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RUSH: Look at this here, folks. The Atlantic magazine editor… What was this guy’s name? Jeffrey Goldberg. (interruption) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Snerdley, did you see this? “Atlantic Editor Admits Story About Trump Disparaging Fallen Soldiers Could Be Wrong.” You… (interruption) It’s in The Political Insider, but editor is admitting it. He confessed!

Jeffrey Goldberg “confessed that the central claim in his publication’s … hit piece … could very well be false.” This is after he said, “Hey, our reporting has only just begun.” I’m telling you, there isn’t a shred of this that’s true, James. None of it is, and falling prey to it — falling for it — is very dangerous. In fact, I’m gonna have an entire monologue on this coming up if I can squeeze it in.

I’ve got so much I want to squeeze in here today. I mean, it is just… I could have told you — or did tell you — the first chance I had to get behind this microphone after I came back to tell you, that this story of Trump and the soldiers dead and buried in cemeteries being jokers and losers… I told you it was bogus. Four anonymous sources!

Everybody who was there admitted Trump never said it, and this guy’s doubling down. It’s like every other allegation. Folks, every allegation that has been made against Donald Trump the last four years has been a lie. There hasn’t been a shred of evidence for any of it, and there hadn’t been a shred of truth. I mentioned yesterday: What must it be like to work at CNN every day?

You get up and you have a new lie, you have a new charge, you have a new allegation — every day or every week — as though there was nothing the day before. But there is, every day, every week there’s a new one. And whatever happened yesterday, the day before, is conveniently forgotten. But every day, CNN has to get up and realize every day is a failure, because their objective has been to get rid of Trump.

They have wanted Trump removed from office however, whenever, ASAP, and they have failed. Now their objective is to have him defeated in the election coming up in November, and so their efforts continue. But their record — and the New York Times and PMSNBC, their record — is failure after failure after failure. What must it be like to work there?

And kind of talent does it take, what kind of training does it take to get excited over a lie every week? Because they know this stuff is bogus. They know what their reporting is not true. There hasn’t been a single one of these allegations from colluding with Russia to this Ukraine stuff, the impeachment, all that. None of it, not a shred of it, has been true.

And yet they get up and they dutifully report new allegation, whatever it is. The Woodward book, you know, whatever’s gonna be next. They report it as though it is the sense of truth, and none of it is — and they act like nothing happened the day before. That is a very important part of this, because, folks, my contention is, like I said yesterday, the American people are near their absorption level on this.

You can’t do this for four years and have not a single one of them pay off. Trump had better be be… Do you realize the question people now asking? “This Trump guy, look at everything he’s gotten away with. They haven’t been able to catch him on anything! Look at all the things they know he did but they can’t catch him.” That’s what people are being forced to reckon with, all these allegations.

“Is Trump really this brilliant a criminal mastermind to be able to get away with all of these things that the media is damn certain he did? Is he really that good? He’s really that smart? He’s that much smarter than the media, he’s smarter than the New York Times, he’s smarter than the Department of Justice, he’s smarter than Comey? He can outmaneuver all these people?”

People are gonna start asking if they’re not already, “Is even one of these allegations true? Because if they are, this guy Trump is the most brilliant criminal mastermind we have ever had in our country — not just president, but ever!” The American people are not fools and they’re not idiots, and after four years of this, there are some questions which become rather obvious.

It’s kind of like the Democrats for a while gave up accusing Republicans of trying to cut Social Security from senior citizens. You know why? Because the cuts never happened. Seasoned citizens never lost their Social Security. So after a while, the Democrats said, “You know what? We gotta stop accusing them of it because it’s not happening and we’re not looking good.”

Well, we’re probably at that point here, or getting there — and Trump, for his part, doesn’t act like anybody who’s guilty of anything. He’s having the time of his life. That rally last night in Michigan? Folks, the things that happened — the things that happened in that rally last night — prove the bond that Donald Trump has with his supporters, with his voters.

There isn’t a politician in this country who has the kind of bond that Donald Trump has. Last night, his rally — which was another five-star rally — was interrupted when thousands and thousands of people began to shout, “We love you! We love you!” Trump was taken aback. He told the crowd, “You may not want to do that. You’re gonna make me cry, and that may not be good for my image.”

He was joking. He was being humble. He has humility in spades, but his critics don’t see it. They think I’m nuts when I say he has it. but he is loaded with humility, And it was on full display at his rally in Michigan yesterday, last night. So Goldberg, Jeffrey Goldberg, admits that his four anonymous, off-the-record sources may not have been correct and that the visit that Trump was supposed to make to the cemetery, maybe it was called off ’cause of the weather.

They originally said Trump had lied about that. “The weather’s not gonna stop Donald Trump from going anywhere!” It may have been the weather. You know what’s ironic about this? Who would have thought that a book intended to be a hit job is the book that provided Trump the cover to refute this allegation?

I’m talking about the John Bolton book. John Bolton does a hit-piece book, and yet his book ends up being the exculpatory evidence that Trump never called any buried soldiers losers and jokers. You know, Trump always gets some measure of karma from those who are trying to destroy him. It’s kind of amazing. Like George Washington.

George Washington was six feet tall. George Washington rode a white horse — it’s not as though was he invisible — and he was never shot.

They never hit him in the Revolutionary War.

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