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RUSH: Looky here! We have another bit of audio has been released from the Woodward interviews with Donald Trump. In it, Trump dismisses white privilege, and I guess in one of them, Woodward says, “You know, you and I have one thing in common. We’re white. Our fathers were lawyers or powerful or whatever, I guess, and we got white privilege.”

I’m paraphrasing.

Trump apparently dismisses the whole notion of white privilege. Good! I dismissed the whole notion of white privilege when I did my interview with my old buddy, Charlamagne tha God, and The Breakfast Club. This whole notion of white privilege is a construct. It is something that has been created and instilled in a bunch of college students’ heads.

White privilege, white supremacy. There isn’t any white supremacy anymore. This is a big myth that there’s a bunch of junior Hitlers running around in America. It’s absolutely a myth. It couldn’t have been any further from the truth — and white privilege? What the hell is it? (interruption) No, I mean, I know how people would define it. The idea that there is this systemic, built into America, as founded, white supremacy is BS.

We fought a civil war to get rid of the idea that a certain race could be owned by another. We lost 600,000 people fighting this war. Now, the idea that they…? I think this is a great example of Trump guts. Now, CNN is gonna try to present this as Trump stupidity, as Trump ignorance — or, as an example of Trump’s racism, that Trump himself is exhibiting white supremacy by denying that it exists.

But I’m telling you: The way these people are defining it — the way that Black Lives Matter (it’s a Marxist organization), the way that Antifa, the way that CNN, the way that Democrats, the way the media is using white supremacy — I reject it. I dismiss it. It doesn’t exist. I do not know anybody… I do not know a single person; I never have…

In my whole life, I have never known a single person who believes that because they are white, they are better. That’s what “supremacy” means, that they are better people — smarter, DNA, however you define it. I don’t know a single person that believed that. Now, you can define “white supremacy” any number of ways, and you can define “white privilege” in any number of ways.

But this notion that there is somehow a huge, growing, existing percentage of our population that believes white people are superior in intellect, in talent, in ability? It’s just absolute BS. It is not a defining characteristic of American society — and don’t let anybody tell you it is.

They have succeeded in poisoning the minds of a bunch of white college kids, folks, predominantly women. It is a dying, crying shame what they have done to otherwise intelligent white women. They have converted them into these self-loathing, judgmental white people who believe this.

They have fallen for this white supremacy business, and they believe that their objective in life now is to (sigh) somehow admit that and get rid of it. It’s destructive. It isn’t the case. We are, I’m telling you, lucky that we’ve got somebody in the White House with the guts to stand up to it. There isn’t a Republican that wouldn’t cave to this in one way or another.

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