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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I was in the midst here of doing what I always do in the morning before the program starts, and that is preparing it, engaged here in show prep, deeply focused. It’s amazing how tunnel visioned I get when I get into the prep mode. And that’s where I was. Occasionally, something will happen that will distract me and I look up.

And I looked up today at the TV, and I saw a little video clip of Biden socially distanced in that wheat field yesterday, droning on about global warming. And in the corner of the picture, the screen, the corner of the TV picture is a box, little box graphic that says, “Peace accord signing at noon.” And it just hit me what small ball the Democrats are playing.

Joe Biden sitting out in a wheat field with three or four reporters, 12 feet distant from each other in white circles. They’re not allowed to get — by the way, there’s a story about this today, about Biden and the reason he’s conducting these events the way he does and the reason why there’s so few of them. The story is that he is literally paranoid and afraid of getting COVID-19, which is something he’s not alone in.

There are lots of people, particularly in his demographic, who are very, very concerned about coming down with COVID-19. There’s a whole story about how Biden is deathly afraid of it and that it’s dictating everything about the campaign. And it’s now beginning to frustrate some of his staff who think he’s not out there enough.

But then there’s a dichotomy.

You get him out there enough and he doesn’t do well when he gets out there. Then you got Kamala Harris out there calling what’s becoming the Harris administration. You guys hear about this? Grab sound bite number 1. Throw this in. This is Saturday in Arizona during a Latino small Business Roundtable campaign event. Here is Kamala Harris.

HARRIS: We will need to make sure you have a president in the White House who actually sees you, who understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work and who has your back. A Harris administration together with Joe Biden.

RUSH: And then she caught herself and called it the Biden-Harris administration a couple moments later. But that’s not a faux pas, folks. Biden is a placeholder here for this campaign. He’s not gonna finish the first term, if he is elected and inaugurated. I can’t even fathom that reality, which we’ll discuss in greater detail as the program unfolds here today.

But right there it is. This little bite here, that 17-second sound bite, that comes from a sound bite that’s video, two minutes and 40 seconds in length, and she says nothing. It is posted on a Democrat YouTube site. And even her supporters, even Democrat voters in the comments section are frustrated that she’s not saying anything. It’s just a bunch of gobbledygook. And they’re saying, you know, if you guys can’t come together on a message, this isn’t gonna cut it.

She literally said nothing in two minutes and 40 seconds. It was just a bunch of words strung together that are designed to sound impressive, but they added up to nothing other than the supposed faux pas, “The Harris administration together with Joe Biden.” So we need to unpack that. She clearly believes or has been told that she’s gonna be president sooner rather than later if the Biden ticket wins.

And I bet you she’s also been told other things, like you may be president, but you’re really not gonna be. Whoever it is running and orchestrating the Biden campaign will continue to be president. You’re just gonna take over as the placeholder.

But she may not. She probably has agreed to that now, but when it happens, if it happens, if she actually ever became president because Biden quits or whatever, she’s not going to let these guys tell her what she can and can’t. It’s not gonna be pretty. Anyway, we’ll get to that. That’s way, way down the road.

When I looked at that screen, the TV screen, I’m watching this, and there’s Biden out in the wheat field and saying silly things and accusing Trump of silly things. And that box in the corner of the screen, “Peace accords signing at noon.” It just really hit me. The Democrats and Biden are the Little League. They’re not even Babe Ruth League. They’re Little League. They’re playing small ball. It’s old. Their ideas are not new. They are exhausted. Their ideas can never work. Their ideas can never be fixed. They’re bad ideas. They are ideas that don’t work anywhere they have been tried.

They sound good to the little guy because their ideas make it look like that they’ve got all this compassion and caring for the little guy. But I’m gonna tell you what. If these people ever win — the Democrat Party’s undergone a major shift. And the Democrat Party is now the party of the rich. The Democrat Party is the party of elite rich, not just Wall Street. I’m talking the rich and the uber-wealthy elites wherever they are. That is the backbone of the Democrat Party.

