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RUSH: I just got the nicest note from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, and he wrote about… He’s entered a blog post, a blog entry on a suggestion that I made yesterday here behind the Golden EIB Microphone, and that is to skip the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. Especially now that we’ve got the votes. McConnell says he’s got the votes. Lindsey Graham says we’ve got them, and the count…

We’ve obviously got the votes; so what’s the point of the hearing? The point I made yesterday is we don’t need to open this up so that whoever the nominee is can be Kavanaughed, or Borked, or Thomased . And I didn’t know this, but Trump himself retweeted my point this morning. “Rush Limbaugh calls for Trump Supreme Court nomination to skip the Judiciary Committee hearings and go straight to a floor vote,” and they actually quote me accurately here.

“I want the Judiciary Committee — that could be great if it were skipped. We don’t need to open that up for whatever length of time, so that whoever this nominee is can be Kavanaughed, or Borked, or Thomased … especially when it’s not even required.” It’s not constitutionally required that the Judiciary Committee conduct hearings.

That’s a tradition that’s evolved, but it is not required. There is no obligation, which Ed Morrissey also quotes and backs up. Now, the reason for his note to me. Morrissey says, “Look, I get your point, and I think it’s a great point. I think it’s a really brilliant point.

“But there’s a part of me, Rush, that thinks that it could be very worthwhile to have the committee conduct hearings because the Democrats will so embarrass themselves that we could end up with even more votes for the nominee because the Democrats are guaranteed to go overboard on this and make fools of themselves, to embarrass themselves so thoroughly that they could lose even more seats.”

I understand that temptation. You know, I myself am all for the Democrats informing everybody in this country who they really are. I’m all for the American people seeing in all their glory exactly the reprobates the Democrats can be as they set out to destroy a woman while claiming to care mostly about women and their plight and so forth and so on.


RUSH: I want to read to you the last couple of paragraphs of Ed Morrissey’s post today in which he reacts to my suggestion that the Judiciary Committee hearings be dispensed with since the votes are there. Just do the vote and be done with this, confirm the nominee and move on. “In this instance,” writes Mr. Morrissey, “the first impulse would be to keep the process as normal as possible, however.

“That would give political cover to the more vulnerable or less committed members of the Senate Republican caucus, especially those who are throwing in now on the basis of normalcy.” Now, what he means, I think here, is go ahead. I can see it. We can eliminate the hearings. No need to turn this into another combat arena since it’s not necessary to get votes.

And it would provide cover to some of the less committed members of the Republican caucus who are throwing in now on the basis of normalcy. Meaning: This has been an odd year. It’s been one upheaval after another. Can’t we just have some normalcy? And if we’ve got the votes, can’t we just do the vote, get the confirmation done, and move on?

Why do we have to open ourselves up to another circus? “On the other hand, one has to wonder just how many Senate Republicans on the committee really want to provide Democrats with another opportunity for nationally televised character assassination. McConnell might do some of those a favor by getting Lindsey Graham to push for an immediate vote without a hearing.”

So, “[o]n the other hand, one has to wonder just how many Senate Republicans on the committee really want to provide Democrats with another opportunity for … character assassination.” Let’s go back and look at Kavanaugh. Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) He’s screening calls. How close did they come to derailing Kavanaugh? Seriously. How close did they…?

(interruption) We think that Kavanaugh was… I think they came dangerously close to derailing Kavanaugh. If Kavanaugh had not stood up for himself and taken out after the Democrats for what they were literally trying to do to him, if he had played it by the book (impression), “I will be polite. I will not allow these people to get a rise out of me,” blah, blah, blah.

If he had just gone ahead and let this stuff happen and thrown it up, I don’t know. They were working on Jeff Flake. They were working on all of them. Remember this? There was a full-court press on all these Republicans to do a new FBI investigation. Do we really want to go through this again? How close did they come to derailing Kavanaugh? In my memory, it’s a lot closer than any of us remember.

But other than that, why…? Have we already forgotten the utter hell it was for Kavanaugh and his wife? So we’re gonna open this up again. We’re gonna subject one of our nominees — who doesn’t need the hearings, she’s already… Whoever the nominee is, is already gonna have been vetted by this committee for her current judicial seat. She’s gonna already have been vetted.

