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RUSH: I scared a lot of people yesterday on this program and it was not my intention. But I was being honest with you. I think — I’ll just repeat it here — I think if the Democrats win this election, you can say good-bye to an active and viable two-party system in this country.

I think if the Democrats win, then it’s hello one-party rule, and it is one-party rule of a bunch of Marxists and Leninists and uber-left wing radicals who are not interested in a two-party system. They don’t believe in opposition. There is no legitimate opposition. Black Lives Matter operates that away. Antifa operates that way. The Democrat Party operates that way. There’s no reason to have debate. There’s no legitimate opposition.

They don’t want to have to go to the trouble of winning hearts and minds. They don’t want to have to persuade people to agree with them. They’re gonna use force to make people agree them, force, intimidation, threats. It’s how they’re doing it now, how they’re doing it in these cities that they’re burning and looting and so forth. They are literally manipulating and intimidating and frightening people. And there’s no discussion of issues.

I really think this is the future if we lose. I don’t think there’s any question about it. What they’re gonna do, for example, is pack the Supreme Court. They will create states out of Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. That will give them four Democrat senators in perpetuity. We will never win the Senate back. Take a look at California, take a look at New York, and that’s what they want to become of the rest of the country. And that’s what’s at stake in this election.

I’m not alone thinking this. Michael Anton, who wrote that great place, The Flight 93 Election that so many Never Trumpers pooh-poohed, laughed at, made fun of, Michael Anton has a book out now about this very fear that he has that we’re headed for the end. By the way, when I say the end of the two-party system, it’s worse than that. We’re headed to the end of Democratic America. I mean, there’s gonna be a Republican Party, but it’s never gonna be able to win anything. It’s gonna be permanently outnumbered.

Danielle Pletk, American Enterprise Institute, Never Trumper, intellectual extraordinaire, is afraid of the same thing. She, six months ago, wouldn’t have ever thought about voting for Trump. Today she’s saying she’s going to because of this fear. I’ll detail all of this as the program unfolds. And even with all that we’re just barely scratching the surface.


RUSH: Now, Danielle Pletka. I’ve admired Danielle Pletka ever since I first heard of her. She’s brilliant. She’s at the American Enterprise Institute. She is a classic conservative, fearless. But she became a Never Trumper like all of these inside the Beltway conservative intellectuals. And she’s very proud of it. And of course the Never Trumpers were proud and happy to have her in their group.

But she has decided that this is a choice that — there isn’t a choice. You’ve got to vote Trump no matter what you think of him, no matter what your fears about Trump are. The alternative to Trump losing is the end of a Democratic America, meaning multiple party, even the two-party system.

She was on Fox & Friends this morning. Brian Kilmeade said, “You say you never considered voting for Trump in 2016, but you may be forced to vote for him this time because of the Democrat Party’s lurch left. Now, Joe Biden is making himself out to be a moderate supported by his left wing. How do you know what the real Joe Biden administration’s gonna be?”

PLETKA: That’s the challenge, I think, for all of us is that for many people the concern is that Joe Biden isn’t really the man he used to be and the Democratic Party isn’t party it used to be. The Democrat partied has lurched to the far left. This environment in which you have to be afraid to say these things, that in fact you can no longer say, “I don’t trust the Democratic Party. I’m very worried about it, I’m very worried about where they’re going,” without being labeled all sorts of terrible things that should be beyond the pale of rational debate. You know, being called a racist, a hater, just because one disagrees. You know, that shouldn’t be the nature of debate in our country about the highest office in the land.

RUSH: Now, you may say, “Well, obviously.” But, folks, you gotta give her credit. The rest of the Never Trumpers, there isn’t a one of them that thinks like this. Most of the Never Trumpers don’t think there’s a crisis. They think Donald Trump poses the biggest threat to America. It’s absurd and it’s obscene. These people are ludicrously uninformed and ignorant.

But she at least gets it. She gets what’s in store for us. She had an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday, which is why the Fox & Friends people wanted to talk to her. Let me read to you a couple of excerpts from it. “What is there to be afraid of? I fear that former vice president Joe Biden would be a figurehead president, incapable of focus or leadership.”