The Republican Party, interestingly, the party of Trump has become the party of the little guy, the party of working-class Americans, blue-collar, if you will. The problem is the little guy doesn’t believe that. The little guy’s been told for 50 years the Republicans hate him, the Republicans don’t care, that all the compassion is held by the Democrats.

The Democrats don’t care what COVID-19 is gonna do to the culture, they don’t care about the economy, don’t care about anything, ’cause whatever happens it isn’t going to affect them and the backbone of their party, the uber-wealthy. But, you know, folks, it’s not just the Democrats. It’s the entire Washington establishment that is old and predictable and tired and playing small ball. They think little. They think small. They repeat the same, tired stuff over and over and over.

Over here, however, you have Donald Trump who’s thinking big. He’s working big. He’s planning big. He has massive, sweeping solutions to so many things, not just for America, but for the world. Now, as we get closer to the election I get more and more emails from people asking me if I remain confident. People start hearing the polling data and how it’s looking bad. Now the stories are that Trump is out of money and canceling advertising buys. “Rush, you have to explain it. It’s not looking good out there. It’s really bad, isn’t it?”

Folks, I’m gonna tell you, I actually believe, just to give you an example. Remember my often-stated philosophy that it’s silly to worry about polls three months away, five months away, six months away, or further out because those polls have never mattered in the past. People don’t even remember without having to look ’em up what polls were six months away in 2016 or 2012 because they’re irrelevant. They’re used to shape opinion rather than reflect it.

But accompanying that is my belief that the events shaping the election largely haven’t happened yet. And I think that that’s still true sitting here today, 49 or 50 days away, everybody thinks that whatever this election is about is baked in, that it’s already happened. And it hasn’t yet. I’ll give you two examples. What happens if there are no debates? What happens if Biden can’t do it? What happens if they come up with a plan to renege on it? They’re going to have to. He can’t do it, folks.

He simply can’t. The sundowning effect of people with dementia is only one aspect or reason why. But then, let’s say, okay, the debates happen. And let’s say he gets smoked in the debates and he can’t handle 90-minute debates or longer. Those two things right there are examples of events that haven’t happened yet which are going to have tremendous impact on the election. That’s just one subject, the debates, whether they happen and if they happen, how does Plugs do.


RUSH: “Democrats Worry Biden Playing it Too Safe.” The Democrats are very worried. Where’s this from? This is from TheHill.com. “Democrats are growing worried about Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s play-it-safe strategy with 50 days to go before the election. They are specifically worried that as President Trump’s campaign reaches millions of voters through in-person door-knocking events and big rallies … the Biden campaign is relying on digital organizing and phone outreach.

“On a field training call over the weekend, several veterans of the Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns expressed concerns … Ex-Obama aides also grumbled privately following the Saturday Zoom call. … After the call, one former Obama aide said that if Biden loses a close election, analysts will look back on the field operations in the same way they look back on Hillary Clinton’s decision to not visit Wisconsin in 2016.”

Folks, there’s a reason why Biden is doing this. He’s scared to death of COVID-19. There is a humongously long story about this. It took 15 minutes to mark this up. It would take me 30 minutes to go through the whole thing.

The headline of the story — and it’s in The Politico – “‘Keep back!’: How the Biden campaign obsesses over Covid — The former vice president’s team goes to extraordinary lengths to keep him safe. Joe Biden’s chartered airplanes and SUVs are meticulously sprayed with disinfectant and scrubbed. The microphones, lecterns and folders he uses are wiped down in the moments before his arrival.

“News reporters covering the campaign have their temperature taken. People he meets are scanned in advance with thermometer wands and guests at his events are cordoned off in precise locations mapped out with a tape measure.”

And we’ve seen these. We’ve seen the photos of the press sitting 15 feet away or further than that and separated from each other by — it’s much more than six feet. So now I imagine a lot of people would be sympathetic. Plugs, what is he, 77 years old or something like that, and a lot of people would be sympathetic to the fact that he might be very, very worried about getting COVID-19.