Why do we want to subject whoever the nominee is gonna be to another round of intense lies and distortions and character assassination and professional murder when it isn’t necessary? I don’t know, you know, how many Republicans might want to provide Democrats with this opportunity for nationally televised character assassination.

For example, let’s look at Romney. Let’s say Romney’s vote is really reluctant here. His vote is not because he likes the nominees, or not because he’s being understandably supportive of his own party’s president nominating somebody very reasonable. Whoever the pick is, is gonna be eminently qualified. There will be no reason to not support the nominee.

But let’s say Romney would really rather not because he doesn’t want Trump to get anything that he wants. So what if we do hearings and somebody brings something up, raises some allegation. It wouldn’t take much, and Romney would say, “I’m very troubled by what I heard in the hearings today. I might have to rethink, uh, the way, uh, I’m going to vote on this,” ’cause you just know or suspect that this animus that these Never Trumpers have for Trump has not abated.

Their announced support for the nominee doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that they’ve all of a sudden softened on their dislike and opposition to Trump. It has to do with either local political realities like Romney’s constituents in Utah demanding that he vote for a nominee this qualified on these particular issues. Ditto, Cory Gardner, Colorado; Lamar Alexander, Tennessee.

But it’s probably not because Romney is all of a sudden thinks, “You know, this Trump guy’s not as bad as I thought. Look at this pick. Trump’s got, you know, a greater future than maybe I thought.” I don’t think it’s that. But then Ed says at the end of his piece, “At the very least, it would be one less circus in a year with more clowns than usual,” meaning all of 2020. “But one does also have to wonder whether it might benefit Republicans to allow Democrats to get shown on television going full nutter just days before an election. That might be valuable in itself.”

Okay. They Borked Bork, and they denied him his seat. They attempted to Bork Thomas, and look what it took for Thomas to get confirmed. It was a nightmare, and I don’t think that Clarence Thomas would want to relive any part of it — and Kavanaugh, ditto. There were also attempts… We’ve forgotten. They reduced Sam Alito’s wife to literal tears in the confirmation hearings, and then they started making fun of her for crying as not being a strong enough political wife.

She was reduced to tears over the lies they were telling about her husband. Now, I understand the temptation to have Democrats go nuts on a woman. I can understand it. I’ve even said to friends, “I would love to see them go nuts and try to destroy an Hispanic female in an election year.” But the thing is, folks, they’ll do it. You have to assume they will do everything and then more than you can even conceive of.

It’s not a question of will or if, maybe, or might. They will. They will do whatever they can and then some to destroy whoever this nominee is. And they won’t care a whit about the fallout. They’ll have to do it to satisfy their lunatic base. If their behavior during hearings results in them losing national support, Biden losing support, it won’t matter if — in their minds — they’ve placated their base.

That is first and last a requirement that they all, on the Democrat side, feel. From Chuck You Schumer on down to Amy Klobuchar, they’ve got to satisfy the base, and that means the attempt to destroy whoever this nominee is — and I mean literally destroy. When it’s over, they want to quit. When it’s over, they want to slink away and never, ever again go to their work, go to their jobs, and never, ever again want to go through any of this.

That’s what it means to try to destroy a nominee — and do not look at it as a possibility, as a maybe.

It will happen if there are hearings.


RUSH: Now, look, folks, do not doubt me on this. The Democrat Party, they’re the ones threatening to abolish the Electoral College. They are promising to pack the court. They are threatening all this stuff too. They’re gonna add Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia as states, adding four new Democrat senators in perpetuity.

These are the people that impeached a president in an election year. They slimed Kavanaugh. And I don’t know what you all remember, but it was close. They came close to derailing that nomination. And they were working on Republican senators to soften and change their votes. Remember the picture we’ve shown you of Dianne Feinstein bullying Lisa Murkowski? We had Chris Coons, that bald-headed little guy from Delaware. He was harassing Jeff Flake, although it didn’t require much harassment.

I mean, now they’re out there threatening to riot and burn down the country if they don’t get their way. Well, screw them. But my point is, you give them the chance with Judiciary Committee hearings, and they will not disappoint. They will go as low as they have to for as often as they have to. It’s who they are. And we’ve already seen it. We already know who they are. We already know what they’re capable of. We don’t need for the American people to see it again. They saw what happened to Kavanaugh. They haven’t forgotten it.


