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RUSH: Now, before we get back to the phones, I want to expand on something that I briefly touched on as the program began and was unfolding before your very eyes. I spoke at some length yesterday on this program about how every day it’s a new scandal involving President Trump — every day, or maybe every week. But it’s mind-blowing how often it happens. Every day, it seems, we wake up and there is a new something.

There is a new scandal that’s just been discovered, a new Trump scandal that we just learned about, such as calling dead soldiers buried in cemeteries suckers and losers, except now the guy who wrote that story has withdrawn it, has acknowledged that maybe his sources were wrong. (interruption) Oh, you haven’t heard that? Oh.

The Atlantic editor is admitting the story about Trump disparaging fallen soldiers could be wrong. It’s not “could be;” it was, it is wrong. My point is, though, every day there’s a new one of these, and they happen almost in a vacuum, as though the previous one is gone, dead, and buried. “Whatever we were told yesterday, we’ve forgotten it. There’s something new!”

I yesterday put it in the context of what must it be like to work at CNN. You launch one of these things every day or every week, and none of them work. Not a single one of them works. If the objective is to get rid of Trump, they are not working, and yet they just keep coming. Every day it seems there’s a new one. Certainly, every week there is a new one — and crucially important to this is, as each new allegation surfaces, it happens in a vacuum.

They try to make it look like it’s happening in a vacuum, as though nothing happened yesterday. In other words, the Woodward book follows The Atlantic story. The Atlantic story is (sputtering), “Yeah, Trump was out there, and he said that dead soldiers, he has no respect for ’em! They’re losers and suckers!” Okay, and then that doesn’t work.

It looks like it might work for the first couple of days, and then here comes the exculpatory evidence and it begins to fade. So time for the next one, and the next one is the Woodward book. So when the Woodward book pops, “Oh, yeah! Yeah. Trump admitted that he didn’t want to cause a panic. Trump admitted that he downplayed the horrible nature of COVID-19 ’cause he didn’t want to create a panic!”

Well, wait. Wait. What happened to The Atlantic story?

“Oh, nothing to see there.”

No, no, no! What do you mean, “Nothing to see there”? You sponsored a lie. You brought forth a lie. You’ve done nothing but lie. The mainstream media and the Democrat Party has mounted one lie after another, one allegation after another, and nothing ever comes of any of them. And yet every week, there’s a new one. As though what happened yesterday didn’t happen.

So now, The Atlantic story? “Well, it’s forgotten like it never happened ’cause now we’re on to the Woodward book,” and something’s gonna come hang on and replace the Woodward book, and the Woodward book will be forgotten about. The Woodward book is not gonna work. The Woodward book, whatever it is, is not going to get rid of Donald Trump.

I think we’re reaching a point here where people not only are worn out by all this, I think people are getting wise to it. My good friends, none of it ever amounts to anything in terms of its purpose. The purpose for all of these allegations is what? The purpose is to force Trump to resign or to force people in his administration to tell him he’s got to leave because he’s losing all support.

The purpose is to maybe have him charged with an actual crime and he’d be frog-marched out of the White House on his way to jail. Whatever. Whatever the method of getting rid of Trump is, it isn’t working, and it hasn’t worked in four years. Now, the immediate objective is to get Trump defeated in the election in November. But I think that is also bombing out on them.

We’re being lied to on a daily basis. We’re being manipulated by a minority that, without the media, would be invisible. This minority is literally so small that if the media were not sponsoring them, we wouldn’t see them. Now, as you know, psychologically, this sufficient works. A lot of people on our side think that we are outnumbered — and the truth is, not only are we not outnumbered, they’re not even close to outnumbering us.

Despite how you feel, despite how it might look. And I’m talking specifically about the Marxist radical leftist. Not the usual liberal Democrats that we know are out there. I’m talking about the Antifas and the Black Lives Matters. They are nowhere near a majority of in this country. They are a tiny minority, and we’re being told by CNN and the New York Times every day that the country has now made the move to Marxism.

“It’s just… It’s done. It is just a matter of codifying it in the upcoming election. That’s right. We love the mayor of Portland. We support what’s going on in Seattle. We support these radical leftist mayors in Michigan, Minnesota. You wait! You’ll see! Biden’s gonna win in a landslide. You people are done. It’s finished. It’s over.” Except it’s not.


RUSH: Here’s Jacob in Dyer, Indiana. Great to have you, Jacob. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for having me. Longtime listener, first-time caller. The thing I was calling about I was watching the president’s rally last night on YouTube. I got a chance to watch the whole thing, and just listening to him talk has really just reminded me how much he’s done for this country. He’s kept us safe. He’s gotten our economy back from a terrible, terrible low in March and April.

But the thing about it is, you can contrast that to the local officials, these governors, these mayors. You know, most of them are Democrats. Some of them, like in Indiana here, we got like a RINO governor still keeping us shut down to some extent. And it’s really… I just wish more of these local officials could take President Trump’s lead and just make our country safer and more economically prosperous.

RUSH: You know, this is interesting observation that you’ve made. Why isn’t more of what Trump is doing — I have a word for it and I maybe overuse it — infectious? Why are more local officials not following in Trump’s footsteps in terms of dealing with problems and solving them and so forth. I think there’s so much fear out there. I really do. This is another feather in Trump’s cap about how fearless he is.

He’s not stopped by the traditional forces that succeed in stopping most other politicians from doing what their instincts tell him to do. You wouldn’t believe how many politicians are afraid of being called racist, for example, or afraid of being called a bigot or just being criticized, period, by the media. So they just don’t even want to broach it. They don’t want to go there.

It’s another illustration of how unique and special Trump is, and it does give rise to a question. Okay, he’s not gonna be president forever. At some point, he’s going to vanish the political scene. Who’s gonna replace him, if anybody? Speaking of which, you know, there’s another aspect of this in terms of the public and the idea that every day or every week there’s something new Trump supposedly has done, something that’s just been discovered.

Trump’s been president for four years, and they just discovered, for example, that he called dead soldiers losers and jokers. They just discovered it, right? And then that bombs out. Every week, it seems, for four years, there has been a new one of these allegations. At some point, do you think the American people begin to ask themselves, “How does Trump get away with all this?”

Let’s say they believe all these charges. Let’s say there are people that believe every single allegation. Trump colluded with Russia. He stole the election. He finagled with Ukraine; should have been impeached, whatever it is. There are people who have to ask themselves, “How does Trump outsmart these people for four years?

“Is Trump the greatest criminal mastermind we’ve ever elected, they must be asking, ’cause seriously, how does he get away with all this?” I think all this adds up to an increasing number of people not believing it, folks. I think they’re wearing everybody out. The absorption level, I believe, is close to being reached.

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