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Man-made global warming is not scientific certainty. It cannot be proven, nor has it ever been. Now, the climate of this planet is constantly changing whether or not man is responsible? Bogus. But they want man to be responsible for it because they want to control your behavior. If they convince you that your lifestyle choices are the reason why all these fires are firing up out on the Left Coast, why, what can they tell you?

They can tell you to stop anything they want you to do that they say is causing the fires, and you have to go along with it if you accept this — and it’s absolute bunk! You had nothing to do with these fires. You know who’s responsible for the fires? California and Washington State and Oregon politicians who have not allowed all these dead trees to be cleared out of there. These forests are nothing but kindling.

If you would go in and clear these forests out, you wouldn’t have fires anywhere near this intense. “But we can’t touch the forests! No, no, no. That would be messing with nature. No, no, no! We can’t do that.” Yes, we can, and we should. It’s like the energy crisis in California. This is one of the most ridiculous, most unnecessary things that’s happening in America today.

Not a single customer should ever have to be without electricity anywhere in the state of California, and yet mayors in California are sending out tweets to people which are saying, “Time to unplug appliances you’re not using! Time to turn your thermostat up to 78 or 80 degrees. Time to make sure that you’re not using appliances you don’t…” This is absurd, and it’s all because they’ve gotten rid of fossil fuels and replaced it with stuff that cannot meet the demands — even minimalist demands — on energy that the population of California needs.


RUSH: California. What a series of lessons to be learned. All of these fires. They have screwed up deforestation. They’ve screwed up the timber situation. And the energy debacle in California is breathtaking to behold. Yeah, you literally have mayors in California towns sending out tweets telling people, “Time to unplug your toaster if you’re not using it! Turn off the power. Raise the thermostat.”

You know, folks, we in Florida never have brownouts. We never have rolling blackouts. The only time we lose power in Florida is when maybe a hurricane or a windstorm goes through. It’s so rare — and we have tropical heat here. California’s heat comes and goes. We never get tweets from our mayors saying, “Time to unplug the toaster.

“Time to unplug the vacuum cleaner. Time to not use the washer and dryer.” We don’t get those things, and we never have the power disconnected. We’re able to run our air-conditioners — and they do run nine months a year, 24/7, without a brownout. Why is this, do you think, ladies and gentlemen? Why is California facing all of these fires and all of these rolling blackouts?

It’s because of who’s been running the state. In terms of energy, Californians voted to get rid of fossil fuel-produced energy. They’ve got nothing but wind and solar. It’s not enough! If the clouds are covering the sun, there is no solar. If the wind isn’t blowing, there isn’t any wind energy. They’ve gotten rid of fossil fuels (sniveling), “‘Cause it’s destroying the planet.

“Yeah, oil and natural gas are destroying the environment! Climate change, and so…” The strange thing is that California citizens voted for this because they bought the lies. There is no need for a single California citizen to be without power, no matter what the temperature outside is and no matter for how long. There’s no need for it! There’s no reason for the fires being this intense and this big.

If they would simply let clearcutting of dead timber take place, then these fires wouldn’t last nearly as long as they do, nor would they be as intense. But the environmentalist wackos will not let any of this happen. The environmentalist left is in the process of destroying California, and it’s right in front of your face, if you want to witness it.

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