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RUSH: I woke up today — like has been happening every day in recent days — and I thanked God that I did. Here’s the… You know, I had some stream-of-consciousness notes that I kept last night as I was watching the convention, and I have to tell you, I didn’t actually go to the channel that the Democrats were doing to stream the thing.

I kept it on Fox. I was just lazy. It wasn’t that I was curious to hear the commentary, ’cause I knew what it was gonna be. And, by the way, I knew — I knew before it started — there wasn’t gonna be any criticism of Michelle Obama, very little criticism. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised… I don’t mean this as a criticism. It’s just the safe play.

I can see the executive suite sending a note down, “Look, there’s nothing to be gained here. Just let her speak, praise her, do whatever you want to do, but don’t get into the weeds here. There’s…” It’s a race thing, folks. It’s one of the most protective articles of clothing that the Democrats have. You couldn’t criticize Obama during his presidency without being accused of being racist.

And, boy, did they milk that. They milked that all. For two terms, they milked it. Now, it didn’t stop me, but… Oh, by the way, do you know one of the speakers tonight is Sally Yates? (interruption) Sally Yates? Are you kidding? What, are they gonna bring back Sandra Fluke? Why don’t they try a rerun of that? How’d that work out for ’em?

You know, Sandra Fluke, we put ’em on the map on this show, and the Democrats, just to show you how they misjudge things… If you don’t remember the Sandra Fluke story, I don’t want to have to waste a bunch of time recasting it. But basically, they had the woman appear in a commercial for never-ending contraceptives paid for by you and me: Taxpayers.

This woman made it sound like she needed $3,000 a month worth of ’em, and you can buy the stuff for 12 bucks a pack over-the-counter at a drugstore — “$3,000 a month? What is the woman doing?” So it led to controversy. And I, of course, fell under pressure to make it go away. So I had to apologize. Then get to Obama. “I don’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh’s heart.

“I don’t know how hard or soft Rush Limbaugh’s heart is.” Anyway. Then they called Fluke and they bring her into the White House. They ended up running her for office, and they gave her a prime time speaking slot at the convention that year. That would have been 2012. Now, I don’t know where that convention was. I don’t remember it, where it was.

But they made a massive misjudgment, because they think that Twitter — or they think Media Matters back then — was America. So they believed that the nation was outraged over what I had said about Sandra Fluke. They were livid. The majority of Americans were just sympathetic and supportive. So they find a place in California for her to run for Congress, they give her a prime time speaking slot, and what did she talk about?

She talked about her “shtruggle,” and she talked about her tragedy. She never mentioned my name, but I was both. I was her “shtruggle,” and I was her tragedy, and then she goes… She didn’t get 10% of the vote!. They misjudged constantly because like right now they’re in the process of misjudging. They think Twitter represents a majority of thinking in America. It doesn’t.

Back then, they believed that media Martha’s represented a majority of thinking in America. It doesn’t. Never did. Media Matters is a fringe bunch, way out on the left. (interruption) It was Charlottesville, North Carolina, the 2012 Democrat National Convention. So I have firsthand knowledge of how they profoundly misjudge the popularity of their own people and the popularity of their own issues.

There was no reason to have Sandra Fluke run for office. They hadn’t been in politics at all. She’d been in that commercial. But they thought they had an instant winner because they believed that a huge majority of Americans despise me and hate me and were mad at me because I had gone out and unfairly “attacked the girl,” and they got a rude awakening.

They did it all the time. This is why I’m able to, with great confidence, come to you every day here and tell you how they are misjudging the popularity of their own personalities and people and issues. They think Twitter is a majority of Americans. They desperately want it to be, but it isn’t, and it never has been.

Journalism is responsible for this largely because journalism is lazy, and if they think they can find a stand-in for having to go out and actually talk to people, why, they’ll grab it as soon as they can, and that’s exactly what Twitter gives them. They can portray Twitter. All they gotta do is say, “Twitter went viral! Twitter blew up! Twitter this; Twitter that,” and they can portray that whatever’s happening on Twitter represents majority thinking in America — and it isn’t.

Now, Snerdley just told me during the break that I was… What was I again? I don’t know how to say it. (interruption) “Trending number one on Twitter.” It was yesterday? Was it yesterday and Friday? (interruption) Yesterday. I was trending. All day and into last night I was trending number one on Twitter. Well, now, he told me that.

I said, “How the hell could I be? I don’t do Twitter and I don’t post things on Twitter So what in the world could have resulted in me being number one and trending on Twitter?” Well, what it was, is it wasn’t me. It was Media Matters. Media Matters was all atwitter. They were just… They had the vapors. They had the vapors and the vapors because I “had called” Kamala Harris Willie Brown’s “mattress.”

Now, I explained to you why because I was reading it from a story. It’s not even my creation, and I had first thought it was a typo for “mistress.” But then it appeared two other times in the story. So I said, “Well, whoever did this intended it.” Now I have been given the credit when I didn’t invent this.

But you see, as far as Media Matters is concerned in their minds, it’s much easier to gin up hatred against me and fundraise off of it than some anonymous blogger who actually came up with the term. But this is how it works, and so they’re sitting there thinking that America’s outraged. “Oh. Limbaugh’s done it again!