Let me tell you something. You know, I don’t often reach around and pat myself on the back because everybody beats me to that, but I have to tell you, folks, I was among the first to tell everybody that he’s a Trojan horse, that he’s a figurehead, that he’s a placeholder. Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time. He literally has debilitating mental acuity issues, and yet he’s the Democrat nominee. Somebody has made this happen, or a group of somebodies has made this happen. We don’t know who they are.

We think Bernie Sanders, but Bernie Sanders is not the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings. Somebody is. And whoever that person or that small group of people are, they have not run for election. They have not put their issues out. They have defrauded people. They’ve tried to make people believe that they have nominated some squishy little moderate, somebody that nobody needs to be afraid of, when in truth this party is become Marxist, Leninist, slash, communist.

And the people running it are those people. And Biden is not gonna be running this administration. It’s not his agenda. He’s gonna be the figurehead. He’s gonna be the guy that appears on TV when the president needs to, but even then it isn’t gonna be much. And in fact, it won’t be long, if Biden wins — they keep him functional through the inauguration — it isn’t gonna be long after the inauguration he retires, resigns. He’s not capable. He can’t do it. And everybody behind him pushing him knows this.

So we’ve got a cabal — and Danielle Pletka senses this — we have a group of people that are literally running the Democrat Party invisibly, and they’re getting away with telling the American people that their standard-bearer is a moderate, traditional Democrat, cares about the blue-collar little guy, is interested in labor. That’s not who’s running the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is being run by the same people that love Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The people that have put Joe Biden up are running a fraud. Kamala Harris is in on it. She may end up being the president, but even she is gonna be a figurehead. And she had to take this job with that understanding, I’m convinced. Now, anything can happen. If she becomes president, she may decide to take these people on and screw it and it could be fun to watch, but we don’t want this to happen.

The American people are being defrauded. They’re being lied to daily over the kind of government the Democrats are gonna have, over the kind of administration the Biden administration will be. This is what Danielle Pletka intuitively understands. It isn’t your father’s Democrat Party anymore.

And the people that are behind Biden and pushing him out there are invisible. And this is important because presidents have to face the people. Presidents have to campaign. They have to get to know the people. They have to put the agenda that they favor out there. They have to tell the American people what that party is gonna do.

And the American people are being lied to and have been for the past six months over what the Biden administration is going to be. It’s gonna be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal. It’s gonna be massive tax increases. It’s gonna be the end of the two-party system, and they are salivating and can’t wait for it. They know that they could never get elected if they were honest about any of this.

If we knew, for example, who’s really behind this, who’s really the power behind Joe Biden, and if they were to be seen, if they were to make themselves known and if they were then to announce what their agenda is, like bye-bye your guns. These people are gonna make moves like you can’t believe. They’re gonna Stack the Supreme Court with liberal judges that will rule from the bench and create law rather than interpret it.

It’ll be nothing to get rid of the Second Amendment. It’ll be nothing. It will just be a Supreme Court decision. Second Amendment, unconstitutional. Supreme Court says so. Done. Nothing the Republicans can do about it. The Supreme Court is the last stop along the appellate route. They can’t wait to get rid of number two, folks. They cannot wait. (interruption) Yeah, they know how many people have guns out there. It’s not gonna stop them.

So Ms. Pletka instinctively and alone among Never Trumpers understands this. Here’s more from her op-ed. “Joe Biden would be a figurehead president, incapable of focus or leadership, who would run a teleprompter presidency with the words drafted by his party’s hard-left ideologues.” Yup. And a very few of them. We don’t know who they are yet.

“I fear that a Congress with Democrats controlling both houses — almost certainly ensured by a Biden victory in November — would begin an assault on the institutions of government that preserve the nation’s small ‘d’ democracy. That could include the abolition of the filibuster, creating an executive-legislative monolith of unlimited political power; an increase in the number of Supreme Court seats to ensure a liberal supermajority; passage of devastating economic measures such as the Green New Deal; nationalized health care; the dismantling of U.S. borders and the introduction of socialist-inspired measures that will wreck an economy still recovering from the pandemic shutdown.”

