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RUSH: In California, firefighters are struggling to get 27 major fires under control; 26 people are dead, including a fireman who perished fighting a blaze sparked by pyrotechnics at a “gender reveal” party.

I thought that was a nudist colony! I really did. That’s what I though  that was, until I was told the truth about it.

Anyway, the Bobcat Fire near LA has been burning for over two weeks, spreading at unprecedented speed through old-growth areas in Southern California. The AP says “a lack of firefighting resources” caused the rapid spread. A hundred firemen were sent in to contain it, but double or triple that number should have been assigned.

It is way past time for residents of California to question their government. The governor, senate, and state assembly are all Democrats — and despite warning after warning, forests weren’t cleared of dead trees and brush, due to pressure from environmentalist wackos. Those dead trees and brush are now fueling all these fires.

Residents need to ask: Why is there no money to properly staff firefighting units? Look at the huge resources spent on other things. The Democrats opened the borders. They declared California a “sanctuary state.” They gave billions of dollars in welfare benefits to millions of illegals.

The reason California is burning is because the Democrats who run the state have had lots of priorities other than making sure the citizens are safe. Today, people are paying the price with their lives and their property.

At gender-reveal nudist camps.

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