“He called Kamala Harris Willie Brown’s mattress!” They have no concept of how you in this audience — which is a genuine, massive majority — are laughing your asses off when I say stuff like this. You enjoy it. It’s funny! It has a grain of truth in it. She was his mistress, and he’s the one that outed her. I mean, it’s actually kind of amazing.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, to go back to Michelle (My Belle) for just one minute and finish this, ’cause I know you all are gonna want to weigh in as well. Oh, one other thing. Don’t forget. You know Biden and how phony this guy is? Biden is actually plagiarizing the Trump campaign in a lot of ways, talking about economic plan and how it’s designed to make America grow.

He’s literally committing plagiarism on the Trump economic policy. But it’s not, because it’s Bernie Sanders’ agenda and policy, and there’s nothing Trumpist about it. But Biden is running commercials urging you to buy American. He’s a total fraud. But why? Their polling obviously shows that Trump’s America-first message has worked.

And it’s gotta tick the hell out of ’em. It’s gotta make them so mad. Remember Trump comes along in 2016: “Make America Great Again!” That becomes controversial. Why is that controversial? What in the world’s controversial about your country where you live being great again?

But to 35% of the voting public, those are fighting words. They don’t think this country’s great, doesn’t deserve to be great, and ain’t gonna be great if they have anything to say about it.


RUSH: Montgomery calling here from Oklahoma City. Welcome. It’s great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Can you hear me okay?

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: A little bit nervous. Listening to you since 1991. Other than my dad, my high school baseball coach, there’s no one that’s shaped my life more than you. I think the economy’s here in Oklahoma City where traffic and store activity were back to levels where we were in March. This was flyover country. I see planes flying over for the first time and where interest rates are and people refinancing, the housing market is on fire here, it’s on fire in a lot of places other than the obvious. And I think you mentioned earlier that the numbers are gonna be good, and I just wanted to call and tell you that I agree.

RUSH: Well, good. In fact, I’ve heard the coming projections. Nobody knows what the number’s gonna be in October. They just know what economic activity is now and what it’s gonna be in September. And we know that the economic news we’re getting in terms of jobs created, record, record rate. Now, this is important. Not a record number. It’s a record rate because we’ve lost how many millions of jobs in two months. We shut down the economy. So it’s a mistake to portray the number of jobs coming back, but how fast they’re coming back is the key and the rate that we are creating new jobs is record-setting.

Now, this is important because this is going to be absolutely necessary. The places where this isn’t happening are blue states that are purposely being kept on artificial lockdown. Well, I say artificial. There’s nothing really artificial about it ’cause they’re shut down. But Seattle, state of Washington, Portland, state of Oregon, Illinois, city of Chicago, New York. We talked about New York yesterday. How Andrew Cuomo is being hailed as some sort of Nobel Prize winning hero is beyond me.

In the real world, the Democrats wouldn’t want him anywhere near their convention. But, of course, that’s the thing. The Democrats are not living in the real world. To them, Twitter is the real world. Social media is the real world. They have a vastly inflated idea of its size and of its importance. But, you know, there’s another point to make about this I think to augment the point that the Democrats think that Twitter’s representative.

Not only do they think Twitter is huge and it represents a vast majority of people, but they also think that it’s representative of a massive cross section of Americans. And it isn’t. It’s representative of a massive cross section of people that are out of their minds, that are depressed, that are unemployed, that are running around in basements in their PJs. This is not a joke. It’s made up of people who have lost confidence in themselves. And Twitter and the anonymity allows them to pretend to be the people they wish they were, allows them to say the things they wish they had the guts to say to people’s faces.

But there’s something else. Twitter, social media is also the mainstream media narrative on all these things. You know, we don’t have news anymore, as I have been wont to explain. We don’t have news anymore. There isn’t journalism happening. What’s happening is the creation of narratives, a creation of stories, if you will, to advance the Democrat Party agenda. And so as narratives replace journalism, replace the news, what’s happening is a gigantic echo chamber is created.

And so the people on Twitter, they think that whatever the mainstream media says is reality and is accepted as conventional wisdom. And the media thinks that what’s happening on Twitter is the same thing. It’s almost like a circle you-know-what. It is. It is circular. They portray a certain America and Americans, and then they summarily declare that those depictions are true.

So you have the mainstream media believing that Twitter is representative of America and writing stories. The Twitter people see that, and they think that the Drive-By Media is representative of the real world, and you end up with a circular firing squad here creating a bunch of BS that both Twitter promotes and the mainstream media promotes. And none of it is tied to reality. That’s why there isn’t a single news story in Drive-By Media about the unrest in all of these Democrat cities when it is the story.

So they, then, end up declaring all these fabrications that occur on Twitter and the Drive-By Media are true when they’re nothing more than fabrications. They’re nothing more than made-up narratives by the media and by people on Twitter.

So how do I fit in? Well, I’m the one that knows this. I am the one who understands it. I’m the one able to come here every day and translate what all is really going on. I am the primary person countering this narrative that Twitter is America. And I every day provide a calming effect. I tell you, don’t fall for it. I tell you it isn’t real. Twitter isn’t America. It’s not a majority of America. The media is missing the boat. There’s a reason why the media’s respect factor is as low as it has ever been.

You know, the American people, you know that you and other Americans are nothing like you are depicted on Twitter, nothing like you are depicted on the Drive-By Media. You know that not all is lost. You, I think, you come here every day hoping that I will be able to continue to put all this stuff in perspective for you, continue to provide hope, confirmation, as to the real reality that is out there, which is nothing like the liberal media and Twitter are depicting it. And I believe that from the bottom of my sizable and beating heart. Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom.

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