By the way, there’s a new report out that the global economy is not doing nearly as badly as people thought, especially in the United States and China. I’ll have details on that. One more paragraph here from Danielle Pletka. “I fear,” she writes, “I fear the grip of Manhattan-San Francisco progressive mores that increasingly permeate my daily newspapers, my children’s curriculums and my local government. I fear the virtue-signaling bullies who increasingly try to dominate or silence public discourse — and encourage my children to think that their being White is intrinsically evil, that America’s founding is akin to original sin.”

Does this woman not sound like me, folks? Can you understand now why I am singing her praises here? That’s exactly what this bunch is headed for if they win. You just have to listen to them. They’re out saying all this. America’s founding sin, slavery, makes the founding illegitimate, unjust, and immoral.

She says, “I fear the growing self-censorship that guides many people’s every utterance –” meaning you’re more afraid to tell people what you really think without fear over who might hear you. “– and the leftist vigilantes who view every personal choice — from recipes to hairdos — through their twisted prisms of politics and culture. An entirely Democratic-run Washington, urged on by progressives’ media allies, would no doubt only accelerate these trends.”

Oh. That’s an understatement. So, sorry if I scared you yesterday. It wasn’t my intention. But that is what’s on the other side of a Trump defeat. This is why it’s so frustrating I even have to explain this. Everybody ought to know this. The Democrats are flat-out telling everybody what they think. They’re acting it out in these blue states and cities. It’s plain as day to see who they are. Plain as day to see what they believe. It’s plain as day to see who they hate. And it’s us and this country and the institutions of our founding.


RUSH: We got a lot of people that want to weigh in on my projection of what happens to America if Trump loses. By the way, folks, it isn’t just me. I mean, I happen to be on the cutting edge on this. Danielle Pletka has weighed in. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of that. She’s a Never Trumper like all of them are. But she has split from them.

And one of the things that’s noteworthy about the Never Trumpers is they think they’re the smartest people in the room, and they are literally blind to the threat posed by liberalism, which we always believed. I grew up, I supported all of these Never Trumpers when they were conservative intellectuals ’cause I thought they got it. I thought that part and parcel of what they were doing was rooted in their understanding of the dangers of liberalism.

I don’t think that’s a factor. Because they’re out there now, some of these people, literally trying to get Joe Biden elected. This is just doofusville. These people are so blinded by their personal hatred for Trump, they don’t see what this country’s genuine threats are, the threats that we face. So kudos to Danielle Pletka.

But Michael Anton, who one of the most brilliant of our conservative intellectuals wrote The Flight 93 Election. Oh, and did that tick off the Never Trumpers. They hated that he wrote it under a different name, e pluribus unum or something. I forget what it was. He wrote it anonymously. And everybody was trying to figure out who it was, ’cause they hated the guy. Flight 93 Election, meaning, hey, we gotta storm the cockpit, we have got to elect Donald Trump, we have got to stop the worldwide left and its attempt at destroying the United States. And they’re trying to do it again.

So he’s written not just a column, he has written a book about it. I’ll get the title for you here in a minute. There are others who have this fear. My good buddy Mark Levin is scared to death over what this election means. Hannity. Everybody. Trump is the lone guy that’s standing in the way of the United States ceasing to be what it was founded to be. It’s that serious. And it is frightening when you think about it.

A lot of people want to weigh in on it, and a lot of them I think are — am I right, Mr. Snerdley? Many of them disagree with me on this. Leave it to Snerdley to find people that would disagree with me on the primary premise of the busy broadcast day. But that’s okay. You know, I’m like Trump. I’m not a coward. I’m not afraid to talk to people that disagree with me. In fact, I look forward to it. We put those people at the front of the line on the call roster. We always have.

Here’s something. “Democrats back away from their plan to quickly reverse the Trump tax cuts.” Now, they’re gonna have to be careful about this because they’re out there — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Crazy Bernie and everybody, whoever they are running the Biden campaign, including Biden, promising everybody they’re gonna raise taxes among the first things they do.

