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RUSH: Brian, that picture I sent you for the Dittocam, this is a… Folks, this is gonna be a fabulous example, and if you’re watching on the Dittocam and you’ll see it. If you don’t, if you’re not a member, you’re not watching the program on the Dittocam, we’ll put this on the website at RushLimbaugh.com.

Throw that photo up there. This is an ad. This is an ad that the Democrats are running. This ad… I know it’s being run in North Carolina. I don’t know where else it’s being run. Let me read this to you, for those who don’t have the Dittocam. It’s a World War I military picture with a bunch of troops standing behind a leader who is saluting.

“June 1918: 1,800 American servicemen gave their lives for the free world. So fierce were the American Marines that their German foes called them ‘Devil Dogs.’ November 2018: Donald Trump mocked their graves and called them ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.’ His words, our heroes, your choice.”

Now, all of this… Donald Trump did not say that people buried in American military cemeteries are “losers” and “suckers.” This is a story that ran in a discredited magazine called The Atlantic, and the guy that wrote the story has yet to produce the sources. There are four of them. They remain anonymous. They will not come forth and confirm.

The writer of the story who’s also the editor of The Atlantic has acknowledged that they could be wrong. There is no truth to this, no truth to this whatsoever. It’s more than hearsay. It’s lies. There’s no proof that Trump said it. There are no recordings of him saying it. There are 19 people that were with Trump when this was supposedly said, including John Bolton, and no one can remember Trump saying it.

And you know whose ad this is? This is The Lincoln Project. Do you know who that is? Republican Never Trumpers! This is the Bill Kristol gang. Republican Never Trumpers are running an ad. This is not a Democrat National Committee ad. It’s not a Democrat Party ad. This ad is being run, paid for by The Lincoln Project, not authorized by any candidates or candidate’s committee.

Let me read this to you, ’cause I botched it the first-time. “June 1918: 1,800 American servicemen gave their lives for the free world. So fierce were the American Marines that their German foes called them ‘Devil Dogs.’ November 2018: Donald Trump mocked their graves and called them ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.’ His words, our heroes, your choice.”

Kellyanne Conway’s husband works for this outfit, although I think he’s taken leave. But The Lincoln Project. Now, how many people are gonna see this and believe it? How many people are gonna see this and even bother to fact-check it? They’re not. They’re gonna see this and think it’s true. They’re not gonna know the history of The Atlantic magazine.

They’re not gonna know it’s a biased publication. They’re not even gonna hear about it. The Atlantic and the source of this story is not even mentioned in this ad. So this is just as bad as the lies that the media told about Michael Brown in Ferguson. It’s as bad as the lies they told about the Breonna Taylor story. It is as bad as the lies they told about Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Trayvon Martin, and who the hell knows how many others.

Pure hearsay. No proof. No confirmation. No recordings. Nothing. It’s just a bunch of fired employees. These Never Trumpers who have no access and no influence anymore with an axe to grind and their noses are out of joint because they have been exposed as irrelevant to conservatism. But how many people are gonna see this drivel and believe it? Well, how many people still think that Donald Trump said that there are lots of good people among the neo-Nazi skinheads in Charlottesville?

So many people still believe that that it’s rendered some of them psychologically insane. It is the epitome of irresponsible. So no, I’m not gonna sit here and acknowledge that what happened with Breonna Taylor — it’s been a pack of lies, the reporting on the story, like the Drive-Bys are famous for. Take this ad and then transfer it to something else, like the upcoming hearings on Trump’s Supreme Court nom.

We’re gonna get nothing but a pack of lies. We’re gonna get some of the most outrageous allegations about whoever this woman nominee is. With you, Justice Thomas, Justice Kavanaugh, Robert Bork for the rest of his life, these people were all tainted by the false, lying, stinking allegations the Democrats leveled at them. Clarence Thomas is always gonna be thought of “did he really do it? Did he really put the pubic hair in a Coke can, sexually harass Anita Hill? Kavanaugh, did he really run a rape train in high school?”

Meanwhile, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, two Democrat justices on the Supreme Court are never gonna be tainted because they were never put through this kind of wringer. I, for one, am sick and tired of it. I’m sick and tired of the left being allowed to define conservatives this way, forever tainting conservatives, forever ruining their reputations, lying through their stinking teeth about us and other conservatives.

Now we gotta sit here and watch ’em do it again to whoever the next nominee is, because we want to give the Democrats a chance to challenge them. We want a meaningful hearing. Even though we know full well what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna take whoever the nominee is, we’re gonna take her aside, we’re gonna say, “Sorry, but you gotta take one for the team here. You gotta go up there and you gotta ignore what they’re saying, you gotta let ’em have at you. This is what it’s gonna take to get you confirmed to the court.”

And it isn’t. It isn’t necessary. We’ve got the votes. “Mr. Limbaugh, we might lose the votes if we don’t do the hearings.” No. We’ve got the votes. So it was originally gonna be three days of hearings. Now I’m hearing it might be four. I’d allow these Democrats, “You got one question, you got five minutes,” or whatever it is. No grandstanding, 22 members of the committee, questions, whatever. I saw what they did to Clarence Thomas. I saw what Ted Kennedy did to Robert Bork. And it never left these people. And they didn’t do any of it. Their only crime was that they were not commie bastard liberals.

And so they had to be destroyed with nothing but abject character assassination that was rooted in lie after lie after lie. And there was never an apology. Not that that would have mattered, but there never was. Now we’re gearing up, we saw what happened to Kavanaugh. Was he told, “Hey, Brett, look. It’s gonna be vicious up there. This is what you gotta do, man, if you want the gig. We’ll try to protect you as best we can, but this is what’s gonna happen”?


RUSH: By the way, that piece I put up on the Dittocam is a direct mail piece. It’s not an ad. I got confused with the lingo. But it’s a direct mail piece that is being mass mailed in North Carolina right now, probably some other places too.

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