I myself have similar fears, folks, because of the medical circumstances I’m in. My immune system is somewhat depressed, so I have to be real careful about it. But anybody who’s serious about this has to be careful about it. But the difference is that I am not running for president. He is.

What I think is going on, I think the Biden people are using this as an excuse to hide the fact that he’s not up for the job. I think this is going to be one of the excuses for not debating. And in the process, the Biden people are instilling fear. They are hiding, and they’re hiding Biden, and they’re coming across here as hysterical. And you wait. The very fact that this story has surfaced — and it is a long story. And it’s in Politico. It means that somebody wants this story out there.

Now, stop and think about that. Here is a Democrat presidential nominee and his campaign wants it out there in prominent Democrat media that he is really worried about getting COVID-19 and, therefore, it is the excuse, it’s the explanation for why he doesn’t leave the basement very much. And it’s why that when he does leave the basement, he may as well not leave the basement because the way they structure these events, it makes no difference that he left the basement.

They just get a backdrop that looks different. But the fact that they want this story out there, that there is a lot of fear. “How the Biden campaign obsesses over Covid — The former vice president’s team goes to extraordinary lengths to keep him safe.”

Contrast this with Trump. Which is what you have to do. Trump is the Republican president and thus the nominee. He’s running for reelection. And his behavior is exactly opposite. And he’s only six years, five years younger than plugs is. But, I mean, he come across as 30 years younger, both in energy level, in mental acuity, in looks.

You can’t stop Trump. There isn’t hardly anybody that can keep up with him energy-wise. A lot of us study Trump, “when does the man sleep?” And yet with Biden it’s the exact opposite, “when does he wake up?” Everything he says is on a teleprompter. You’ve got Kamala Harris, by the way, grab sound bite number 1 again. There’s a theory out there about this. I’m gonna see if I can make sense of it. Play this sound bite where she refers to the Harris administration again.

HARRIS: We will need to make sure you have a president in the White House who actually sees you, who understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work and who has your back. A Harris administration together with Joe Biden.

RUSH: All right. Now, the theory is that this was not a faux pas, that it was written, that it was purposely put on her prompter. And the reason that it was is so that she could acknowledge to all Democrat voters that, hey, we know Biden ain’t up for this, don’t sweat it, I’m gonna be in charge. We know that Biden is a placeholder.

The fact that it was written on the prompter and the fact that it was stated by Kamala Harris and not a mistake and not her ego out of control — bottom line is that they are actually sending the signal to Democrat voters not to sweat Biden’s mental acuity, that everybody knows what’s going on. And this very subtle reference to the Harris administration is designed to calm Democrat voters who are worried about the potential disaster that’s waiting every day to display and be on parade with Biden’s deteriorating mental ability.


RUSH: Just to confirm, it was not a faux pas here from Kamala Harris. That was, by the way, Saturday, it was in Arizona during a small business roundtable campaign where she said we’ll need to make sure you have a president in the White House that actually sees you, understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work, who has your back. A Harris administration together with Joe Biden. That was written. Not a faux pas. Not her ego out of control.

And then a couple sentences later, she mentions the Biden administration. So it was obviously a message. And it was to let Democrat voters know that they know that Biden’s the Trojan horse, that Biden is the placeholder, not to let that worry them. Feel free to vote for Biden because it’s gonna be the Harris administration if Biden wins, it’s gonna be the Harris administration after not too long a time. So that’s the message that they wanted to get out.

Here’s Vinny. Vinny in Wilmington, North Carolina. Great to have you, Vinny. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. God bless you and Kathryn. Thank you so much for everything you do. Let me run this by you. I do not think nor have I ever thought that Joe Biden could not debate. He has to. He has to debate. I think the question is, how is he going to do it? Now, to my knowledge, in any presidency, no one has ever backed out of a debate. This is not gonna happen with Biden. Why wouldn’t he suggest that it just coincides with that story you were just talking about, about how afraid of COVID he is, how about a virtual debate? Don’t you think he’s gonna suggest something like that, under that circumstance, Biden can cheat, he can rig up an earpiece like Hillary did in 2016 during her debate or a teleprompter or something —

RUSH: Okay, Vinny, Vinny, hang on here. I’m told that others can understand you, but I can’t understand a single word you’re saying. And it’s my hearing. It’s not the phone connection. Did you just say — I’m following you here on a transcript of what you’re saying. Did you just say that they’re gonna let Biden use an earpiece and that they’re gonna allow him to be told what the answers to various questions are? Is that what you think they’re gonna do?

