of power over you. Even just for the sake of it. Now, they do believe that you’re inept. They believe most people are incompetent, most people will not do the right thing. The right thing being defined as what the Democrats want done. The people won’t spend their money the right way, so we must take it from them and spend it ourselves. That’s called taxes.

They think that you will not vote the right way; they think that you will not run your business the right way; so they’re gonna do as much as they can to run it for you by telling you things you have to do and things you can’t do. And this is something for which the Democrats are widely known and it’s something socialists and communists are widely known for. They want power to tell you how to live, how to run your business.

But there was one exception, and that was abortion. And I always wondered how in the world the Catholic Church, which, during the days of Mario “The Pious” the Catholic Church was a stalwart organization, pro-life. I mean, there was no latitude whatsoever. There was no allowance for abortion no matter. They might have gotten into arguments about rape and incest, but even then the church was famous for saying it’s not the baby’s fault.

So a Mario “The Pious” or a Joe Biden would show up and want communion, and they were given communion. I’m saying, what a bunch of hypocrites. These people are flouting — they’re devout Catholics they tell us, and yet when it comes to something that is of paramount Catholic virtue and belief, and that is the sanctity of life, these guys are off the reservation. And I never understood it. Well, I did understand it, but I always hoped for something different.

I mean, clearly the Catholic Church was afraid of people like Mario “The Pious.” They were afraid of people like Biden because these are powerful politicians. They control the federal government. They’re liberal Democrats. They already want to tell everybody how to live. They want to tell everybody what they must do. And they are not above exacting penalties on people if they don’t do what the Democrats want ’em to do.

So Mario “The Pious” and Joe Biden got away. And the Mario “The Pious” argument was: I do not have and I do not think that I should be imposing my religious views on people. Well, you compose your views on taxes, and taxes are religious. You can find references to taxes throughout the Old and the New Testaments. There isn’t anything in life that’s not discussed in the Bible. Mario “The Pious,” Joe Biden, they were comfortable as hell telling everybody how they must pay taxes, how they must live, but when it came to abortion, they weren’t going to impose their religious views on people.

I thought that was one of the biggest cop-outs. And Mario “The Pious” gave that particular speech announcing that at Notre Dame University. So Dingy Harry, you know, a little nervous (imitating Dingy Harry), “You can’t attack his religion. He’s devout. Can’t attack him. He’s a devout Catholic. He doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. It’s the way it should be.” Why can’t you when the guy obviously is hypocritical about it?


RUSH: Grab sound bites 8 and 9 very quickly. This is Trump yesterday at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland, and he’s talking about Biden. This where this religious stuff got started.

THE PRESIDENT: He’s following the radical left agenda. Take away your guns, destroy your Second Amendment, no religion, no anything, hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns.

RUSH: Well, that’s all it took. That blew ’em up. He’s against God. It’s about time somebody called them out on this. Now, I might not use the term “against God,” but they are phonies. These are the people that try to keep you from going to church. Look what they did to Trump when he went over to the church on the other side of Lafayette Park, look how they tried to destroy that. Look how they tried to destroy the moral majority, the Jerry Falwells and the Billy Grahams. These people on the left do everything they can to impugn, to make fun of, to mock, and to openly criticize Christian religious people.

So it is not incorrect to say that they’ve got a problem with God. I’ll tell you what, their God is not ours. Their God is some inanimate tree or a series of trees, the environment or some such thing. And this has been the case for as long as I’ve been doing the show and before. But it’s one of these things you’re just not supposed to say it.

But Trump does. Trump calls them out on it. I mean, look what they tried to, the pro-life people. All pro-life people are doing is trying to make sure that as many lives that are conceived as possible are born. But they’re not forcing anybody. They try to persuade. I mean, it’s the most incredible thing. And that’s just one example. Take a look at the protests that are happening in churches back in late eighties all through the nineties. And I’ll guaran-damn-tee you it was Democrats doing the protesting. So here’s a little Drive-By montage just outraged that Trump would say that Biden is against God.

JOHN BERMAN: A devout Catholic who has leaned on his faith…


BERMAN: …through some very difficult times.

ABBY PHILLIP: He’s well known to be a devout Catholic.

ED O’KEEFE: Biden, a devout Catholic.

MARY BRUCE: Biden, a devout Catholic.

YASMIN VOSSOUGHIAN: Let’s be clear here. Biden is a devout Catholic.

