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RUSH: Hey, guess who’s going to Kenosha? And, no, it’s not us. Guess who’s going to Kenosha? (interruption) That’s exactly right. Sleepy Joe is going to Kenosha on Thursday, after telling everybody that Trump better not go, it would be a drastic error, it would be a huge mistake, it would be a faux pas, something that shouldn’t be done. Trump’s only gonna cause the town to burn down even more. He shouldn’t go. The Democrats all said, “Trump, don’t go.” The mayor, the governor, “Please don’t come. We don’t want you here.”

Trump went. It went well. It went great, as we all knew it would, and so now Sleepy Joe gotta get in on the action. Sleepy Joe gotta get in on the good times. Sleepy Joe saying he gonna go to Kenosha on Thursday. Meantime, we got Nancy Pelosi sneaking into the hair salon — actually not sneaking into it. She got caught going in there, and the San Francisco media is protecting her. They say whoever videotaped this broke the law. There is a two-consent law in California. You can’t videotape or audiotape somebody without their consent, and whoever videotaped Pelosi in that hair salon could have broken the law.

The media’s circling the wagons.


There is no man more active and in public than Donald Trump. Today — this is after going to Kenosha yesterday with a very successful trip, details coming up — and now Sleepy Joe gotta get in on the action. Sleepy Joe gonna go in there on Thursday. Today the president will be delivering remarks, U.S. Battleship North Carolina, on designating Wilmington, North Carolina, as the first American World War II heritage city.

This is the 75th anniversary of V-J Day, which stands for Victory over Japan. That’d be World War II, for those of you who are under 40. Tomorrow President Trump will be making a campaign stop to speak in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, which is the home of Arnold Palmer, or as he was known in the golf community, “Arnold Palmer.” And it’s also where the Pittsburgh Steelers have their training camp at St. Vincent College in Latrobe. They’re not there this year. No team was allowed to go.


RUSH: Back to the president. After he goes to North Carolina, celebrating the 75th anniversary of V-J Day, tomorrow a campaign stop in Latrobe, then he’s gonna be visiting key swing states this week. Now, you remember he won Wisconsin, won North Carolina and Pennsylvania in 2016. And he’s well on his way to winning them again. Despite the best efforts of the media, he is well on his way to winning them again.

And I’m gonna reprise the story we had yesterday for you from Axios, because that story just now — we were cutting edge on that story — that story just now beginning to appear on the blogs and some websites. This is the story that warned everybody that on election night Trump is going to appear to have won a massive landslide based on people who show up and vote on Election Day.

But then they said in about a week when all the mail-in ballots are counted, or maybe a little longer, but whenever all the mail-in ballots are counted, Trump is going to end up losing. But on election night, warned Axios, it’s gonna look like Trump has won in a massive landslide. That story is just now circulating in the mainstream.

Anyway, my point is that there isn’t anybody who is more active and more energetic than Donald Trump, and Joe Biden simply cannot compete with this, no matter what kind of energy you’re talking about — mental or physical. The problem on the mental side limits the physical because the problem on the mental side, they can’t send him out there. He’s now even reading on the teleprompter — you know, sometimes on the teleprompter they give you little cue lines which say, “top line remarks.” And that’s supposed to tell you that what comes next is very important. Well, he’s reading the cue lines on the prompter. “Top line remarks,” and then kind of frowns and then moves on with what’s next on the prompter. It’s very, very risky.

Biden has spent most of this election in his basement. Trump has been traveling across the fruited plain personally connecting with Americans. He went into Kenosha yesterday praising the police, talked about the damage, praised the people who had their businesses ruined, was empathetic towards them. He’s on top of it all. He’s talking off the cuff to people that he’s talked to and requested to talk to. He’s got the attorney general, William Barr, sitting next to him.

Biden could not do what Trump did yesterday, yet he’s gonna try, I guess. I don’t know if Biden’s gonna meet anybody when he goes to Kenosha or not. He’s just gonna go to Kenosha. But isn’t it fascinating, folks, all day yesterday and even the day before everybody in the American political elite community was warning Trump not to go. Don’t you dare go. You’re not wanted there. The mayor of Kenosha doesn’t want to see you anywhere near there. The governor of Wisconsin, Mr. Evers, he doesn’t want to see, you better not go.

