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RUSH: Joe Biden used to brag about his credentials as a law-and-order guy, a former prosecutor who helped write and pass some of the toughest crime bills in American history.

These days, he wants voters to forget that. After the grand jury refused to indict police officers in the Breonna Taylor case, Biden released a statement. After claiming he mourned with Ms. Taylor’s family, he questioned whether “justice could be equally applied in America.”

Now, even if Plugs were still just a Senator, this statement would be appalling. But he was Barack Hussein Obama’s Vice President for two terms, and now he’s running for president himself. That makes his comment totally outrageous.

It assumes police officers are guilty. It assumes that the prosecutors are guilty of bias and unable to apply the law fairly. It assumes the citizens who served on the grand jury, who heard the evidence and the instructions on how the law should be applied, are guilty of not upholding the law, because they’re racist.

Joe, c’mon, man. C’mon, man. This is America. We are the nation that has shown the rest of the world the importance of being guided by the rule of law. You used to know this. C’mon, man. I guess you’ve forgotten that, too, along with pretty much everything else. C’mon, man. What are you trying to do here?

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