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RUSH: There’s another name out here that is getting a lot of attention, and that woman’s name is Barbara Lagoa. And I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this right. Could be Lagoa. She’s from Florida. She’s Hispanic, she’s Cuban, got Cuban roots. And she is one of two women, it is said, that President Trump is closely considering. Barbara Lagoa or Lagoa. I’m not sure, again, how it’s pronounced.

She is described as a trailblazer for women and Latinos. Florida native, first Hispanic woman to serve on the Florida Supreme Court. If nominated, she would be second Latino justice to ever serve. Sonia Sotomayor is the first. She would be the fifth woman to serve. She has been vetted. Trump nominated her to serve on the 11th Circuit court of appeals in 2019. She was confirmed by the Senate in a bipartisan vote which would help ease her path to the Supreme Court if she is selected by the president again.

She’s 52. That’s young. She would be the youngest justice on the court. And a lot of people are suggesting she might be, because of timing, the preferred pick with Amy Coney Barrett to come later. Amy Coney Barrett is a very devout Catholic, seven children, five children, two foster kids. And the target that she presents as a Catholic is a little bit bigger than the target Lagoa presents. I mean, can you see the Democrats in the media for two weeks trashing an Hispanic woman? And the answer of course is yes. But it might be something Trump wants to see.

They went out and they trashed Miguel Estrada. He was one of George W. Bush’s close buddies. Good friend. He was attorney general, or nominated to be attorney general. They destroyed him. And to this day Miguel Estrada will not criticize him. He will not rip into them. But if the Democrats need to put an Hispanic in the crosshairs and set out to destroy them, they will do it, even if it’s an Hispanic woman. They’ll just call her something like a “white Hispanic.” The second white Hispanic. The first one was George Zimmerman.

This woman graduated Columbia Law School. She worked as a pro bono lawyer for Elian Gonzalez’s family. Remember who he is. Elian Gonzalez is the 6-year-old kid whose mother died on the way to Florida from Havana. She died out there in the ocean. But Elian survived. Remember it was Janet Reno who then flew down to Florida — there was a big tug and fight over where Elian would spend his young life. And Bill Clinton and what’s-her-face, Janet Reno, nah, the kid needs to be with his father, who was in Cuba.

And so the left, yes, the boy needs to be with his father, much better growing up a young communist and future Democrat than to be stuck with this right-wing family in South Florida. So eventually Janet Reno flew down there with a bunch of federal agents, and these federal agents were decked out like they expected to be retaliated against with nuclear weapons. And they walked in this little house, they stormed in there, and they stole little Elian out of there and they put him on the plane with Janet Reno, who then flew him down to Miami and got on an airplane, put him in Havana.

He was met there by Fidel Castro. They even brought Elian Gonzalez’s dad up from Florida to Cuba, and Castro — I’ll never forget this. Castro is on TV attempting to say great things about Elian Gonzalez’s father. His father’s name was Juan, Juan Gonzalez. Juan Gonzalez, father of Elian Gonzalez. And Juan Gonzalez, according to Castro, was a good worker, a good worker, and that’s why his son, Elian Gonzalez, should be returned to him, ’cause he’s a good worker. Which is all anybody is in communism. You are a worker. Good, bad, half-assed, whatever, you are a worker. Oh, Juan Gonzalez, good worker.

Anyway, Janet Reno made it all possible. So Elian Gonzalez goes back home, and now is a 25-year-old or something like that, a good communist now. They put him in the party. So this woman, Barbara Lagoa, worked as a pro bono lawyer for his family, the South Florida family attempting to keep him in South Florida. She worked later as a federal prosecutor. She then spent more than 10 years as a judge on a Florida appeals court before being picked by Governor DeSantis to serve on the state supreme court. She’s married to a man named Paul Huck Jr. He’s also an attorney. They have three daughters. So that’s one of the two frontrunners.

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