I asked yesterday: Well, if it’s such a bad thing for Trump to go, why don’t they encourage him to go? Why are they trying to help him out? Why are they trying to warn him not to go, if that’s gonna help him? Well, of course, they knew Trump going to Kenosha — there was a lot of potential upside, and he was gonna help himself, and that’s what they did not want to happen.

Epoch Times. “Trump tours damage from riots in Kenosha, promises to help businesses rebuild.” You know, the reason why the Democrats didn’t want Trump to go there, they’ve been trying to hide the damage. They don’t want anybody to see the damage. They don’t want anybody see the damage. Same thing in Portland. They don’t want anybody to see the actual damage in Kenosha, which some of it looks like a tornado went through there. That’s what they didn’t want people to see, and they know if Trump goes in there, cameras will be there and it will be seen by everybody the kind of damage.

Here’s a quote from Trump. In fact, stand by sound bite number 3 on this too. He said, “We’re gonna work with you. We’re gonna help you, okay? We’ll help you rebuild. It’s a great area. It’s a great state. This should never happen. Things like this should never happen.” They have to call early. Trump told business owners and managers after touring buildings reduced to rubble by fires lit by rioters. And in all photos Trump is not wearing a mask.

Here he is audio sound bite number 3. This is a portion of Trump surveying property damage in Kenosha yesterday speaking to John Rode, the owner of Rode’s Camera Shop, a 109-year-old business destroyed and burned to the ground. Here’s a little bit of their conversation.

THE PRESIDENT: So this store was here 109 years, just about the oldest in the nation, doing what you did.

RODE: Oldest in the state for sure.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that’s fantastic. Would you like to say something?

RODE: I just appreciate President Trump coming today. Everybody here does. We’re so thankful that we got the federal troops in to help. ‘Cause once they got here, things did calm down quite a bit. And our city, police, and sheriff and fire departments are awesome. They worked harder than you can believe 24/7.

THE PRESIDENT: We’re gonna work with you. We’re gonna help you, okay? We’ll help you rebuild. It’s a great area. It’s a great state. This should never happen. A thing like this should never happen.

RUSH: Then Trump went to a community roundtable and said, “We are all in this together.” Did you know he said this? I mean, that’s empathy. They say he has none. But he does. He’s got more empathy than they are able to calculate. Did you hear on the news that Trump fanned the flames and threw gasoline on the fire? That’s what they accused him of doing. They accused him of going in, his presence would be fanning the flames and throwing gasoline on the fire. You heard them say that, right? That’s the exact opposite of what happened. Here is the president at the communed roundtable on community safety.

THE PRESIDENT: We took a really incredible tour, and law enforcement has just don3 such a great job working with the National Guard and working with a lot of people, but we’re here to show our support for Kenosha and Wisconsin, the state of Wisconsin. It’s been very good to me. I love the people. We’ve done a lot for the state, and we will continue to do a lot for the state. We’re all in this together, and this was an example of what can happen when you do it right.

RUSH: That’s it. That’s President Trump.


RUSH: One more Trump sound bite from Kenosha praising the good cops, pledging to investigate the Jacob Blake shooting, talking about all the African-Americans and Hispanics who were waving to his motorcade when he arrived in town.

THE PRESIDENT: There was love on the streets, I can tell you, of Wisconsin when we were coming in — and so many African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans I can see waving. It was so beautiful to see. They want to have strong police. They want to have safety. With these allegations of police wrongdoing — and when you see that they have made allegations — they must be fully and fairly investigated, and that’s what we’re doing.

The sad thing is you can do 10,000 great jobs as a policeman or policewoman — you could do an incredible job for years — and then you have one bad apple or something happens that’s bad, and that’s the nightly news for three weeks. That’s all they talk about. They don’t talk about the thousands and thousands of good jobs, the lives that you save they never talk about. So I’m committed to helping Kenosha rebuild. We all are.

