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RUSH: I made some notes while I was away watching… It was a focus group, I believe. Yeah, it was. It was a focus group. And supposedly it was Trump voters. And it was on Fox, I believe. I don’t remember the show, but it was a group of… Not everybody in the focus group was a Trump voter, but some of them were, and they were being asked how they feel about Trump now.

Are they as eager to vote for him now as they were in 2016? There was a woman, I think from Iowa, who said that she had voted for Trump in 2016 but that she wasn’t sure that she was gonna vote for Trump in 2020. So she was asked why, and she said… (interruption) Oh, she’s now undecided. That’s what it was. It was a bunch of undecided voters appearing.

You know, my favorite group of people is the great unwashed, the great undecideds, and I think people love being in the group of undecideds because they are portrayed as being smarter than the rest of us. They’re portrayed as being more open-minded. They’re being portrayed, they are portrayed as people that are more attuned to the issues, and they’re not just into cult or hero worship.

So, I’ve always thought that a bunch of people claim to be undecided who really aren’t. By the way, if you can’t make up your mind now, then it may just be that you don’t vote. If you really can’t come to a conclusion over what’s the best choice for this country going forward, then it may well be that the best thing you could do is simply forget that there’s an election on November 3rd and not vote.

I do not understand how anybody can be undecided. Now, I’m not trying to be insulting. I’m being genuine. I understand that there are people who are not into politics like you and I are, folks. I understand there are people who are not even paying attention to it right now, and I would say the same thing about them. If they’re not paying attention, it’s too risky for them to vote; I’d just as soon they didn’t.

(griping) “Wait a minute, Rush. You gotta be very careful here. You’re advocating people not vote. Voting is one of the most important things we can do in our democracy.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve been there. I’ve heard that, done that. But it’s like anything else. An irresponsible vote may not be a good vote. Somebody doesn’t know what they’re voting on?

Yeah, I know it’s a precious right, and I know it’s something we should never take for granted and we should never, ever take it lightly. I’m just telling people, a lot of people screw it up, and I was watching a bunch of people. This proves my point. One of these women said that she was undecided because she was convinced that Trump was going to bring the people of this country together and that Trump was going to become the champion of bipartisanship.

I’m watching this, and I’m scratching my head, and I’m saying, “Who in the world would have ever thought this? How in the world can you…?” She was being critical. She was saying Trump has failed because he has not done what he said he was gonna do. He has not brought the people the country together. Now, I happen to be aware of Trump’s personal desire to be able to unify the country, but I’m also aware that he is well aware now that it’s beyond his abilities right now.

Right now, his opposition has to be defeated. It’s too late to try to find a way to get along with these people. Maybe that can come later. But right now, they have to be defeated. They have to be overwhelmingly defeated. These people are gonna have to be defeated in a massive landslide. The landslide is going to have to be huge.

And the way that happens, I’m telling you, is showing up in person and voting. Because the people who are gonna rely on mail-in voting on these mail-in ballots, that’s gonna be a gigantic mess. And I actually think it’s gonna come back and haunt the Democrats more than it’s gonna haunt us. And I will ‘splain ought to as the program unfolds. (interruption)

Well, one of the reasons… Let me just get to it in due course. But I’m telling you, the idea that Donald Trump should be called a failure because he has somehow failed to unite the country? That’s what Trump was gonna do? That’s what Trump…? How in the world can you possibly think that? Trump was elected for the exact opposite reason, for the exact opposite objectives.

Donald Trump was elected as an outsider. He was elected to drain the swamp. Everybody knew that was not gonna be pretty. The swamp’s just not gonna sit there and let themselves be drained. They’re not just gonna watch themselves go down the drain with the Drano and not put up a stink about it. The idea that somehow…? See, this is why I don’t believe that that woman actually thinks that was Trump’s objective.

If she does, then she wasn’t paying close enough attention to what Trump’s real objectives are. Donald Trump’s objective is making America great again. That was the purpose. That was the campaign. That was the slogan: Make America Great Again, Keep America Great. It was stunning to me how controversial that was — and it was, and it still is.

If something like making America great again becomes the primary reason somebody opposes you, then what must those people who oppose you really want? If making America great again makes them mad — if the concept of making America great again really ticks them off, and if it fires them up to the point that who have is going to make America great again has to be destroyed — then what must those people actually want?

“Bipartisanship.” Bipartisanship? The only way that’s ever gonna happen is if we cave on our core beliefs. They’re not going to, and the left isn’t even interested in bipartisanship. The left doesn’t even believe in opposition. Their objective is to eliminate it and to wipe it out, and it ought to be ours. In a political sense, it damn well ought to be ours.

So blaming Trump for the lack of bipartisanship out there? Sorry. I just don’t believe it. I don’t think that was an actual Trump voter. There’s not an informed — and one thing I know about Trump voters is they are informed. I’m talking about 2016 Trump voters. They were informed. They knew exactly why they were voting for Trump.

They didn’t care about Trump’s personality shortcomings. They didn’t care about his tweets or any of these supposed personality defects. They didn’t care about any of that, and they don’t now. Because Donald Trump is a one-man chance, a one-man opposition to what will be the destruction of this country as founded if the left is not defeated.


Come on.

Give me a break.

That’s not at all what Trump was about. So here we have undecided — and this is the media attempting to create this impression, that Trump has failed because he’s not moderate enough and he’s not appealing to the center and that his supporters are all a bunch of ideological hayseed hacks who are too dumb and stupid to be trusted and so forth.

It’s actually the exact opposite. It’s the modern-day Trump voter who knows exactly what he or she is voting for, who knows exactly who they’re voting for and why. It isn’t complicated at all — and I’m telling you, it’s really serious. We’re dealing with a radical left in this country that’s feeling its oats like they never have before, and their objective is to permanently transform this country away from its founding principles.

And as I say, there’s just one guy standing in the way of them succeeding at this, and that’s Trump. And, you know, Biden’s just the placeholder for the radical left who are attempting to pull this off. He’s just the placeholder. It’s not… Biden is not well enough connected to even know full-fledged what the modern-day Democrat Party is.

It has to be on the prompter or he can’t make sense of it — and even when it’s on the prompter, if the prompter’s running slow, he’s actually now telling the people to speed the prompter up, even when answering questions from the media! He was in Warren, Michigan, yesterday, Biden was. And, of course, there’s one camera with him in front of an American flag.

It’s made to look like a used car lot where there’s a lot of people. And then you get a wide shot, and there’s four members of the media there, and they’re all in circles about six to eight feet apart from each other. There’s nobody there! There is nobody at the Biden press conference. There’s nobody at the Biden personal appearance. Biden still can’t draw a crowd anywhere, and they don’t want to.

They’re trying to create the illusion that he’s out of the basement, the illusion that he’s drawing crowds, the illusion that he’s out running a traditional campaign. But he isn’t because he can’t, and he’s not attracting crowds. He’s not attracting crowds of people like Hillary wasn’t. Anyway, the concept of how this election’s gonna be won, what’s gonna have to happen to win?

It’s gonna require a big landslide, and the left is thinking the same thing.

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