If you want to know one thing, if you want to see, if you want to realize the degree to which the Democrat Party has lost touch with its traditional constituency, the Democrat Party was the party that everybody thought was the party of the little guy. The Democrat Party was looking out for the little guy against massively big American corporations. The Democrat Party was looking out for the union guy, the blue-collar guy, the little guy, the little woman, the soccer mom.

They have abandoned those people. They have abandoned everyone. When they start promising $4 trillion tax increases? I mean, if you’re gonna raise taxes and you want to raise that much money, you gotta tax everybody. You can’t just tax the rich. They’re gonna destroy people. They’re gonna ruin people, on top of the pandemic. And they’re out there promising that they’re going to do this.

Michael Anton’s book is called The Coming Coup. The Coming Coup. And The Coming Coup is essentially the actions of the Democrats after Biden wins. They’re literally going to have a coup to take over, and they’re gonna demolish the one-party system. It’s gonna be really easy for them to do, the way they’re gonna go about it.

It’s why Thomas Jefferson and the founders, it’s not hard. Liberty has to be defended daily. Freedom has to be defended and fought for daily. It’s easy to get rid of it. If you have a mind to destroy the two-party system that’s rooted in individual liberty and the freedom to vote for who you want, the Democrats, they can do this inside of months. It would be really easy to eliminate any opposition.

What have I always told you about them? What’s the one thing standing in the way of their acquiring total power forever? It’s elections. The one thing they can’t control. They resent the hell having to go through elections, folks, because they know — and do not doubt me on this — they know that they are a functioning minority, just in terms of numbers. We have not gotten to the point where a majority of Americans want to get rid of democracy, want to get rid of a representative republic. We haven’t reached the point where a majority of Americans want Marxism as the governing philosophy of the country, or communism. We’re not there. They know that. They’re fully aware of it.

So the thing they’ve gotta do is get rid of the one thing that stands in their way, and that’s elections. So how would they do that? It wouldn’t be all that tough. You don’t actually get rid of elections. You make them pointless. I mean, Putin still has elections. He gets 95% of the vote. Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, had elections, the 97% of the vote.

See, you don’t get rid of elections. You just arrange them so that they don’t matter. It’s not hard. That’s what’s scary about it. And I’ll go through the details, the relative ease as the program unfolds.

Now, this story is from TheHill.com: “Democrats are backing away from vows to reverse President Trump’s tax cuts if they take control of the Senate and White House.” I’ll tell you why this is happening. It’s because the polls are tightening. It has to be. I just saw a story, Biden’s lead in Florida is down to plus three. that’s margin-of-error territory. That’s if you believe the poll in the first place. And that lead is among low-information voters to boot.

The Democrats say that they are gonna focus on increasing spending and investments in green technology and infrastructure. So they’re promising another stimulus like we got under Obama and Biden, but it’s gonna make that one look like chump change. The fact they’re backing away from the quick reversal of the Trump tax cuts means that they are aware that they do not have this election sewn up. Contrary to what CNN would love you to believe, the New York Times, they know they don’t have it sewn up.

House Democrats are now floating this idea that Trump will shut down the government if he loses. That demonstrates the intellectual bankruptcy that the modern-day Democrat Party faces. That’s what they claim is gonna happen every — when they’re in trouble and when they need to scare the American people into not voting Republican, they come out and claim Republicans are going to shut down the government, Republicans are gonna take away your Social Security, Republicans are gonna do whatever they’re gonna do to create harm in your life.

House Democrats say that Trump will shut down the government if he loses. I thought it was that Trump wasn’t gonna leave? Somebody asked Bill Barr about that. Some journalist. “Mr. Attorney General, what do you think the odds are President Trump will in fact not leave?” And Barr was like, “Are you serious? Don’t be silly.”

It’s not Donald Trump, folks, that you need to be afraid of. It’s not Donald Trump that you need to fear doing things that will undermine this country. He’s the one guy trying to save it. He’s the one guy trying to protect it. He’s the one guy trying to maintain it as founded. There’s no way Trump is gonna do anything. It’s the Democrat Party that you need to fear in this regard. It’s the Democrat Party.