CALLER: Well, no. No. What I’m saying is Biden cannot back out of the debates. Okay? He has to debate. I think the question is, how is he going to do it? And it’s my feeling that they’re gonna try and pull some kind of stunt where they do a virtual debate. And if they do a virtual debate, then Biden could very well easily cheat —

RUSH: All right. So by virtual debate, you mean that Biden debates from the basement in Wilmington.

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH: And so if he’s debating from the basement, then there’s any number of ways he can cheat, such as having an invisible earpiece where his handlers tell him what to say, and he’s even got a prompter there that nobody will know is there. Now, for that to happen, you think the Trump people would not suspect something like that would be part of an arrangement in a virtual debate?

CALLER: I’m sure they would suspect it, of course they would, but now if Trump says no, we’re not gonna debate under those circumstances, now he takes a risk of the Biden campaign saying, hey, we offered to debate in these extraordinary circumstances. I mean, we do have a pandemic going around, and the president doesn’t want to debate. So that’s the risk the Trump campaign would now run if they said, no, we don’t want to do a virtual debate. We want an in-person debate. Okay. So I’m thinking that’s what’s gonna happen.

RUSH: All right. Well, let’s look at this. Okay. So the Biden campaign, your theory, the Biden campaign knows they can’t back out. They gotta do it. They can’t back out. But because Biden is so afraid of getting COVID-19, which people will supposedly fully understand and be sympathetic to, that Biden will suggest, his team will suggest a virtual debate where Trump will apparently go to where the debate was supposed to be, and Biden will not have to go. Biden will be able to stay home in the basement either in Wilmington or wherever else he has a home.

The Bidens are loaded, by the way, because of the kid. Do not believe that Biden is some pauper guy that never made more than his Washington salary. These people are loaded. They got basements all over the country, including in China. But I digress. So somehow Biden is gonna be permitted to debate from the basement somewhere while Trump has to show up somewhere and do it and be live. Well, no, you could say Trump will be able to do it virtually.

Trump could do it from, let’s say the Oval Office, he can do it from White House, wherever he wants, and we’ll do it on Zoom and both candidates will be on Zoom, and your theory is that if Trump says no to this arrangement, the Biden people could come up and say, “Look, our guy is not gonna risk COVID-19. Our guy is not gonna risk any of this. And we’re not gonna allow a crowd in there anyway, so why do we need a live debate? Plugs will do this from his basement. Trump can do it from wherever he wants to do it. And if Trump refuses those terms, then it is Trump who is guilty of canceling and reneging on the debates, not Biden.”

So then the question becomes, how does that play with the American voter? And does the American voter actually blame Trump? Is Biden a sympathetic enough figure, “Hey, I’d love to debate but, you know, I really don’t want to get sick. I can’t afford to get sick,” whatever excuse they offer. And offer to do the debates but virtual, on Zoom. And Trump says no, to hell with that.

Is Biden a sympathetic enough figure where he will get a lot of credit, a lot of credit, he’s willing to debate, he’s just asking for a tiny adjustment. Let’s do it on Zoom. Let’s do it virtually. Here’s the mean old Trump refusing to be nice to the old guy, refusing to be cooperative. Vinny, it’s a fascinating theory, and I gotta roll this around a little bit more to figure out how I actually react to it when I think of it.


RUSH: Never mind. Not gonna do it ’cause I got two number 21s here and so we’ll get that straightened out. There’s a workable — not theory, but a workable idea on how Biden could get out of actually doing the debates or structure them in such a way that he could do them virtually and thus increase his chances of cheating during said debates.

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