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RUSH: Here’s Gerard in Atlanta. You’re next, sir. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s great to hear your voice.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yes. Hey, a question for you. How does Joe Biden still be the presidential candidate of civility, normalcy, and calm if all his party leaders are threatening to tear down all the institutions that our country stands for? How does he get around that?

RUSH: Let’s see. How does Biden still say he’s the candidate of normalcy when they want to burn down the country?ara


RUSH: There’s an answer to that. It’s a good question. And the answer to the question is — and you’ve gotta keep this in mind — they have attempted to establish the reality that Trump is Mr. Abnormal, that everything Trump is sick and evil and abnormal. Therefore, anything not Trump is normalcy.

They have also set themselves up as good. Trump is evil. In the battle of good versus evil, good can do anything to defeat evil. If it means destroying Portland in order to defeat Trump, it’s perfectly okay. If it means destroying the police in order to destroy Trump, then it’s okay. Not only okay, it’s called for. So this is their justification for it. Trump is evil orange man. They are good people. And so they’re battling abnormality as defined by Trump. Anything not Trump is normalcy. That’s what they tell themselves. That’s what many in their base believe.

How would you argue with that? If you had those people that believed those kind of things and you’re talking to them, how would you – you wouldn’t. There’s no way you could even connect. You got nothing in common with them. Those people need to be defeated. Within the political sense they need to be defeated each and every time there is a chance to defeat them.

You don’t need to chat with them. You don’t need to talk with them. There’s no place to meet them. There’s no overlap of things that we have in common. If you’re dealing with a bunch of people who think it’s totally normal to burn down an American city and to loot businesses that you don’t own and to burn them down, if that’s normal, you got nothing in common with those people. Those people are breaking the law. Those people need to be held accountable to the law. But those people are trying to defund and deactivate the police.

These people need to be defeated. They need to be kept the minority that they are. I’m talking minority here in terms of numbers, not skin color or any of the sort. But, see, your question, you’re asking a very logical question. How can Joe Biden say he’s the candidate of normalcy when his party’s threatening to burn down the country. And they are, folks. They’re threatening to burn down the country if Trump gets his nominee.

They’re telling themselves Trump is abnormal, Trump is the danger, Trump is the problem, Trump is the threat. It is Trump who has to be stopped. And in the quest to stop Trump, anything goes. Now, you’re dealing with a complete absence of intelligence and logic in dealing with people like that.

So trying to talk with them or debate with them rationally about it is impossible. That’s why I don’t have time for it. Just beat ’em. Just beat ’em. Just be focused on defeating these people and be done with it. Don’t give them the time of day beyond that.


RUSH: You know that there were Supreme Court protesters last night who showed up outside Lindsey Graham’s house? Peaceful protesters, yes, peaceful protesters surrounded Lindsey Graham’s house in Washington yesterday morning, 6 a.m. They had a banner that read: “We can’t sleep; so neither should Lindsey.”

They were crashing cymbals, they banged pots and pans, they were flashing strobe lights, as police watched them. I guess disturbing the peace is no longer against the law, and I guess you don’t need a permit to protest Republicans. McConnell’s Kentucky home was targeted in Supreme Court vacancy protest just like they did with Lindsey Graham. More than 100 professional protesters surrounded Mitch’s house in Kansas Saturday night to threaten him, to try to intimidate him. He will not be intimidated. It ain’t going to happen. But they’re going to do it. Here we have Democrats behaving as they are.

Let me look real quickly if we have a sound bite. Be patient here, folks. You know, for as innovative as this program is, we’re still in the Dark Ages when it comes to audio sound bites and being able call them up instantaneously and me knowing what I’ve got and what I don’t have, and it looks like I don’t have it. No, I don’t have it.

Don Lemon on CNN last night during the handoff — you know, his show butts up against Fredo Cuomo’s. And during the handoff before his show Monday night, Don Lemon had a debate with Fredo, arguing the Democrats need to push to eliminate the Electoral College, which would require a constitutional amendment. Lemon said doing such a thing is possible if Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the presidency and the Democrats Stack the court.

He said we need to blow up the entire system, we need to eliminate the Electoral College, we need to stack the court, we need to have four new senators from D.C., Puerto Rico. He said, “We’re gonna have to blow up the entire system.” And Fredo, of all people, said, “Nah, I don’t know about that, Don. You just gotta vote. You just gotta vote, Don.” But Don doesn’t trust that there are enough Democrat votes, is what this means. I think the Democrats are fully aware they are a minority, that they do not have a majority in terms of numbers.