Look. They have yet to accept the 2016 election results. They’re still trying to say Trump is illegitimate, four years later. It was the Democrat Party that refused to engage in this peaceful transfer of power, and they still are refusing.


RUSH: Here is Joe in Delray Beach, Florida, just down the road. Great to have you, Joe. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Longtime listener. First-time caller. And you’re in our prayers every day, sir, for a full recovery. I agree with you that they’re gonna try to install themselves permanently in power if they should win. And you kind of touched on my answer because I was gonna say, well, when they run the economy into the ground, which they probably will because they can’t run anything, won’t they be voted out in the election, in the next election?

And you said they’re gonna try to fix that and make it irrelevant, like they did in Venezuela and Russia. So that would be a big problem, and that’s probably where the coup, you know, at some point we gotta put our foot down. Second of all, is it beyond the pale, Rush, to think that Joe will sell — after what we saw him do in Ukraine in China, sell his office even more so, because what he has to sell now is even more valuable than when he was (unintelligible).

RUSH: I’m not sure your second point on Biden. Biden’s not gonna be the functioning president. So whatever he did with China, Ukraine and so forth to enrich his family, I’m not — and your phone line was strange. I was having a real tough time hearing you, and I apologize. That’s my fault.

It’s not going to be easy. You say they come in and they’re gonna do what Democrats and Marxists do, they’re gonna destroy the economy. If that were automatically the way to defeat them, they wouldn’t have a chance now. They have been doing that when they have been in power for who knows how long.

But my point goes deeper than that. They are going to be able to establish a framework where it won’t matter. There won’t be a way to vote them out. That’s the point that they’re going to establish. They’re going to establish themselves as authoritarian, totalitarians. They’re not going to leave it up to elections. And even if it were to happen that elections would eventually get rid of them, they’re gonna have judges all over the place to render anything an opposing party does to try to fix the messes they’ve made as unconstitutional.

I think the challenge for me here is that we are talking about things way outside the bounds of standard, ordinary, everyday politics in terms of what this modern-day Democrat Party is attempting to establish. I have a real challenge in trying to persuade all of you what we are facing. Their whole objective is going to be rendering elections irrelevant.

These people are in it for keeps. And if they win, if they acquire the Senate and the White House and hold on to the House, they’ll do that if they win these other two things, you can say good-bye. They’re gonna ruin the country as you and I define “ruin.” And that’s gonna be success to them.


RUSH: So our last caller says, “Look. They’re gonna destroy the economy. They’ll be voted out.” Hugo Chavez destroyed the economy. He was never voted out, Venezuela. Fidel Castro destroyed the economy of Cuba. It’s still destroyed. They’re still running the show in Cuba. The Soviet Union destroyed the economy of Russia. The only thing that got rid of them was the threat of Ronald Reagan to defeat them militarily.

California. Look at California. You don’t know this because you only hear of the romantic side of California. You hear about Silicon Valley, Hollywood, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the tech industry where all the wealth is. But you don’t see the abject poverty. Look at the destruction of this state with these fires that they’re trying to blame on something silly like climate change, when it is their forestation policies, it’s their environmental policies, it’s their energy policies.

The Republican Party doesn’t stand a chance in California. The Democrats can do whatever they want in California, and there’s not a thing the Republicans can do to stop it. “But, Rush, but, Rush, they” — no, folks. This is my fault. I have not properly conveyed to you the true nature of totalitarianism that is the modern-day left and Democrat Party. They are not just the opposing party. They’re not seeking the hearts and minds of the American people. They’re not trying to persuade anybody to agree with them. They don’t care. Their route to power is not through ongoing elections. They just need one. They just need this one where they can get rid of Trump. They’ve got every other Republican neutered.

So if they could just get rid of Trump, then they get rid of opposition. Hell, the conservative intellectual foundation is trying to help them get elected. Can you imagine these people are running around thinking, “What a bunch of doofuses these guys are, the Steve Schmidts, the Bill Kristols, all of these Never Trumpers are literally trying to help totalitarianism get a foothold.”

