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RUSH: Christine in Thousand Oaks, California. Great to have you. You’re next. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. I’m so happy to talk to you. I have got a question for you.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Okay. You’re really good at how people speak, and I’m wondering why the Democrats and the liberals have a certain speech pattern. If they’re gonna say something as a definitive statement, it comes out as a question. There’s always an upturn at the end of every sentence. It’s very annoying. And I don’t know why they do that. They also overuse the word “literally,” “probably,” and “pretty much.” And I just wanted to know from you why you think that is.

RUSH: Can you give me an example of the speech pattern that you hear them engaging in?

CALLER: I’m gonna ask you if you’d like a piece of cake, I would say, “Rush, would you like a piece of cake?” And there’s like a little song that goes there. It’s an upturned tune at the end. Now, when I hear Democrats and liberals speaking, even if it’s statements, it’s always this little singsong thing that they seem to do, which is very telling before they even get to any point that they are a Democrat or liberal. Along with the speech pattern of overall using the words literally, probably, and pretty much. And I don’t understand why they all seem to do that.

RUSH: Okay, I’m still not sure what you hear them doing. I need you to imitate this for me. I need you to show me.

CALLER: Okay. Like I was saying, like, do you want a piece of cake? And it goes up, like two octaves up at the end of every sentence —

RUSH: Well, now, this is a technique that we first noticed that was widely used by Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh hearings. And it is called ending with the uptick. And it’s designed to show vulnerability and fear and —


RUSH: No, I didn’t forget the woman that called and wanted to know about Democrat speech patterns. I just didn’t quite understand. I thought she was asking me why all Democrats speak that way, and I’m not aware that they do. I was done in by the fact that I’m Mr. Literal. And when she said, “The Democrats speak this way,” and they all don’t.

So I said, okay, what is she really asking me here? The reason for the uptick, like Christine Blasey Ford (imitation), “I am so sorry. I — I didn’t — I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I — it was so — I — I was so scared. Oh.” That is an affected, purposefully created way of speaking that’s designed to make you appear weak and vulnerable and a victim, which is what she wanted to accomplish. She wanted to make herself look like she was barely able to get out of bed now because of what Kavanaugh did to her.

Now, there are a lot of women who affect that way of speaking. Some people call them Valley girls. I have heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez occasionally affect that mode of speech. I don’t hear very many men do it. That’s another thing. I wasn’t sure if she was including men in the example. But the reason for it is to portray yourself as a victim. The people you generally are trying to make it look like you’re being so traumatized by whatever you claim happened to you that you’ve been affected for the rest of your life by it. “I am just so sad it happened. I very — it was — I — the mirror scares me, you know?” In her case, we could understood that. But its purpose again is to make whoever’s speaking that way out to be a victim and helpless and what have you.

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