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RUSH: Cerritos, California, next. This is Kim. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos. I just have a quick question. You’re telling us not to worry because there’s 50 days out ’til the election. But what about all these people that are voting early before we hear the debates, before any of this stuff happens?

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

CALLER: All these people are making their decision early.

RUSH: When did I say there’s nothing to worry about?

CALLER: Well, I mean, that’s the impression that I got, you know, like we still got 50 days, a lot can happen, you know. That’s the impression I got.

RUSH: What I said was that I have a philosophy, I have a belief, when people want to worry about polls six months out, I say —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — the events that are gonna shape this election haven’t even happened yet. These polls are meaningless. And I said even now, 50 days out, there are things that are still gonna happen that will impact the election. Now, you’re saying, “Rush, none of it’s gonna matter because so many people are early voting and mail-in voting, that whatever happens, it’s too late.”


RUSH: Okay. So what is your solution to it?

CALLER: I don’t know. That’s the problem, I mean, with this early voting stuff. Before people couldn’t cast their vote. I mean, you had the absentee ballots, yes. But people couldn’t cast their votes so early before. And then the debates seem to be so late this year. And I mean it just seems like people can’t be —

RUSH: Obviously you have a belief or you’re operating on the assumption that every early voter is anti-Trump and therefore cannot be competed against.

CALLER: Okay. Well, yeah, I probably am thinking that way because it just seems like the left is pushing early voting so much.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: It doesn’t seem like the right is pushing early voting. It seems like the left is pushing early voting, therefore, because they want to get all of their votes in so none of the left can change their minds, just —

RUSH: Where have you heard that it’s only the left pushing early voting and therefore that Republicans don’t engage in it?

CALLER: On Fox News and stuff. It just seems like a lot of people — I mean it seems like the left wants everybody to vote early, not the right. I don’t hear a lot of people on the right saying, “Hurry up and, you know, do your mail-in votes.” And it seems like it’s the left that are doing that.

RUSH: Okay, so people on the right do not have the brains to vote early unless somebody tells them to, and when you don’t hear anybody telling them to, then they’re being outnumbered, they’re not voting early, but they’re still gonna vote. They’re just not voting early. Voting early does not change anything. It just changes the date which people are voting. I don’t agree with it like you don’t. I think early voting is a mechanism whereby fraud can take place.

But even with early voting in place, Trump won in 2016. Even with mail-in ballots in some of these elections that have gone on, Republicans have one. In special elections, Republicans have won. It’s not like early voting guarantees Democrat wins.

CALLER: Well, that’s just the way it seems. It seems like the Democrats are like, “Get your vote in, get your vote in,” like before anybody changes their minds that they might just happen to vote for Trump, like they just want to get that vote in before the debates and everything.

RUSH: I think the reason that you’re hearing that is because the Democrats know that despite the propaganda that they are using the mainstream media to spread, they know full well that the enthusiasm on their side is not what they are leading you to believe. They know that the Trump voter today remains the most enthusiastic voter in the United States of America. It isn’t even close.

How many Joe Biden yard signs do you see? Zilch, zero, nada. There aren’t any Biden yard signs. There aren’t any Kamala Harris yard signs. There isn’t any enthusiasm for those two. The only people that are gonna vote for ’em is because there’s a D next to their name. The Donald Trump voter — and he has 92%, 93% support in the Republican Party — is the most enthusiastic voter in this country. And it’s not even close.


RUSH: So our last caller, if I sounded short with the caller, I didn’t mean to be. But I didn’t tell anybody not to worry. I never said don’t worry, there’s 50 days left. There’s nothing we can do about early voting, folks. It’s part of the landscape, and I learned long ago that it’s a waste of time to fret over things you can’t control. And, by the way, there are still some elements of control over it. Not everybody that votes early votes in the same day. Just because early voting, let’s say, opens today doesn’t mean that everybody’s gonna vote early does it on the same day. There’s still an opportunity to reach people. There’s still an opportunity to reach hearts and minds.

I wish there wasn’t early voting. But at the same time, I think it’s a mistake to assume that all of these things that go against what we consider the norm — like I would like it if everybody shows up on Election Day and votes except the people that literally can’t, let ’em have absentee ballots. But mail-in voting and all that, clearly the Democrats are setting up mechanisms whereby they can give themselves advantages, another word for engage in fraud or cheat.