RUSH: Well, there you have it. He’s right about the news, but that’s true of anything. They never call attention to all of the airline flights that arrive safely. Well, we understand this. But there is an ongoing effort to impugn cops and destroy them because the Democrat Party agenda is to defund them, is to totally change the way policing happens. So any opportunity to cast the police and any law enforcement in a very bad, negative light, they’ll take. And this is what Trump is fighting against.

But here’s a guy, they told him not to go.

He was only gonna disrupt things and he was gonna cause mayhem. “You better not go! We don’t want you to come,” said the mayor. We don’t want you to come,” said the governor. “We think it’d be a drastic error.” Biden’s out there saying, “It’s silly! You shouldn’t go. It’s gonna be a mistake.” Now, Biden can’t wait to get there, and you hear why! Trump went in there and, once again, was the man he’s always been that they refuse to acknowledge or even try to get to know or understand.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites. Let’s start with number 7. This is Mark Penn. He was on the Fox Business Network today with Maria Bartiromo. Ah, ah, ah, ah, sorry. Maria Bartiromo was not there. The fill-in hostette was Dagen McDowell, who, by the way, is kick butt. You ever see her on The Five? She takes no prisoners. So she said, “What do you make of the two messages from President Trump addressing violence that kind of in a halfway Joe Biden has addressed to this kind of, ‘we need to come together,'” kind of garbage?

PENN: There are two pretty starkly different messages. I think Trump’s Kenosha visit worked yesterday. I think there was a lot of fear thrown out that there would be chaos, that he wasn’t wanted, but he showed up with local politicians and police. You’d you’ve had to say that it worked and fears were overblown.

RUSH: Mark Penn, Democrat pollster from the Clinton era, as you know has become much less a Clintonista and much less a predictable Democrat loyalist, and has really provided a lot of credibility for Trump and others because he simply calls things as he sees them. And he’s exactly right here, again. He also has a polling unit which goes against the grain of conventional wisdom very often.

And he’s exactly right. There was a lot of fear thrown up. “Don’t go, Mr. President. Don’t come, Mr. President. You’re not wanted, Mr. President. You’re only gonna cause more problems, Mr. President. You’re gonna cause more rioting. You’re gonna cause more unrest. People are gonna be nervous. Nobody wants you.” Now, there are some presidents in our past who would have happily said, “Okay. I won’t go. If they don’t want me there, I won’t go.” “If they don’t want me at their graduation, I won’t speak. I’ll turn it over to somebody else.” “If they don’t want me to come to Kenosha, I won’t go.”

We’ve had leaders of that persuasion. And largely somebody who would have decided he didn’t want to go really didn’t want to go in the first place, but Trump did want to go. He was convinced he could turn it into a positive because that’s who he is. He can turn anything into a positive. He can fix anything. It’s what he does, is solve problems. And he’s very good at it and loves doing it. So there was no way he wasn’t gonna go.

Here’s Van Jones. Now, this is from CNN this morning. Alisyn Camerota talking to Van Jones. Question: “The president’s trip to Kenosha. Now, he didn’t meet with the Blake family. Do you understand, then, why did he even go if he didn’t want to meet with the Blake family?”

JONES: No, I don’t, but I do know that the longer we talk about violence and unrest, it’s all advantage Trump. The question is, how are Democrats and progressives gonna deal with the edges of violence in our own movement. We need a national moratorium on these nighttime marches. There are things that Joe Biden and other progressives can do. They can begin to push down on the violence in our movement and then turn it back towards the people who are actually suffering. We’ve got to get off of this conversation around unrest and back to the conversation around the literally millions of people who are suffering from the Trump economy and the mishandling of the virus.

RUSH: Let me translate this for you, because this is huge. And I don’t think Alisyn Camerota understood what she just had said to her here. What Van Jones was telling the CNN audience and Alisyn Camerota, it’s time for Democrats to abandon all of this social justice garbage and all of these racialist attempts to divide and conquer. It’s time to give it up. It isn’t working, he’s saying. There are people who are actually suffering out there because of Trump’s economy. And that’s what we Democrats need to focus on. Millions of people suffering from the Trump economy.

