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RUSH: Marty’s in Orlando, Florida. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Dittos and best wishes from Orlando.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Rush, a month or so ago, the media was promoting and reminding us that Joe Biden is a “devout Catholic” and that was a good thing. Now the media is warning us that with potential nominee Amy Coney Barrett being a “devout Catholic,” that’s problematic, and I’m confused. If it’s good for Biden, shouldn’t it be good for Barrett and vice-versa: Bad for her, bad for him?

RUSH: You need to help me out here. What did and who was it in the media that was promoting Biden positively as a devout Catholic and that being a good thing? Who was doing that?

CALLER: They all did. I remember hearing the montage of most the media spoke people MSNBC, CNN, et cetera, reminding us Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, and they kept reminding us that and telling us that.

RUSH: Yeah, but they were tying that to something, and it wasn’t abortion. They were tying it to… I wish I… I don’t remember what it is. But, to me, you’re making the argument that, my God, what a bunch of hypocrisy, and I agree with you that it is frustrating and it’s maddening.

But it’s politics. Hypocrisy doesn’t attach to Democrats. They’re running around; they’re gonna say that Biden is qualified and would be a good nominee ’cause he’s a devout Catholic. They’re gonna have no problem at all saying Amy Coney Barrett should be nowhere near the Supreme Court because she’s a Catholic, and Dianne Feinstein’s already done that.

In the hearings that there were for Amy Coney Barrett for her current judicial seat, Dianne Feinstein — who is Jewish — condescendingly said to Amy Coney Barrett, “The dogma lives loudly in you,” as though Satan was lurking right there in the body of Amy Coney Barrett. “The dogma lives loudly in you.” The dogma! All she was talking about was her religious beliefs as it relates to the sanctity of life.

The dogma! Why, Satan himself has moved from the Slim Whitman record grooves to the body of Amy Coney Barrett. I’m sorry, but — and I don’t mean to be throwing cold water on you. But hypocrisy… There’s hypocrisy, and the Democrat Party is a bunch of hypocrites, but it’s like saying, “The ocean’s wet.” It’s not news, and you’re never gonna get them held accountable for it.

But I need to find out the context of them, ’cause I don’t remember off the top of my head why Biden was getting platitudes and approval because of his Catholicism. It had to be related to something, because normally these people, they just don’t like religion or religious people at all, particularly Christians, in any way, shape, manner, or form.


RUSH: I think I might have found what it is. And there a couple things here that might be responsible for the Drive-By Media praising Biden and his devout Catholicism. I have a story here from NPR just a couple days ago. “How Joe Biden’s Faith Shapes His Politics.” And this is all about how Biden’s Catholicism has made him the politician he is, and NPR’s very supportive of that. Well, now, this is hypocrisy piled on top of itself. However, what gave us this? Well, we gotta go back to August the 7th.

Washington Post: “Trump Said Biden ‘Hurt God.’ Biden has spent his life drawing from his Catholic faith.” Now, what brought up Biden’s faith was when Trump said in early August that Biden will take away your guns, he will take away your Second Amendment, no religion, no anything. Biden will hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God, he’s against guns, he’s against energy, at least our kind of energy, and that led to the Washington Post headline on August 7th. “Trump Said Biden ‘Hurt God.’ Biden has spent his life drawing from his Catholic faith.”

So the media was kind of driven to this defense of Catholicism by Trump. They would have never written a story supportive of Biden’s Catholicism were it not for the fact that Trump went out there and attacked Biden as somebody who would hurt God. And what do you think Trump meant? He’s talking about abortion. All these Democrats, they run around and they’re pro-choice.

I mean, look at this governor in Virginia, Ralph Northam. Ralph Northam openly believes in taking the life of the baby after it had done survived the abortion attempt. And they say that that is an article of compassion. Out loud, folks, if you’re gonna praise Democrats for supporting infanticide and then Donald Trump is gonna come along and say people like this hurt God, I mean, you want to talk about hypocrisy, Democrats out there extolling the virtues of their devout Catholicism, bragging about themselves being pro-choice. But Trump’s got a point. This drove the Drive-By Media, including NPR, the Washington Post to defend Biden’s Catholicism.

So I think it’s kind of clever maneuvering on Trump’s part. ‘Cause, look, the Democrat base is not gonna be moved by the fact that Biden is a devout Catholic and that his devout Catholicism shapes his politics. Not in the slightest is that gonna excite the Democrat base. But they ran the story — the fact that it’s NPR on their website, I don’t know if it was ever broadcast. The fact that it’s on their website might mean that they were duty-bound to talk about it but not really amplify it very much.


RUSH: There’s a piece in the New York Post today, “Why Amy Coney Barrett is Hands-Down Best Pick to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” And I want to share some of it with you ’cause it’s fascinating. It’s at Breitbart, both have stories on how Biden does not agree that voters should know his list of Supreme Court candidates. Stop and think of this, now. Democrats need to show people who they are. We need to have these hearings so that the Democrats demonstrate to suburban women and everybody else just what a bunch of rotguts they really are.

Okay. Well, here’s Joe Biden refusing to release his list of Supreme Court nominees. So anybody on the Democrat side comes along and says “Trump ought to wait, we ought to wait ’til after the election before we name the nominee, we need to find out who’s gonna win the election because the next president should have the choice.” Well, no, and I explained why. But if Biden is not gonna release his potential list of Supreme Court replacements, then there’s no way the American people can intelligently vote of the choice anyway, so it’s moot.

But he will not divulge. He will not release. He says voters should not know. He says they don’t deserve to know who he would appoint. The reason? Very simple. The list of people that he’s got is so radical left that he couldn’t survive it. That’s why he’s not going to release it. It’s not his list anyway. It’s either Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez list or it’s Bernie Sanders’ list. It’s not Biden’s.

Anyway, back to the New York Post piece on Amy Coney Barrett. It’s kind of a short piece, very informative. There are a lot of quotes in this piece from left-wing lawyers who love her. Here’s a quote. “Ginsburg believed fervently that conventional expectations shouldn’t hinder women as they seek their full, fair share of public life. Nor was she shy about how her Jewish faith shaped her judicial mind. In an essay for the American Jewish Committee published in 1993, she wrote: ‘Laws as protectors of the oppressed, the poor, the loner, is evident in the work of my Jewish predecessors. . . . The biblical command “Justice, justice shalt thou pursue” is a strand that ties them together.'”

Well, if that is the criteria, then Amy Coney Barrett would make a perfect successor to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Forty-eight years old, “president would present the nation with an inspiring vision of what it means to be an American woman in 2020.” Her religious views have shaped her immensely just as Ruth Ginsburg’s shaped hers.

Now, Ruth Ginsburg’s religious views were Jewish. Amy Coney Barrett’s are Catholic. Normally the left wing, the Democrats, don’t want any part of Catholicism or Christianity, but now they’re out there extolling the virtues of it because Plugs is Catholic. ‘Cause Trump kind of steered them into it.

A guy named O. Carter Snead, Barrett’s long time faculty colleague at Notre Dame. “Amy represents an opportunity to showcase a generationally brilliant, special intellect — who also is a mom.” Noah Feldman, who wanted Trump impeached, a liberal, testified before Congress in favor of impeaching the president, called her “a truly brilliant lawyer” in a 2018 column that he wrote.

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