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RUSH: Now, I want to play a sound bite for you. Grab sound bite number 25 here. I just had a long conversation with a woman who doesn’t understand how in the world so many people can be voting Democrat. By the way, I should say that I totally understand where she’s coming from. Don’t misunderstand. To anybody that pays any attention to what’s going on, it’s clear that unrest in the country…

The rioting and the looting, the destruction of private property, all of this is happening because it’s being committed by people on the left. Those are the people engaged in this activity. They are the ones looting. They are the ones firebombing. They are the ones that are destroying. They’re the ones threatening.

They are the ones literally trying to grab people out of their cars and beat them up. They are the people who are attacking people in public, in restaurants and other places and harassing them and bullying them and threatening them physically. This is all being done by people on the left, and it’s all being done by people who are going to vote Democrat.

None of this has been condemned by any Democrat. The destruction of private property, the bullying of people… Now, you let some 6-year-old bully some 5-year-old in kindergarten, the Democrats will be right there. But we’re about to see bullying like we haven’t seen before for the president’s judicial pick for the Supreme Court.

But Democrat operatives are buying and spending money and donating money for the purposes of these activists to engage in their destructive behavior. They’re literally in some places burning the country down. Not one Democrat has condemned it. Not one elected Democrat’s come out and apologized welcome back not one elected Democrat has attempted to get these people to stop this.

Much of this destruction, much of this activity is taking place in Democrat locations, Democrat cities, Democrat states. Democrat voters elected the people who are standing aside and letting the destruction in these cities and states take place. So this caller was just perplexed as hell about why more people do not see who it is that’s responsible for this — i.e., left wingers, liberals, socialists, Democrats — and why aren’t the American people just fed up with Democrats and liberals.

She said, “I don’t understand. How in the world can anybody seriously be thinking of voting for Joe Biden? “So I gave her the answer about how doesn’t matter who the nominee is. There’s a D next to his name, and 40% of the electorate is gonna vote for the D no matter who it is because they’re loyal to the party. But it is a perplexing question.

It’s something that’s bothered me for more than just now. It has perplexed me for years. This is just a new extreme to their behavior, but the Democrats have been behaving and promising and talking like this for many years. It’s just getting worse, but it’s not something that wasn’t predictable or even predicted. Now, let’s jump forward to the actual election.

If you pay attention to the Drive-By Media, if you watch CNN or MSNBC, if you read the New York Times, you probably believe that Joe Biden has already won the election. You probably believe that he’s headed for a very big, maybe even landslide win. He’s up eight points here, 12 points there. The polling data has him just running away with it.

He’s running away with it so profoundly, he doesn’t even need to leave the basement in Delaware to go campaign — and he’s not, and neither is his running mate, Kamala Harris. She can’t be found anywhere out there, either. And yet, despite all of this, despite all this confidence that Biden has this thing sewn up — despite the fact that he’s gonna win in a landslide, that it’s already baked in — the Democrats in the media are doing some of the most outrageous stuff.

Saying some of the most outrageous things that make me think they don’t think he’s got this massive, insurmountable lead. They are still trying to scare people into not voting for Trump. Now, this sound bite happened mere moments ago on CNN. CNN is going all-in on literally ginning up a civil war after the election. All of this talk about Trump not leaving the White House, the military might have to be brought in.

They went and they talked to Mitch McConnell about this. Supposedly Mitch McConnell felt that he had to rebuke Trump on this. Now, this started at a White House press briefing a couple days ago where a reporter from Playboy wanted to know, “Mr. President, win, lose, or draw, will you leave the White House? Win, lose, or draw, will you guarantee that there will be a peaceful transfer of power?”

Trump said, “I’m not gonna say that right now. I’m not gonna say that today.” Just like when Chris Wallace asked him in the last debate in 2016, “Will you concede defeat on election night if you lose?” “I’m not gonna say that. I’m not going to give you that,” and what Trump is saying is, “I’m not gonna give you a headline don’t you go out and write that I expect to lose this.”

What Trump is… He’s holding his cards close because he doesn’t know yet how this election’s gonna go. He’s just not in him to assume he’s going to lose! I don’t know what is so hard for people to understand here. You people in the media, “Win, lose, or draw, will you make sure there’s a peaceful transfer of power if you lose?”

He’s not gonna think about losing it, and he’s certainly not gonna tell you, “Oh, yeah. If I lose, I’ll be happy to get out.” He’s not gonna give you that. So what do they do? They turn around and start lying about the guy, and now we’re to the point it may need the military to get him out of the residence of the White House after the election.

