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RUSH: This is incredible. A Long Island, New York, high school student has been arrested because he showed up to go to school.

17-year-old Maverick Stow attended William Floyd High School for five days in a row. By doing so, he committed a criminal act. Young Maverick was supposed to stay home for a “designated remote-learning day.” But he said, “I gotta go to class.”

Maverick Stow wasn’t putting anybody in danger when he showed up. His temperature was taken, and he was fine. His first period teacher discovered he was supposed to be at home. So school administrators suspended him for five days.

Maverick ignored the suspension and showed up at school in person again. The police were called. He was arrested for trespassing — and the school district is pressing charges.

School bosses accuse Maverick Stow of being “selfish” and “irresponsible.” For showing up at school in person. The school his parents pay taxes for.

This is what it’s like living in liberal America today. You can riot in the street, loot, burn, and vandalize businesses, assault cops — nothing happens to you. But if you dare attend school in person, because you want to pursue your education, you get arrested as a criminal.

This is Democrat-Party America. Joe Biden America. God help us if these people win. Oh my god, I can’t think of it. Oh gees.

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