They are not the majority thinking. They’re not the majority of people in the country. But here’s a journalist, this a guy at CNN, he’s an info guy, he says, “blow up the whole system.” The Democrats are not hiding who they are, folks.


RUSH: Here is Mark. Mark’s in Apple Valley, Minnesota. You are next. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. My question is — and I realize I’m coming at this from a worst-case scenario, which I don’t think enough people are either thinking about or speaking about — is at what point does the rioting, looting, and burning of American cities, which is only gonna get worse with the Senate confirmation, when Trump wins, when three of the four officers are found not guilty, at what point does it have to get to for police jurisdictions and/or the U.S. military to get orders to just absolutely end all this anarchy?

RUSH: Well, it’s a great question, and you’re not going to like the answer. The federal government cannot send in any troops or federal law enforcement officers unless the governors in the states request it. And in the blue states where all of this stuff is happening to date, they have not requested it. Some have. And we have sent federal troops in, and they’ve stopped what was going on inside, you know, for a few hours. But until the local officials — state governor and city mayors — get to go and ask for it, the Feds can’t go in no matter what.

CALLER: Okay. My ultra-worst-case scenario then. What if it has to come down with the rest of the American people? I mean, will it ever get to that point where it’s actual civil, physical war?

RUSH: Wait. If an actual civil war broke out, would the Feds still have to stay away? Is that what you are a asking me?

CALLER: Yeah. You can go at it that way also.

RUSH: Well, no. How did you mean it?

CALLER: I mean, if like you said, if the government can’t step in, it’s probably 80% of the American people who just aren’t saying anything, are they going to rise up and say, “This is it, we are done with this”?

RUSH: And do what?

CALLER: And actually engage these people.

RUSH: Oh. Are the American people gonna say, “Screw this. And since the Feds aren’t coming, we’re gonna stand up and we’re gonna go and protect these businesses that are being looted and burned down and we’re gonna take on Black Lives Matter ourselves and Antifa”?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. It hasn’t happened yet.

CALLER: But I think the worst is yet to come with all the points that I just offered to you.

RUSH: That could well be. I mean, you think if Trump gets his nominee confirmed, they’re gonna go bat excrement crazy, and you had a couple of other scenarios —

CALLER: When Trump wins the election and when three of those four — at least three of those four officers in the Floyd case get absolutely nothing.

RUSH: Right. And the likelihood of that — by the way, in case you’re wondering, what you mean, how are those cops gonna be acquitted? Because they might have been overcharged, folks. In the zeal to satisfy the mob and public opinion in the aftermath of George Floyd they charged these guys with things that may be impossible to get a jury to convict on. And if the case isn’t made for these outrageous allegations, they gotta acquit. And if there is an acquittal for any of these cops that had anything to do with the death of George Floyd, then, yeah, in Minneapolis there could be big time riots or if Trump wins reelection.

So your question, at what point do the American people stand up en masse and say, “We are tired of this”? I don’t know. I get your civil war question. You’re asking essentially, “At what point will a civil war start by virtue of average, ordinary Americans saying, ‘To hell with this,’ and standing up and trying to do something about it if nobody else will.” They’ve got the guns. Record gun sales out there. There’s a reason that’s happening.

So it’s a good question. People have asked that question in one form or another for a long time. I’ve been asking the question 30 years. Your question basically is this: When are the American people gonna stand up and realize that this socialism and communism is destroying the country? When are they gonna stand up and stop it? When are they gonna stand up and oppose it? When are they gonna stop voting Democrat? I’ve been asking myself for 30 years.

When the Democrats do outrageous stuff, we were laughing at ’em all these years, claiming, “Nobody’s gonna believe this.” And yet today all that stuff we laughed at 25, 20, 30 years ago, that stuff is now normal for the American left. Their weird-ass environmental views, their stupid political opinions on all of these social and cultural issues, which are insane and have been insane since they first adopted them.

I mean, who would have believed that right now we have a bunch of grandparents and parents who are afraid to tell their own kids the truth about politics for fear that their own kids will refuse to let them be part of their grandkids’ lives? Something like that was inconceivable when I was a grandchild. Now it’s commonplace. And the political divisions that the country has today, some of us foresaw them. Others didn’t.

So the answer to your question is probably never, if it hasn’t happened yet. ‘Cause, to me, at any time in the last 30 years it would have been more than justified for people to stand up and say, “Okay. We’ve had enough. Time for you people now to slink back to where you came from. We’re gonna go back, have America the way it was founded, the way it was intended to be.”

But no. No. Now we got transgender here, got gay marriage over here. All this cultural degradation that’s happening, more and more every day, and nobody’s doing a thing about it, other than seemingly supporting it. So your guess is as good as mine.

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