Now, Donald Trump today tweeted the following. He said, “Did you see where Joe Biden — as Weak, Tired, and Sleepy as he is, went to a Polling Place today in Delaware (of course!) to VOTE!? If Biden can do it, any American can do it!”

Meaning, he didn’t mail it in. He went to a polling place to vote early. If Biden can do it, anybody can. But I told the lady on the phone that the most enthusiastic voter in this country is the Donald Trump voter. I don’t know if you’ve thought of it that way, but obviously everybody is a victim of the way the media reports things. And you can’t be blamed if you believe Trump is headed for a landslide defeat.

The media’s been saying this for four years. They’ve been intensely focused on it in the last few weeks. And no matter where you look, Trump has no prayer. He’s got no chance. He is not going to maintain anywhere near the support in the battleground states. He’s losing on the fundraising side. He doesn’t have a prayer. Biden’s flush with money. Trump is not. Trump is canceling advertising buys here and there. It’s down to Pennsylvania and Florida. If Trump doesn’t hold one of those, it’s all over. I can’t blame you, if you’re gonna subject yourself to this and if you’re gonna hear it, I know it’s going to have a negative impact on you.

It doesn’t affect me, folks. I don’t know why. I just ignore it. I don’t pay any attention to it because I know that it’s all manufactured. It’s worse than bias. It’s fake. The polling news is fake. Virtually everything they’ve written about Trump in four years hasn’t been true. But I know the power of the media and the power of the media is that if you read it, whether it’s printed on a piece of paper or you read it on a computer screen, it must be true. If you see it on TV, why, it must be true.

And I just ignore it. And I try to substitute my own thinking or common sense for some of these things. Now, the thing about the Trump voter being the most enthusiastic voter in the country, there isn’t any doubt about this. You shouldn’t have any doubt about that at all. I mean, it’s not even close. The Democrats cannot do what Donald Trump does. They can’t do a rally featuring their issues, featuring their politicians, their candidates, their stars. Nobody is going to show up.

Biden isn’t a star. Biden doesn’t have a bond with the people that are gonna vote for him. Neither did Hillary Clinton, despite what everybody thinks. Donald Trump does. The question is, how does Trump expand the number of Trump voters? But you look at the Republican Party and its loyalty polls, 92, 93%, if not more, of Republican voters support Trump. That’s unprecedented, it’s unheard of before.

And these Trump voters are just like you. They are fed up. They are sick and tired of being lied to every day by the media. They’re sick and tired of being manipulated. They’re sick and tired of being told their candidate sucks. They’re sick and tired of their candidate being lied about. They are sick and tired of everything made up about Donald Trump. They are sick and tired of being lied about themselves. They’ve had it.

They can’t wait to vote for Trump. Many of them are going to do so quietly and anonymously because they’re also very much aware that they could be targeted for physical violence if they are discovered and found out. But that does not mean they are not gonna vote. That doesn’t mean they are not gonna do whatever they can. And many of them don’t care. Many of them do show up in public. Many of them are willing to be identified. Many of them are willing to have the world know who they support.

In a side-by-side comparison, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, two pictures, there is no comparison. One looks presidential, and one doesn’t. And one who doesn’t look presidential, it’s not even close. Now, we hear people say, “Well, Trump doesn’t come off as presidential. He doesn’t act presidential.” I disagree with this.

I think the pictures today of Trump at the White House and the signing ceremony with Netanyahu and the leaders of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, I mean, these pictures are unmistakably pictures of powerful, competent leaders, including Donald Trump, doing what they do. They are pictures of these people exuding confidence, exuding assurance, and exuding power. I don’t think there is any mistaking it.

And I do not believe, folks — and I know many of you are going to argue with me about this, if you could — I simply don’t believe, after four years of not a single allegation about Donald Trump being true from cheating, stealing it with Russia, whatever else that you can think of, I just refuse to believe that CNN or the New York Times has the power to defeat Donald Trump. I just refuse to believe it. CNN doesn’t have a big enough audience, number one. CNN doesn’t have a track record. They have failed for four years in taking Trump out. Ditto the New York Times. Ditto MSNBC.

There isn’t a single left-wing media outlet who can claim that they have succeeded in their objectives to destroy, to get rid of, to frog march out of the White House Donald Trump. They cannot lay claim to success in seeing to it that he’s gonna lose the election. I still have people, “But, Rush, the Woodward book.” The Woodward book is done. It was a 30-minute story. It’s over. Woodward was on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Nobody’s talking about it.