The Democrats don’t care, even now, about persuading anybody. That’s not their route to power. Their route to power is brute force, intimidation. Now, they need this election, and they need to play the game in this election. So they got Biden nominated, who appears to be harmless, who appears to be avuncular and old, and he couldn’t hurt anybody and he’s a nice old guy and just funny, does some funny things and so forth. We don’t know who’s really running this show. All we know is that it ain’t Biden, and we know it’s not Kamala Harris.

We know that it is a bunch of uber-leftist Marxists in the same vein as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders and whoever the hell else. We know that Black Lives Matter is the military wing of the Democrat Party, i.e., is Antifa. This election they may need to go through the motions of trying to persuade people that they deserve to be elected because Trump is so bad, Trump is so mean, Trump is so stupid, Trump is so dangerous, Trump doesn’t care about the virus, Trump this, Trump that.

Their whole push is Trump’s gotta go, Trump’s bad, Trump’s mean, Trump’s stupid, Trump’s whatever. They don’t dare, at this point, come out and be truthful about their agenda. I mean, they’ve even got a fake nominee. Biden is a fake nominee. He’s not really the guy running the show here.

He’s supposed to lull everybody to sleep thinking nothing to be afraid of, here some old guy, he’s reasonable, he’s responsible, he’s part of the Washington establishment, he’s been in government 47 years, he’s not threatening anybody, this is what we need to get back to, they are saying, ’cause Trump is such chaos, Trump is so out of it, Trump is so dangerous, Trump is this and that. We need to get rid of the chaos. We need to get rid of the problems that he has caused and all of this.

I’m telling you, if they win this election, they’re never gonna lose another one. In their minds. They’re not doing this again. They’re not gonna have 2016 repeated. They’re not gonna let some doofus, in their world, come along and outsmart ’em like Trump did. They’re gonna make sure that doesn’t happen again. I’m not saying these people are invincible. I’m trying to tell you who they are and what the threat they pose really is.

If it’s so easy to vote them out, why haven’t the Republicans in California succeeded? Why haven’t the Republicans in Washington state succeeded? Why haven’t the Republicans in New York succeeded? In every state that I’ve mentioned, they are ruining to one degree or another the economy and the standard of living for the majority of people in these states — New York, California, state of Washington.

They’re actively promoting looting and rioting, the destruction of private property. They are actively promoting the shutdown of the U.S. economy in their states so as to forestall the nationwide economic recovery so Trump doesn’t benefit from it. Why don’t the Republicans in these states stop these people, if that’s all it’s up to? It’s because there aren’t enough of them.

There isn’t a Republican in the state of California that has a prayer. There are not enough Republicans if everybody voted, if every Republican circled the wagons behind one another, there’s not enough Republicans to defeat the governor or anybody else that’s running for reelection. And it’s a crying shame because the Republicans used to run that state back in the days of Reagan, George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson. And it was a great state back then, and it was economically pure, and it was a powerhouse.

Now it’s an abject mess with rolling electricity blackouts, liberalism. Radical leftism has taken over that state, and you can see how it is ruining it. But the Republicans can’t stop it. Republicans can’t vote the Democrats out of power. The same set of circumstances will occur nationally. If the Democrats ever get hold of Texas and once they get hold of every institution in the country, get hold of the Supreme Court, get hold of the Senate, get hold of the House, get hold of the White House, do you realize whatever law they want to enact they can do in a moment’s notice, and the Republicans will not be able to stop them?

If they want to give away $10,000 to every citizen in Texas to switch parties and become Democrats, they can do it. They wouldn’t even have to do that. Texas, because of illegal immigration, just open the border, folks, open the border and bye-bye Republican opposition. And believe me, they will. They will shut down any note that there is a border. They’ll get rid of ICE and all of these federal law enforcement organizations that patrol the border and protect the border. This is who they are. They’re being honest about much of this. And they’ve been doing these things already.

That’s what’s been so frustrating about hosting this show for the past number of years is how seemingly so few Americans see it, even though it’s happening every day. The assault on the institutions and traditions that made this country what it is, that gave this country its uniqueness, that gave this country its exceptionalism, they are under assault, and they have been for the longest time.


