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RUSH: To the audio sound bites. I want to go back — let’s start with me, myself, last Thursday on this program. I made a comment that I think a lot of people in America have reached what I call scandal absorption level. Let me play the sound bite and then we’ll see if I need to add anything to myself.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think the American people have reached what I call their absorption level. Every day it’s something new. When’s the last time, ladies and gentlemen, you saw a good story? When’s the last time you saw a positive story about Donald Trump in the Drive-By Media? You haven’t. They haven’t done one. Do you think the American people don’t notice this?

Do you think the American people aren’t aware of what’s going on? I think they’re far more sophisticated and aware than what people want to acknowledge. But I realize there’s a lot of people on our side like Mr. Snerdley who think this stuff is gonna work because, in their minds, it has worked. It’s gotten rid of certain Republicans in the past or it succeeded in damaging others. But I think Trump’s a different ball game.

RUSH: Yeah, because this has been every week. I mean, folks, literally for four years now, you’re gonna go back and you have to include the campaign months in 2016 — you know, Trump wasn’t inaugurated ’til 2017. But the campaign in 2016, they were running the coup then. They were doing everything they could to set Trump up. They were spying on him. That’s when they had the FISA warrants, illegally. That’s when they were trying to embed people in the Trump campaign. Their informants and spies.

So they’re going on for four years, and the news media, it seemed like every day, minimally every week there was something new. Now, on the Trump-Russia scandal, it wasn’t so much something new as yet another source that had come forth unidentified with even more information to prove, slash, confirm that Trump indeed was a Russian agent, that Trump was a traitor, that Trump was running for Vladimir Putin or whatever. The point is that every week it was something new.

Now we’ve had four years of every week something new and nothing in it has stuck. And I have a theory that a lot of Americans are beginning to ask, how does Trump get away with all of this? These are the smartest people in Washington. How come they can’t catch the guy? We really have the world’s foremost accomplished criminal as president?

I think these are legitimate questions that people would ask because if you’ve been told every day, every week for four years all of these assertions, all of these criminal assertions, all of these allegations, such as that Trump is going to jail when he leaves office. That New York state, the Southern District of New York, Manhattan, they’re gonna be prosecuting Trump for all of these financial crimes that he’s committed, all of this stuff, and yet none of it ever amounts to anything.

The Drive-By Media, CNN, New York Times have devoted themselves to getting rid of Donald Trump for four years. They’ve got nothing to show for it. At some point the American people reach their absorption level. They just don’t believe the next allegation. But there’s something fundamentally key in all of this, and that is that every new allegation happens as though nothing was said about anything else the previous day. For example, Trump-Russia collusion. That was a story that is lasted three years. But every week, every day there was a new element added to it.

And the new element was to lead people to believe that it was true. Still anonymous sources, still nothing provable, but the very sheer volume of the number of stories and allegations was supposed to convince people that Trump was guilty, that he had done this, that he had cheated, stolen the election. Then something else happened. The phone call, for example, to the president of Ukraine. And immediately Trump-Russia collusion is dropped. It ceases to exist. And the Drive-By Media is off and running on Trump deserves to be impeached because of this phone call.

So here comes the next one as though what happened the day before didn’t happen. But it did. The Drive-Bys can’t erase the years and years of failure here. Failure to prove anything. Failure to have the goods. And I think more people than you know — I’m talking about voters — more people than you know, and maybe people that are not even Trump supporters, are getting fed up with it simply because they’re getting tired of it. It never amounts to anything. Four years of allegations, at least one of these they ought to be able to have the goods on him. They ought to be able to prove one of the things, but they can’t in four years. And yet they keep adding new ones.

So let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is number 6. This is Meet the Depressed yesterday hosted by F. Chuck Todd, and he’s got Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic who ran the fake news story. Four anonymous sources claiming that Trump — I’ve even forgot — what did The Atlantic, what was their claim? (interruption) Oh, yeah. See? I’ve already forgotten the allegation. That he called dead soldiers losers and jokers. Honestly, I had forgotten it.