Donald Trump got Woodward off the front page by going to California, by continuing to talk about things that matter to people, such as the economy. You think that doesn’t matter? Do you think the American people care about Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein? You think the American people are worried about what CNN is saying? They are not, folks.

The days of massive amounts of influence by these left-wing media outlets are over. Here. It’s a story in the Washington Times. “The economy keeps president competitive in swing states.” All of the polls, every poll out there says it is the economy and the economy alone that’s keeping Trump even with Biden in the swing states. And, by the way, that is why the Democrats and their media colleagues are so hell-bent on keeping the economy locked down for as long as they can. They know it as well as you and I know it. And that’s why they are doing everything they can to keep the economies in their states essentially flatlined.

“The economy, which remains the top issue for most voters in the country, keeps Mr. Trump competitive in swing states such as Pennsylvania, where the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls has him trailing Mr. Biden by 4.3% percentage points. A recent NBC News/Marist poll of likely voters in Pennsylvania gave Mr. Biden one of his largest leads at 9 points, but it also underscored Mr. Trump’s dominance on the economy question. The voters preferred Mr. Trump’s stewardship of the economy by 10 points, 51% to 41%, while favoring Mr. Biden by double digits to handle the pandemic and race relations.”

Let me tell you what they’re gonna be voting on. “Trump gains on Biden in Florida, making battleground state a dead heat.” By the way, I don’t believe it’s a dead heat. I think Trump is leading in these states, in the real world. But you can’t say that because the polls don’t say it.

“As a new Florida Atlantic University poll shows undecided voters are breaking for Trump by a margin of four to one.” Undecided voters breaking for Trump. Also, important note on issues. “Thirty-seven percent said the economy, 17% said coronavirus, 14% said health care, the primary issues important to them. Racism and equality ranked fourth at 10%, just ahead of foreign policy.”

If the economy is truly the most important issue in Florida, then Trump is going to win Florida. And I believe the economy is. I don’t think there’s any question that the economy is going to be a primary issue. It always is. And Trump is in a very fortunate position to be able to have some say over how well the economy does and is doing.

I also had — I must have stuck they at the bottom of the Stack before I was through with something. Anyway. Yeah, I did. Oh, wait, I might have just found it, might have just found it. Yeah, here we go. Which candidate do you think understands the plight of American workers right now?

See, what I think has happened during all this, I think Democrat Party has become the party of rich elites. I don’t think the Democrat Party is the party of the little guy anymore, by design. I think the Democrat Party has actively become the party of rich elites. That’s who they want to hang around. That’s who they want their friends and buddies to be.

If you listen to Donald Trump campaign, if you listen to him talk about the people that make the country work, it is clear that Donald Trump, President Trump cares about the little guy, cares about the people who make the country work. Which candidate do you think most supports law enforcement and the rule of law, Biden or Trump? It’s not even close. Which candidate is best set to bring America’s economy back to pre-COVID status? I’ll guaran-damn-tee you it isn’t Joe Biden with his promised tax increases.

There is no way that the Democrat Party can ever bring this economy to where Trump had it prior to COVID-19. They don’t even want to. If you go back and look at Obama he was happy to tell the American people we’re in the new era of decline and we Democrats are the ones to manage this for you. You need to lower your economic expectations. America is not the superpower that you’ve thought. We are not deserving of this great economy. We have got our problems. We are not fair. We are racist. We’re bigoted. We have to pay a price for all of these superpower status things we’ve achieved on the backs of the minorities in this country.

Perfectly fine and happy to have an economy that at best might grow at 1% because they, the Democrat Party, wanted to be thought of as the reason anybody had anything. Which candidate understands the plight of American workers? I don’t think there’s any question about that. It’s Donald Trump. He’s got a four-year track record of demonstrating it.

I also think polling is a very tough thing to do these days. All these restrictions because of COVID-19 have forced a lot of polling units to abandon live polling. Since they can’t have call centers, they’ve resorted to online polling, which is less accurate. It skews younger. But when it comes to fundraising, Biden is raising big bucks. But Trump is raising more money from smaller donors. He is outdistancing Biden on small donor contributions. It’s not even close. Why does that matter? Enthusiasm. Small donors are massively more enthusiastic about voting than gigantic corporate donors.

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