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RUSH: It is startling to realize… By the way, have audio sound bite number 14 standing by, if you would, Mr. Broadcast Engineer. It is startling to realize just that 19 years ago, ladies and gentlemen, 19 years ago…

Do you realize that many of these Antifa types and the Black Lives Matter types and all of these raconteurs that are out destroying things in Democrat-run states, many of them were not even born 19 years ago? And do you realize of those who were born, they were young, they were infants? I mean, it is startling to realize that 19 years ago, we were in awe.

We were in admiration of the great courage and the great sacrifice of policemen and women, firemen, fire women, the first responders. We were in awe of them! Charities were created like Tunnel to Towers. All of his efforts were made to honor these people who ran into the buildings at the World Trade Center.

They did everything they could. They sacrificed their lives. They gave up everything in order to save one life, if they could — and, today, 19 years later, we are blasted hourly by the hate sponsored by the left, sponsored by the Democrat Party. That’s where the home of this stuff is, in the political sense. We are blasted hourly, minute by minute, with hatred for the police.

In just 19 years, we have all of these blue cities and blue states cutting funding for the police — who, 19 years ago, were among the most respected and admired people in all of our population. Who would have thought just a few years ago that you would have players in the National Football League protesting the American flag and the national anthem on the anniversary of 9/11?

It’s an example, folks, of how quickly the left has taken over, how quickly they have politicized so many institutions. And, in the process, they’re ruining everything. They’re not making anything better. They’re not improving anything. They are not adding to the class, the dignity, the quality of anything. They are literally destroying what they corrupt and politicize, and they don’t even…

Many of these people can’t even remember what was happening 19 years ago. They weren’t even born, or they were too young. Listen to Rudy Giuliani. This is this morning on the Fox Business Network’s Morning with Maria (that’d be Maria Bartiromo), and she got Rudy on (you know, Mr. Mayor), and she said, “Mr. Mayor, how have things changed since 9/11, 2001?”

GIULIANI: I don’t remember anybody taking a knee back in 2001, ever. I don’t remember people burning flags. I don’t remember people saying hateful things about America — how horrible we are, how horrible our founders are. We’ve got a whole movement — hate-America movement — going on that we’ve come up against today. We even have two different ceremonies because the other group is not reading the names.

They’re playing a recording. It’s a prerecorded… To me, that’s disgraceful. Prerecorded reading of the names? Come on! Stephen Siller ran in. He was at home sleeping. He ran in to save people. Now his children have grown up without a father. We have to remember it too, ’cause it’s not over. This isn’t Pearl Harbor. It isn’t Appomattox. These people still want to come here and kill us — and we’re defunding the police department that protects the number-one Islamic terrorist target in the world, New York City?

RUSH: Exactly right. It’s not over. Now, there’s Rudy 19 years ago. “I don’t remember anyone taking a knee in 2001.” But, I think, folks, it is a very powerful way to keep things in perspective and to remember that just 19 years ago this entire country was celebrating policemen and policewomen, the first responders, the firemen. And, by the way, from here on, when I say “policemen,” I mean all genders — and “firemen,” all genders.

I just want to conserve as much time as I can here. You know who I’m talking about. We were in awe of them, the great courage, the sacrifice. The sacrifice that they made. They’re not among the highest paid people in our country, folks. They’re not even close, not even close to being the highest paid. Now they are routinely targeted?

They’re said to be legitimate targets for violence under bogus, false charges that their industry — policing — targets a certain segment of the population for murder? And we have a bunch of college-aged white Americans who’ve bought this, who believe this? So, in less than 20 years, we have gone from total admiration, total respect…

By the way, at RushLimbaugh.com and at the Stand Up for Betsy Ross operation — and everything to do with this program — we still hold the police in awe. We still have the utmost respect and admiration for the courage and the work and the sacrifice of law enforcement, including the United States military. We have not wavered.

We have not succumbed to any of this conventional wisdom public peer pressure to join in the condemnation of these people.

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