Anyway, Jeffrey Goldberg has admitted, “Well, I think my sources might have been wrong.” He still nevertheless, even though he has admitted that he got caught running a story filled with lies, he’s still the guest, the lead guest on Meet the Depressed with F. Chuck Todd of NBC News. And F. Chuck says to Goldberg, “We all underestimated how to cover this president and how to cover his mischaracterizations and lies.”

GOLDBERG: Usually, until this presidency, when a president is called out for lying, they usually trim their sails a little bit or they apologize or they explain. And what you have here is a new phenomenon for all of us, and we’re not sure what to do.

TODD: The only way to understand this is to realize, he doesn’t have shame about it. And when we lose our ability to shame a politician, we lose a lot of our power, that’s for sure.

RUSH: Oh, my God. Folks, do you understand what F. Chuck just admitted here? He just confirmed that your host, El Rushbo, nailed them. F. Chuck Todd, Jeffrey Goldberg admit they have lost their power to shame a president out of office. F. Chuck Todd: The only way to understand this is to realize he doesn’t have shame about it. And when we lose our ability to shame a politician, we lose a lot of our power, that’s for sure.

Why should he have any shame? He didn’t do it. He didn’t collude with Russia. He didn’t call dead soldiers losers and jokers. He didn’t do anything in the phone call with the new president of Ukraine that would warrant impeachment. He didn’t do anything that he is alleged to have done. Nothing that he was alleged to have done in the Steele dossier is true. It was all made up.

So, Chuck, why do you think you should be able to shame Trump? He didn’t do any of the stuff you’re accusing him of doing. The truth is that Trump is probably smiling and happy that you guys are so damn frustrated. ‘Cause what Chuck is really saying here is, “We don’t have the ability to lie a president out of office. At least not with this guy.” ‘Cause remember how Goldberg starts. “Usually, until this presidency, when a president’s called out for lying, they usually trim their sails a little bit or they apologize or they explain. And what you have here in Trump is a new phenomena for all of us, and we’re not sure -” yeah. Well, you’re trying to railroad a guy that didn’t do any of what you say he did.

Why should he have any shame? Why should he have any embarrassment? He didn’t do it. He didn’t do any of it. “Well, what do you think about COVID-19?” That’s a Woodward allegation. He didn’t do anything. The things that Trump has done have revived a failing U.S. economy. He has rebuilt the United States military. He brought jobs back to America that Barack Obama said would never come back. He established an all-time record low for African-American and Hispanic unemployment. What do you mean, he’s got nothing to be ashamed of.

Besides, Donald Trump is not the kind of guy that runs around acting ashamed of himself. And you guys can’t make him act ashamed of himself and you certainly can’t do it with allegations of things that are not true, but look what they admit. Chuck Todd: the only way to understand this is to realize Trump doesn’t have shame about it and when we in the media lose our ability to shame a politician, we lose a lot of our power.

That’s for sure. Hey, Chuck, why do you want shame politicians anyway? Chuck, who’s the last Democrat you tried to shame? Chuck, have you ever tried to shame Chuck Schumer? Have you ever tried to shame Nancy Pelosi? Have you ever tried to shame Barack Obama? Have you ever tried to shame Joe Biden?

When’s the last time you ever tried to shame a Democrat? Can’t remember. Why do you want to do it anyway? They are used to being able to literally making it up about any Republican and sooner than later that Republican is gonna resign. Sooner or later that Republican is going to apologize even if that Republican didn’t do what he’s being accused of doing by the Drive-By Media.

But Trump has no shame. Trump is not ashamed of himself. Chuck, Trump loves himself. Trump loves himself more than you like yourself. And you’re ever gonna be able to get Trump to hate himself. Trump and self-loathing are never, ever gonna go together.

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