Of course, he doesn’t have to leave ’til January 20th. You know that, right, folks? He’s there until the morning of the new guy’s inauguration, if he loses. But there’s no way Donald Trump is not gonna leave the White House. The idea that there are people who think that he would not leave after having been defeated… How does this even come to pass? That’s not who he is.

That’s not who the guy is. Look at the real truth of the matter: The Democrats are the ones who cannot accept what happened in 2016. It is Hillary Clinton who’s telling Joe Biden, “Whatever you do, never concede!” So keep that in mind. Here is Brianna Keilar talking to the coauthor of Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal, named Tony Schwartz. Question: (sniveling) “Do you share the same worry as Thomas Friedman of the New York Times that we could see a civil war in America after the election?”

SCHWARTZ: I unequivocally share the same worry. What I would say is, we’re already in the civil war. We’ve been in one for quite some time. I do see the period between Election Day and inauguration of the next president as being an especially dangerous period, because I do think that Trump’s base includes a significant number of domestic terrorists — of people who are capable of doing very irrational things in the face of feeling thwarted.

RUSH: Do you understand — now, I can remember sitting here hosting this program over the years, and these people at CNN and others have accused me of irresponsibility here, irresponsibility there, saying some of the most dangerous, some of the most provocative, the most outrageous, what the hell is promising a civil war? Getting some Looney Tune guest in here to suggest that Trump’s base is made up of a significant number of domestic terrorists who are capable of very irrational things when they feel like they’ve been thwarted?

So I guess what happened, Thomas Friedman, Thomas “Loopy” Friedman, New York Times, said today that he fears a civil war if Trump loses. The one thing Schwartz is right about. We have been in a pre-civil war mind-set because the Democrats refuse to accept that they lost in 2016. It is the Democrats who are setting up revolutionary behavior. And I would admit — maybe it’s not a civil war, but we are in the middle of a revolution here, folks.

Do you know that? We are living through a revolution. There is a revolution happening right in front of our eyes, right around us. We are in the midst of it. Now, you can say that we have of a role in it because we elected Trump. But the revolution is being undertaken by the people that refuse to accept that he won. Not the deplorables. Not us. So there’s that.

Now, trying to figure out if I’ve got time to get three in here. Hillary Clinton — Mr. Engineer, sound bite number 6 here. Hillary Clinton, remember, told Biden not to concede under any circumstances. And that was back on August 24th. Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.

So yesterday, last night, Fox News Channel, Your World With Neil Cavuto, he spoke with James Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucasians about the Democrat suggestion that President Trump might not accept the results of the election and leave office if he loses the election. Might not leave office. Now, Cavuto is a Never Trumper, but he’s also a journalist, and James Clyburn here became enraged when Cavuto asked him, “What about Biden? If Biden loses will he concede?” Here’s how it sounded.

CAVUTO: We know in retrospect it was a lot of Democrats who couldn’t swallow those election results —

CLYBURN: They may not have liked them —

CAVUTO: Are you saying the same today, are you saying the same today? Would Democrats also accept the results of the election?

CLYBURN: It’s one thing not to like the results. Not liking it is not the same thing as not accepting. Hillary Clinton accepted it. Did she like it? No, she didn’t like it. Did I like it? No.

RUSH: No, I didn’t like it, either. Then Clyburn claimed that Gore conceded too quickly. Too quickly? He called Bush to concede, then called back and called in his concession and then fought the result for 34 days. Cavuto and the Congressional Black Caucasian leader James Clyburn continued.

CAVUTO: She’s telling Joe Biden, “Don’t concede, don’t concede. Don’t concede.(crosstalk) That night don’t concede right away. Fight, fight, fight.” Now, if you (crosstalk) heard Donald Trump say that, you would be aghast, right?

CLYBURN: No, I would not be aghast. What she was advising, that Al Gore was too quick to concede. I still believe that, if Al Gore had not rushed to concede the Florida election, I think he would have won. They used his concession against him in the court case. And that’s all Hillary was saying. You know that, and I know that.

CAVUTO: (crosstalk) Well, I believe Al Gore waited about a month, waited about a month to formally concede after that Supreme Court vote.

RUSH: Hillary Clinton was not talking about Al Gore at all when she was advising Biden to not concede. She was talking about herself. What Hillary Clinton was saying, the biggest mistake she made was conceding the next day. She shouldn’t have conceded. She should have contested it. She shouldn’t have conceded that they lost because she was unable intellectually to deal with it in the first place. But here’s Clyburn saying, no, there’s a big difference, there’s a big difference in not liking what happened and not accepting what happened.