RUSH: The media, they don’t particularly care much about religion, either. Folks, you cannot be an American leftist today and also be religious in the traditional sense. You just can’t be. They are not pro-God type people, certainly not pro-Christian. To come along, “He’s a devout Catholic.” Based on what? Well, he’s had his son die and there was funeral — devout — Catholicism has seen him through some very tough days. That’s a crutch. It’s a crutch that liberal Democrat politicians are allowed to lean on. I don’t know.


RUSH: Cardinal Dolan will tell you. Cardinal Dolan, New York, I’ll tell you, religion, not just Catholicism, religion is under attack from all of these anarchists — the Antifas, the Black Lives Matter, and all these clowns out in the great Northwest.


RUSH: Grab sound bite number 10. I mentioned Cardinal Dolan, Timothy Cardinal Dolan. He was on Fox & Friends today. Brian Kilmeade said, “The president yesterday came out and said that Biden doesn’t like God. And he went off on some other things. Do you think God is playing a role in this election? And if so, Cardinal Dolan, who likes God more?”

DOLAN: When they start defacing your buildings, when they start throwing Molotov cocktails, when they start cutting down your objects of devotion and burning your books of prayer, you better be careful because that’s an animosity and a bigotry that’s only gonna be inflamed. There’s been a rash of dozens and dozens and dozens of attacks on Catholic churches, evangelical churches, synagogues, mosques, kind of an anti-religious, anti-church, anti-faith dangerous sentiment.

RUSH: Exactly. Exactly. The party of abortion here is most definitely trying to shut down churches. It’s not even a controversial thing to say because they’re doing it. And yet you can’t say this, you can’t say what Trump said, you can’t say that Biden is against God. You just can’t start characterizing people and their religious beliefs.

Believe me. Donald Trump is not the first guy to think it. He may be, as is the case with so many other things that he’s got gonads of steel about, he may be the only guy saying it, but there’s all kinds of people that have thought this about the hypocrisy of supposedly devoutly religious Democrats over the years.


RUSH: This is Devon in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program today. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos —

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: — and mega prayers to you. This was a bucket list item. I am so excited to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: So over the last few weeks you’ve spoken quite a bit about these Millennial, college-educated women being such a significant part of the social justice movement and the Black Lives Matter movement, but I thought I would give you a call as a Millennial, college-educated mom of three Rush Babies who is not a part of that.

RUSH: Hold it. You’re a Millennial and you have three children?

CALLER: I do. I’m an old Millennial.

RUSH: An old Millennial.

CALLER: Born in 1981.

RUSH: ’81. Okay. So you’re at the upper age of the dividing line for Millennial. Okay.

CALLER: I am, but I thought I would give a call because my husband, when we were dating in Sacramento, told me that I should really turn on this guy named Rush, and I have a master’s in public education, and you changed probably the course of my existence —

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: — as a wife and as a mom, a full-time mom. And I stopped working after we had our first. He’s now 6.

RUSH: Holy smokes. Holy smokes. Congratulations.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: You sound like you’re glad that that happened.

CALLER: Oh, honestly, it’s amazing. It’s humbling to be conservative, and it’s also really empowering. And when Mr. Snerdley asked why I haven’t kind of bought into the activist culture, it made me sit back and really think back to — and you just talked about the Catholic religion and basically Christians being under attack completely right now.

RUSH: True.

CALLER: It’s just fundamental beliefs on what it is to be a human being and also to be an American and to believe in freedom and to believe in choice. But I think what has happened is social media has become a platform and propagated the use of virtue signaling, especially now, in my age-group —

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: — particularly among women —

RUSH: I think it’s a cauldron of hatred. I think social media is — there is some decent stuff there, like everything else —

CALLER: There is.

RUSH: — but on balance the place is poison.

CALLER: But it’s just hard because sometimes I want to get out there and I want to voice my opinion but I also believe that that’s not the platform to use it, although the ways that we do it as a couple is very kind of old school, staying humble and leading by example and, again, respecting others. Going back to those freedoms. But I know Mr. Snerdley asked that I make it quick and the last thing I did want to say is thank you to you and Kathryn for the Rush Revere series. We bought all the books a while ago, and now that our oldest is 6, we’ve started reading Rush Revere —

RUSH: Oh, perfect. Perfect. Look. You’re right about time, hang on. Hang on a minute. Don’t hang up. We have a package from Revere and Liberty that we’d love to send you for your kids. They’re just now getting to the age where they would love this stuff. Some Liberty dolls and some other stuff in there as you’re gonna start using them. I’m way short on time. I appreciate it, Devon, but don’t hang up so we can get your address and send you this stuff.

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