RUSH: Let me just have a few more comments on this idea of eliminating the Judiciary Committee hearings. I’m getting tons of reaction, I mean, my email and other forms of reaching me are in overload here, and I’m surprised there’s one reaction I have not heard yet. Here, before I get to that one, here’s one: “Mr. Limbaugh, I’m torn on this because I think some Republican squishes might actually fold if we have the hearings.”

Yeah, see, that’s one of the things. You start these hearings and we’re dealing with people who will not disappoint you in how low they will go. And we know how malleable a lot of Republicans are. Think “linguini-spined” if you don’t know what “malleable” means. “But despite that, Mr. Limbaugh, I would love to see the Democrats show their true colors again right before the election.”

Now, let’s examine that. See, this is one of the things — I guess it’s necessary, but how can people forget what they did to Kavanaugh? I mean, if you want to show the Democrats in their natural state close to an election, just make some ads with some of the stuff they were saying about Brett Kavanaugh in ’em. Why give them another clear shot at yet another nominee who is imminently qualified and literally does not deserve the smear that she is gonna get simply because she’s been nominated and she is a conservative.

Whoever Trump picks, if there are hearings — and, you know, even if there are not, this woman is gonna get smeared like you can’t believe. Why give them all of this free TV time in the hopes of convincing the American people the Democrats are really as bad as we say? How can they already not know this? How many undecideds do you think there really are out there now? How many people are there, in other words, that we might convince to vote for Trump if we can make the Democrats demonstrate who they are.

They are burning down cities! They are promoting the looting of businesses not their own. They are defunding and trying to get rid of the police. Their states are on fire. What more do we need to do to have these people demonstrate who they are? The fact of the matter is, folks, it doesn’t matter who they are to their own voters.

In fact, their own voters want more of this. Their own voters want the destruction of private property they don’t own. They want the destruction of American cities. They want the destruction of people that they disagree with. They want the destruction of whoever Trump would pick to be on the Supreme Court. Their voters want this.

So we’re talking about whatever percentage of voters are undecided who could then be influenced to vote against Democrats because of the way the Democrats behave in these hearings. Have they forgotten how Kavanaugh was treated? Can they not see what Democrats are doing? I know. I know. “Rush, they don’t know it’s Democrats doing it. The media is not telling them. The media is not even telling them that these cities are on fire.” I know. I know.

Anyway, back to this observation. “Mr. Limbaugh, in the end it’s probably moot because our side will not dispense with the tradition of hearings, although they might abruptly end them if Democrats get out of hand.” “If” the Democrats get out of hand? (laughing)

The one reaction I thought I would get to this that I have not received from anybody yet is something along these lines. “Rush, come on. We can’t cancel the hearings. Can you imagine what the media would say about the Republicans if they try to do that? This is as big a tradition in American jurisprudence and politics as anything is. And if the Republicans come along and cancel the hearings, it’s gonna make it look like they got something to hide with their nominee that they don’t want anybody to know and it’s just gonna give the Democrats a leg up.”

In other words, people are gonna be asking what are the Republicans afraid of? That would be my reaction if somebody were to come to me and I hadn’t already said that we should maybe think about not even doing the hearings ’cause we’ve got the votes. And if I hadn’t come close to making up my mind, that would be my reaction. What are you afraid of? And there are things, frankly, to be afraid of, and they are Republican spines.

Once those hearings start and the Democrats behave as we know they’re gonna behave, I think all bets are off. But I don’t think the hearings are gonna get canceled. I think that McConnell and Lindsey Graham will get together and they’ll do the hearings and they’ll have some boundaries that the Democrats have to follow, maintain, stay within. And if they don’t, then the hearings will get canceled or whatever.

I’ve got another thought that says, “Hey, Rush, my fear is the Republicans are on the way to losing the Senate. Having the hearings might save the Senate.” What do you think of that? Republicans on the way to losing the Senate in the upcoming elections, but if you do the hearings and the American people get to see the Democrats in full glory, then it could be Wellstone memorial type results.

Now, the Wellstone memorial argues against me, I’ll admit that. The Wellstone memorial in 2002, the Democrats misbehaved so badly at what was a memorial, slash, funeral for one of their own senators that the Republicans gained seats in off-year elections where they traditionally lose big time. And it was the Wellstone memorial that did it.