RUSH: I got to make a correction. I’m very sorry, ladies and gentlemen. This is what happens when I rely on people other than me. Michael Anton’s book is not titled The Coming Coup. That is a column he recently wrote. The title of Michael Anton’s book is The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return.

This guy, I’m telling you, he’s brilliant. He has The Flight 93 Election written in 2016. Koko, relink to that. Put that back up at Rush Limbaugh, The Flight 93 Election. Probably already have. It is worth going back and revisiting. And then when you read The Flight 93 Election, I want you to remember that that column is what spawned a whole bunch of conservative intellectuals, many of whom you had donated to.

You had underwritten their magazines, you had gone on their cruises or whatever, they came out, they didn’t know who wrote it, but the long knives were out for Michael Anton ’cause he was taking it right to them for not having the guts and the balls to realize what was at stake, even in 2016. And he thinks it’s even worse now. It’s more dangerous and precarious now.

Here’s Randy in Irving, Texas, outside Dallas. Great to have you, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: Just fine, Rush. Major dittos, and you are a true American patriot. Hey, I believe Trump’s gonna win in a major landslide this election. And after he wins, though, all the riots and chaos break out across our country, what do you think Trump will do to squelch the riots?

RUSH: I need to think about this because let’s say Trump wins, landslide or not, well, it’s gonna take a landslide. But first thing, I don’t think the left is going to accept it. They’re telling everybody right now they’re not gonna accept it. They’re promising that there will be violence and riots. They’re guaranteeing this. I don’t care how big the landslide is, they’re not going to accept it.

Now, some Democrats might. But the violent-prone radical left — Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Bernie Sanders contingent, the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they won’t. Now, Trump will be, the moment he wins, is a lame duck. He can’t run for reelection. That takes a lot of shackles off of Trump. That opens up all kinds of wider boundaries. And I think if they continue and expand on behavior that destroys private property, I think he’s gonna crack heads like you haven’t seen heads get cracked.

I think he’s gonna send in troops, I think he’s gonna send in whatever he has to do to shut it down. He’s gonna get together with the governors of these states where it’s happening and he’s gonna do everything he can to get them to call him and ask him to do something to stop it. Now, the Democrat-run states are gonna probably be of the same mind-set that they are now: let it burn. You people who elect Donald Trump, if he wins again, you are going to have to pay the price.

These people are not gonna go away quietly. And if it means more private property destroyed in these blue states, if it means more rioting and more looting, then that’s what these Democrats are gonna promote. The way that Trump is gonna go about stopping it, it’s hard to predict. But he’s not, I don’t think, just going to let wanton destruction of the country happen with impunity. It’s a good question, though. I have to ponder it further.

Here’s Julia in Hartford, Illinois. You’re next and it’s great to have you here with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. First-time caller, longtime listener here. You’ve answered many of my questions, but my main question is, what exactly are the Democrats offering to the protesters and rioters to make them so devoted for the way they’re tearing everything apart?

RUSH: Well, the Democrats aren’t offering them anything other than no resistance. The Democrats are not stopping them.

CALLER: No, they’re not stopping them. What is making the rioters and protesters so devoted to them?

RUSH: Devoted to the Democrats?


RUSH: They’re of the same mind. They all despise America as founded. See, again I am confronted with my own failure, my own failure to explain to people who and what the Democrat Party has become. The Democrat Party is no different than Black Lives Matter. It’s not that they’re two separate entities and the Democrat Party is standing aside while Black Lives Matter engages in its destructive behavior.

It’s not that Black Lives Matter has to pay the Democrats. Everybody’s scared to death of Black Lives Matter. They’ve got everybody in politics scared to death of them, except for Donald Trump. I continue to say that the current iteration of the Democrat Party is such, they despise — The Democrats happily participated in the tearing down of all the statues, of getting rid of American history.

And folks, I’m gonna tell you something. The American media is culpable in this in the sense that they have openly allowed the lies about Trump and all of us to become accepted as norm. That Charlottesville — you would not believe how that still drives much of the hatred of all of us by the Democrats and the American left. And it’s a total lie. And the media knows it’s a lie, and they keep reporting it as though it’s a fact and happened.

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