Now, he’s not right about that. It isn’t the Trump economy. It’s the COVID-19 economy. Trump didn’t want any of this. He didn’t want to have to shut down the country for a couple of months. But the scientists, the scientists told him he had no choice, that he had to shut it down. I could tell, as soon as he shut it down, he regretted it. He wanted to get it back open as quickly as possible.

But this is not the Trump economy. If anything, folks, this is the kind of economy that’s much closer to what we’re gonna get the next time any Democrat wins the White House. This is exactly what we’re gonna have, this kind of economy, this kind of uncertainty, this kind of government control over everything.

But this is not Trump’s economy. But the point is Van Jones is telling them that this attempt to foment a race war has failed. It isn’t working. Black Lives Matter is not helping them anymore. And don’t forget, the polling data out of Wisconsin, Black Lives Matter two months ago was plus 20 in their favorability poll. Now they’re at plus zero. Black Lives Matter has lost every bit of favorability — I think it’s ridiculous to take such polls, but they were taking them.

So Black Lives Matter is losing their popularity. So is Antifa. Van Jones is saying: Guys, this attempt that we have been undertaking to foment a race war is not working. We’ve gotta put a moratorium on these nighttime marches. We’ve got to stop this looting, we have to stop these riots. They aren’t helping.

We knew this last week. When Don Lemon and Fredo Cuomo started talking about the polling data, the focus groups. So they know it’s backfiring on them.


RUSH: We go back to the phones to Pittsburgh. This is Joe. Thank you for waiting, sir. You’re next.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I’m a Rush Baby, 48 years old today, and I’m a cancer survivor — and, Rush, you have exactly what it takes to beat this back, and you’ll be a cancer survivor soon too.

RUSH: Happy birthday, sir! Thank you very much.

CALLER: My question is this, sir. My question is: Is the pivot to blame Trump for the unrest and the looting…? Is this pivot to try to win back the suburban, white, college-educated women that the Democrats think cost them the Hillary Clinton race?

RUSH: I think it could be. I think it’s a lot of things, and I think that is one of… It’s very shrewd, by the way, on your part to consider that one of the ingredients here, because you could see this coming, Joe, last Sunday. It’s like I described it earlier in the week. It was like a tsunami that you could see. You’re out there on the beach, and you can see…

Normally, a tsunami you can’t see. The real tsunami you can’t see. The real tsunami’s underneath the surface — I mean, if you really want to know. A tidal wave’s a whole different thing. But you could see it coming. It was coordinated, and it was instantaneous, this move to blame Trump for all of the violence. Now, that went from, “What violence? There wasn’t any violence!

“There was peaceful protests. There wasn’t any riots. There wasn’t any looting. What do you mean there are riots? We haven’t seen it on TV. What are you looking at? There’s nothing going on in Portland. It’s a bunch of peaceful protests. It’s the same thing in Seattle. After the George Floyd stuff Minneapolis, there’s nothing!”

They went from trying to hide it.

There were subtle reminders. They were always attempting to have it look like chaos that could be blamed on Trump. They went from that to all of a sudden acknowledging it and blaming it on Trump, and the reason is — and the impact on various college-educated, white, suburban women is, I think, a relevant thing — all of a sudden, it was hurting them. Their focus groups, the polling data on Biden, found Biden was starting to lose his edge.

That stuff that was happening that they were trying to hide — all of a sudden, because there were media outlets that were televising it — it started to hurt them.


RUSH: Now back to our very shrewd caller’s question. Is one of the reasons they just swapped on a dime and started blaming Trump for all of the rioting and looting and the unrest, is it because they were losing support among college-educated, white, Millennial, suburban women? And I think yes, but not totally. Their world was turned upside down.

Folks, they have had every — remember, they have literally believed that they could beat Donald Trump with their candidate never leaving the basement. That was how this all started. That was the objective. They’ve never been in touch. They’ve never had both feet grounded in reality this whole campaign because they continue to believe in their own intellectual superiority over Trump.