So the potential for the Democrats committing one form of political suicide is there with hearings. So is some other stuff that we would not consider to be positive outcomes. But the votes that have solidified here again, just to wrap it up, Mitt Romney, Lamar Alexander, Cory Gardner, Romney was an unknown until he made his announcement today.


RUSH: Houston, Texas. Jim, great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s Jim. Listening for 25 or 30 years, I can’t remember. It’s been a long time. Quick question. Snerdley said get to the point. It’s this. I understand your concern that some of the Republicans might “linguini out” if they have the hearings. But also, if they have the hearings — on the other side — and the Democrats do the same thing they did the last three times, don’t they run the risk of alienating all the suburban women voters? That’s really my question.

RUSH: You just said it. “If the Democrats do again what they’ve done the last three times, don’t they run the risk of alienating…?” If they haven’t alienated suburban voters yet, what the hell do they have to do to do it?

CALLER: Well, this would do it.

RUSH: Why, if it hasn’t done it yet, if Kavanaugh didn’t do it? Simply because this would be done to a woman?

CALLER: That’s what I think is the difference.

RUSH: Okay. Well, I will grant that it’s possible. I cannot hide my frustration, though. The idea that we need the Democrats to show people who they really are? They’re burning down the country! They tried to destroy Kavanaugh. They have tried to destroy every other judicial nominee that has been made. They tried to destroy Gorsuch.

They didn’t have as much of a runway there. It was one of the reasons he was such a good choice. But this is something that they’re not gonna be able to avoid doing because this, to them, is… If this court ends up being 6-3 conservative, this is one of the primary insurance policies they’ve got for losing elections that has just been taken away from ’em.

They are going to be loaded for bear. So they will behave in ways that you hope, and they will attempt to destroy whoever the nominee is, be it Amy Coney Barrett or Judge Lagoa. “We need to do it. We need to let the hearings happen so that people will see just exactly who the Democrats are so that it will hurt them with suburban voters.” I understand the frustration.

You’re sitting out there saying, “How can suburban women support them now?” At least I am. But suburban women… We’re talking college-educated suburban women, and they have been propagandized in college, on campus. They’ve been programmed.


RUSH: Looky here. The White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany at the press briefing today was asked by the NBC correspondent why the president retweeted my suggestion that the hearings of the Judiciary Committee not be held.


RUSH: You know, little did I know, even after 32-some-odd years, I still end up being surprised over the kinds of things that can fire people up. Now, normally I would know that like I would know how to pour a glass of water. I mean, my instincts on knowing what people are gonna be interested in, what they’re gonna be passionate about, are undisputable. But even I sometimes end up being surprised.

And my little offhand suggestion that maybe we don’t even need to do the hearings. We’ve got the votes. We don’t need to engage in confirmation hearings, I offered. I pointed out they are not required, they are not mentioned in the Constitution. And you may not know this. But there is no mandate that the Senate Judiciary Committee conduct hearings into every judicial nominee. It’s something that has evolved under the Senate’s advise and consent provision. This is how the Senate has chosen to engage in advise and consent. But they’re not mandated.

If the Senate wants, Mitch McConnell can get together with Lindsey Grahamnesty, and they can say we’re not gonna do hearings on this nominee, and there’s nothing to stop them other than if they think it’s a political calculation, it’s a mistake. “We better have the hearings. The people might blame us.”

So that’s why they never cancel the hearings. I just threw it out there. And, man, it has gotten beaucoup reaction out there. The president retweeted it after Media Matters raised hell about it. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air has written an entire blog post about it. And best I can tell, most of people politely and respectfully and very sadly disagree with me on it. They think that there’s value in the Democrats being who they are for the American people to see so close to an election.

And we’ve had people on the phones today — you’ve heard it – “Oh, come on, Rush. You don’t want to cancel the fun. We gotta have these Democrats, we need them to try to destroy the nominee so these suburban women see who the Democrats are.” And, of course, my reaction is, for crying out loud. If the American people don’t know who the Democrats are by now, they’re never gonna know who they are. “Yeah, but, Rush, this is a woman they would be mistreating.” That hasn’t stopped ’em before.

