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RUSH: The horror of the shooting ambush of two sheriff’s deputies in Compton, California last Saturday was made even more appalling by “protesters” calling for the cops’ deaths at the entrance of the hospital where they were being treated.

That vile display was too much for other members of the community to bear. Local activist, founder of a group that represents families of homicide victims, went to the hospital to declare his hopes that the injured cops live. He said his group doesn’t support shooting anybody, and they’re not against law enforcement.

County Supervisor Kathryn Barger also condemned the disgusting agitators. She said the anti-law-enforcement rhetoric from many community leaders and elected officials has created a toxic environment that’s dangerous for those who serve and protect the community.

She’s right. And let’s be very clear about something. The anti-law-enforcement rhetoric is coming from liberals, from Democrats. While the assassination attempt on the Compton cops was unfolding, Massachusetts Democrat Senator Ed Markey demanded a nationwide ban on tear gas, and he called for all police to be disarmed of “weapons of war.”

It’s Democrats who are fueling this hateful war against police, folks, all to appeal to their unhinged base. It is their words that are being used as “weapons of war,” and they’re the ones who need to be “disarmed.” Not us, and certainly not the cops.

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