They continue to believe that Trump is an idiot, a doofus, despite the fact that he has survived everything they have thrown at him. They’ve made it up. They have lied about it. They have used the entire arsenal of the Washington establishment. And, believe me, that is a big arsenal, a lot of weaponry. When you own the media, that is the biggest weapon anybody could have, and they have a hundred percent of it. When you’re talking about the traditional, mainstream legacy media. They have fired everything they have.

Trump has not just survived. He’s thrived. And he is beating them at every turn. And in their minds, it doesn’t compute because he’s a doofus. He’s an idiot. He’s embarrassing. He doesn’t know how to talk, his embarrassing tweets. He says this embarrassing stuff. He believes in QAnon. He believes all these conspiracy things. My God, the guy is an absolute idiot. And yet they haven’t found a way to outsmart him.

They thought they could. They thought Russia was gonna take him out. They thought Ukraine was gonna take him. Thought Marie Yovanovitch was gonna take him out. The whole ambassadorial crew was gonna take him out. They thought that the whistleblower was gonna take him out. All these Pajama Boys were gonna take him out. Adam Schiff was gonna take him out. None of it has worked.

They finally got to the point where they think Biden, the Trojan horse, can win the presidency saying in his basement. It all hinged on seven states run by Democrats continuing to allow economic disaster to occur so as to prevent a nationwide economic recovery. The blue state governors went along with this idea to let their states basically go under. The mayors in these states of large cities went along with it as well. They said, okay, you need Seattle to go under, we’ll take it under. You need Portland to go under, fine and dandy. You need Minneapolis to go under.

They’ve all agreed to do this. New York City, New York state, they have all agreed to make sure their states remain economic wastelands so as to prevent a total national economic recovery. And all of that was designed to harm Donald Trump. But not even that was working. So then they decided that all of the riots and looting, they would promote it. They would bail the rioters and looters out of jail using Kamala Harris as the role model for having done this when she was the attorney general in California and the DA in San Francisco.

They were going to let the chaos continue. They were gonna let the riots continue, the looting, the destruction. Because it was all part of the plan to show how Donald Trump is destroying America. People are mad, people are rioting, people are looting simply ’cause they hate Trump. Get rid of Trump, this stuff all stops. That’s the deal. You get rid of Trump then there’s gonna be no Black Lives Matter be mad at anybody over anything. Same with Antifa. That was the deal, unstated, but that was the deal. That was the implication.

Then it all changed. Then, out of the blue — and we had Don Lemon and Fredo Cuomo talking about it on CNN. All of a sudden — this was late in the week last week, the focus groups, said Don Lemon, are not looking good. The polling data, the riots should stop, he said. And Fredo, you know, with his weights, lifting weights, agreed. The rioting has to stop, the looting has to stop. Meaning they, the Democrats, have got to make sure this stuff stops now because they, the Democrats, were the sponsors of it.

They were the reason it was happening. They were the people looking the other way in all these seven blue states, looking the other way, not just the other way, they were encouraging it. The mayors, in fact that guy in Portland, were encouraging this. Then it began to hurt them. So they had to act fast. And one of the things was to try to shift the blame for it. They had to acknowledge it now, have to acknowledge the looting and the rioting as necessary. These are poor people. They’re miserable and unhappy. It’s Donald Trump’s fault.

Then they had to shift from ignoring it and say, “What riots? Aren’t any riots. There’s peaceful protests” to admitting that there are riots and looting and blame it on Trump. Which is where we are now. And remember I cited what I thought the proof of this could be found in what had to be the truthful internal polls. During the Democrat convention week we had both Michelle Obama and Barack Hussein O Obama begging their people to vote. And I’m saying, why? You guys are already up eight points, 12 points, Biden’s already got this locked down, doesn’t he?

You tell us every day in the media that it’s over. Trump is lost. Bind’s gonna win. So why this big push on vote, vote, vote, vote, vote? And then Hillary is out there saying to Biden, don’t concede, whatever you do, don’t concede, don’t concede, don’t concede. I’m convinced their internal polls — and we saw them with Don Lemon and Fredo — are looking very, very bad.

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