Look at what they did to Miguel Estrada’s wife. Do you recall what happened to her after he was put through these rigors? Miscarriage and all kinds of stuff. Sam Alito’s wife was reduced to tears and ran out of the Senate hearing room because of what they were doing to her husband, and then they had the audacity to criticize her for being weak spined.

The Democrats, I mean, look what they were doing to Kavanaugh’s wife. You think they haven’t done stuff like this to women already? They most assuredly have. Look, I know the frustration. Folks, I have whatever frustration you feel about this, multiply it times 10. It’s my entire life. I’m frustrated that the American people — I’m frustrated we’re where we are. I don’t understand that we’re where we are. I don’t know why the Democrats haven’t disqualified themselves years ago. Now they’re burning down cities.

But look at what they’re getting away with. They have convinced people that Black Lives Matter is a civil rights organization, when Black Lives Matter admits that they are a communist front. Well, yeah. Look at how the Democrats treated Kathleen Willey who was nothing but sexually abused by Bill Clinton. Look at how they treated Juanita Broaddrick. Look at how they treated Paula Jones.

And that was the Bill Clinton war room destroying those women. It didn’t matter. There were still American female journalists who wanted to give Clinton a Lewinsky every night for keeping those women away and for protecting abortion. Nina Burleigh was her name, TIME magazine. She publicly wrote that she wanted to give Clinton a Lewinsky every night as gratitude for keeping abortion legal.

And all of you who want this nominee subjected to this stuff, it’s obvious you have never been subjected to it yourselves. “Oh, yeah, I think this nominee, let the Democrats try to destroy ’em. Let the Democrats.” They nearly destroyed the life of Brett Kavanaugh. “Well, that’s okay, Rush. Kavanaugh came through it okay. He’s still on the court. He got confirmed. Let’s let ’em do it. We need the American people, we need suburban women to find out who these Democrats really are.” Right. Okay.

It’s kind of like we need to let the Democrats win the election so the American people find out how really bad they are gonna be leading the country. Right, right, that’s right. We win by losing. Why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, here’s the press briefing today. Kayleigh McEnany is being interrogated by Peter Alexander, the NBC White House correspondent.

ALEXANDER: The president did retweet today a segment from Rush Limbaugh where Limbaugh suggested, quote, “It would be great if Republicans skipped committee hearings on this pick altogether.” Does the president want Republicans to skip committee hearings? They’re a coequal branch of government. Why is he directing them to do anything?

MCENANY: The president is a fan of Rush Limbaugh, appreciates his commentary, and therefore retweeted it. But we are working with the Senate right now on that confirmation process and Senator Graham has said it looks like it will be on three-day timeline.

RUSH: Okay. So we’re gonna have a three-day hearing, a three-day timeline. And when those three days are over, the Democrats are not gonna be happy. They’re gonna say they’re getting short shrift. The Democrats are gonna say they’re being discriminated against. The Democrats are gonna say that three days is not nearly enough. Look at what we uncovered about this nominee, they’re gonna say. This nominee loves playing with tarantula spiders. Did you know that? We’ve uncovered all kinds of things. This nominee is dangerous. We need more time. What will the Republicans do?

“All right. All right. If you need more time, you can have one more day. We’ll let you have one more day. And you want an FBI investigation? Well, I don’t know that that’s necessary, but we can talk about it.” Okay. Fine and dandy. By the way, Peter Alexander, his question here, “Does the president want Republican to skip committee hearings? They’re a coequal branch of government.” Yeah, they’re a coequal branch, but they’re not a coequal branch when it comes to Supreme Court nominees.

They don’t get to pick the nominee. The Senate does not get to pick the nominee. They advise and consent. The Democrats are gonna try to destroy the nominee, whoever it is. If it’s Amy Coney Barrett, if it’s Judge Lagoa, they’re gonna try to destroy the nominee. That’s what they’re gonna do. They don’t get to pick the nominee, but they can certainly try to destroy it.


RUSH: Your guiding light through times of trouble, confusion, murkiness, tumult, chaos, riots, looting — and even the good times — Rush Limbaugh, a guy who does not believe the Democrats should get everything they want. We go back to the phones in Marietta, Ohio. This is Mark. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: I’m good, sir. Thank you el mucho.

