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RUSH: By the way, folks, Apple today in about a half hour, a little longer, maybe, is releasing iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14. Now, I am the guy in my family and my circle of friends, I’m the guy everybody comes to with text questions. “How do I do that? How do I make this work? Why isn’t that…” I’m the guy.

But with this I’m turning on “do not disturb” at about 1:30, and I’m gonna leave it on for two days. ‘Cause this is gonna be — well, I don’t want to flavor your expectations of iOS 14, so I’ll just let it drop, and you play with it, and you see what you think.


RUSH: No, no, no. I’m just saying I am gonna turn on “do not disturb” because trying to answer these questions that I know are coming is gonna be practically impossible. If I were to do this right, I would have to record a bunch of instructional videos to show people, for example, what you can do if you want to with the changes made with widgets in iOS 14.

And then there are stacks of widgets, and then there are smart stacks, and to create these, you have to… argh… it’s gonna be fascinating for me to see how people deal with this. I don’t even know how many people care about widgets to begin with. But you’re not gonna be able to put widgets on the home screen. Isn’t that exciting?

So you can put the weather forecast or weather radar on the home screen instead of just a bunch of apps. Or you can put your favorite recipe on the home screen. But you gotta know how to do this. It’s cool what they’ve done, but I think the learning curve on this is gonna be pretty big. And if I start helping people it will be the only thing I’m gonna have time to be doing, and I’m just not gonna start.

Anyway, welcome back. (interruption) No, I’m not trying to be mean. I’m saying, look it… Just trust me, you’ll see. You’ll see what I’m talking about. It drops in a half hour, 45 minutes.


RUSH: No, I don’t know where iOS 14 is. It normally would have been released about an hour ago, but they said it’s coming today, so it’s coming today, folks. The blogs are publishing nothing. They’ve got their stories announcing it just waiting to go, so it’s imminent.

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