CALLER: You’re in our prayers every day. I’ll get to my point. I think like you that the judicial side of it is completely useless because we’ve watched the parade of circuses against Trump and the abuse that he’s taken over the four-year period, and it’s hard to imagine that we would put a judicial candidate through that same process with the media and with the Democrats both.

RUSH: It’s not hard to imagine at all. We’re gonna do it.

CALLER: I hope we don’t, because —

RUSH: No, no, no. We just heard the White House press secretary say that Lindsey Graham runs the Judiciary Committee. He’s gonna talk to Mitch McConnell and the president. They’re gonna have three days of hearings.

CALLER: Terrible because —

RUSH: They’re gonna cap it at three days.

CALLER: You know, in business we’ve given up traditions for the sake of efficiency, and here we are just doing the opposite — and of course, it is government. But I can’t believe that we’re not gonna stick with traditions.

RUSH: Well, this is one of those things that it can be said, “This is the way we’ve always done it,” and I’m sympathetic to people who say, “If you’re not gonna do hearings, then what are you hiding? Then what are you afraid of?” Of course, the answer is, “I’m afraid of nothing. I just don’t believe that just ’cause you demand something that you get it.

“You people lost the Senate. You do not run the Senate, you have nothing to do with who the nominee is, and we’re not gonna give you free-and-open way to destroy the nominee. You didn’t win so you don’t get to pick and you don’t get to destroy.” That’s what I would tell ’em. But of course, I’m just a guy on the radio. That’s all I am. But that’s what I think.

But the prevailing opinion is, “Well, we’ve always had hearings, and we’ll compromise. We’ll do three days of hearings. It’s best to carry the tradition forward. This way we will be demonstrating that we can cross the aisle and that we can work with the opposition and we’ve got nothing to hide. We’re not afraid of anything,” and on and on and on.

“The Democrats want their hearings, and who are we to deny them what they want? But it’ll be the continuance of tradition that matters here, and think about how you would feel if the Democrats told you that you couldn’t do hearings when they have a nominee.” Well, yeah. Democrats have done far more than that already that we’ve had to adjust to and deal with.


RUSH: Okay. We are back. The three-day hearings that are under discussion here, Kayleigh McEnany said that Cocaine Mitch and Lindsey Graham are talking about three days of hearings for Trump’s judicial nominee pick, okay? And that’s how they’re gonna do it. They’re gonna do three days and then they’re gonna wrap it up. Now, the Kavanaugh hearings… I am not certain of this, but I think they had a limit.

Let’s say just for the sake of discussion it was a three-day limit, but I don’t know if it was that. But it did have a time frame, and what happened? When they had failed, when they failed to derail the nomination, what happened? Hello, letter from Christine Blasey Ford read by Senator DiFi — and that got us another two weeks and an FBI additional investigation.

And that’s when all the character assassination and the lies really revved up, after the time-frame limit had been reached. So if there’s gonna be a three-day limit, and when the Democrats fail to derail whoever the nominee is, here will come whatever they’re gonna have filed away as their October Surprise. You know it as well as I do!

I didn’t suggest canceling the hearings just to get mentioned.

I didn’t do it just to be jokin’ around.

I was dead serious.


RUSH: Here’s Hilly in Boynton Beach, Florida, welcome to the program. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: El Rushbo, what an honor.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Great to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: My neighbor and my teacher. I’ve been listening to you for over 30 years of my life, and my wife and I pray for you and Kathryn every day.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: And just to let you know, on a quick note, it was Rosh Hashanah recently and we were in temple praying for you both, and we wish you only the best.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I would like to follow up on what you were just saying. From a Republican standpoint, what possible good can come out of these hearings? And you had mentioned before “protocol.” If the shoe is on the other foot and if it was a Democrat president and a Democrat Senate, do you think they would give a damn about protocol?

RUSH: No, and they wouldn’t care about our feelings, and they wouldn’t care about our desires. They wouldn’t care about tradition. They wouldn’t care about protocol. Their response would be, “F you! You know, you can go along for the ride, but you can’t do anything. You’ve gotta sit in the back of the bus,” like Obama once told them. He did. Anyway, no, you’re exactly right. I gotta go. I wish I didn’t have to go.

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