No, there’s not. As far as you Democrats are concerned, you still haven’t accepted it, Congressman. It’s abundantly clear, you people have been out of sorts ever since election night 2016. And this notion that there’s a big difference in not liking ’em and not accepting. You haven’t accepted it. You haven’t given up the Russia meddling. You tried to impeach Trump.

You’re threatening to do this again, impeach him over some of the things that are happening now. Now you’re talking about Trump being responsible for a civil war after the election. Man, oh, man. I tell you, these people are stoking danger and irresponsibility like I have not seen in the years I’ve been hosting this show.


RUSH: All right. Here is Thomas “Loopy” Friedman, CNN, Anderson Cooper last night. Question: “Were you surprised that the president said that he might not necessarily be accepting of a peaceful transfer of power? I mean, a lot of people said, ‘Yeah, it’s stunning, but it’s not surprising.'”

FRIEDMAN: I’m terrified to find myself ending my career as a journalist covering America’s potential second civil war in its history. What happened in the last few days is a six alarm fire. I think it’s DEFCON 5. The president of the United States has told us either I win the election or I delegitimize the election. When you have a president without shame, backed by a party without spine, amplified by a network without integrity and by social networks that are marinated in conspiracy theories behind whom are a lot of armed people, if you aren’t frightened by this, you are not paying attention.

RUSH: Are you insane, Mr. Friedman? I don’t believe after four years you still don’t know who Donald Trump is. You guys are so dangerous, it is frightening. You’re supposed to be so smart, and you are so obtuse. Donald Trump did not say that he would not peacefully leave if he lost. All he did was not concede that he’s going to lose. And that’s what you’re really upset about. You want some malleable Republican, “Well, yes, of course, Mr. Playboy reporter, yes, if I lose the election, of course I’ll get out of here. That’s exactly what -”

You don’t ask Donald Trump if you lose will you leave peacefully. Donald Trump says, “I can’t say that yet.” And he’s holding his cards close to the vest because everybody’s talking about the fraud that could be present in this election.

But this sound bite from Friedman, “It’s DEFCON 5. The president of the United States has told us either I win or I delegitimize the election.” No, he hasn’t. You people, Mr. Friedman, you’re the ones that have delegitimized American politics by refusing to accept what happened in 2016.

Then he said, “When you have a president without shame, backed by a party without spine, amplified up by a network without integrity -” that’s a slam at Fox. This guy has no concept that he is part of the biggest, most biased, unfair media in the history of so-called independent media. This guy apparently has no clue how he and his colleagues in the so-called mainstream media are seen.

I’ll tell you how you’re seen. You’re not seen as fair. You’re not seen as objective. It isn’t even biased. It’s so far beyond bias what you people are. You have abandoned journalism. You have all become activists who exist for one reason, and that is to defeat, however you think it’s necessary, Donald Trump. And journalism obviously is not enough to get that done, so you’ve had to become activists.


RUSH: Here is Max in Tucson. I’m glad you waited, Max. You’re up next on Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Hey, thanks, Rush. Mega Rush Revere and Liberty dittos. We pray for you and your wife every day.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I really think Trump is gonna win in a landslide this November. I used to be a Never Trumper, and now I’m pretty much a Forever Trumper, and we used to talk about the low-information voters. I really don’t think they’re around anymore. They’ve really been weaponized, the ones that are remaining on the streets, and I really don’t know how to reach these people anymore or what we can do to bring them back into the fold. You know, you played the video of the gentleman celebrating the deputies being shot in Los Angeles, and I think that’s a perfect example of the weaponized low-info voter.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait a second. You think that guy who shot the two sheriff’s deputies in a patrol car is a former low-information voter?

CALLER: Mostly the guy you played celebrating the shooting, not necessarily the shooter himself.

RUSH: Oh, the guy…? Okay. Because, you know, let me… Your primary point is in the past that we have discussed the low-information voter here and how they end up voting Democrat. You think they’ve been weaponized. You think most of the violence that’s being perpetrated against people today, these are formally low-information voters who have been somehow energized and weaponized to go out and commit violence?

CALLER: Absolutely, and I don’t know that there’s any reasoning with them or how to beat them at the ballot box even, you know? I don’t know where to go with that section of the society after we win in November, and the long haul we have ahead of us to bring all these people back into the fold.

RUSH: You know, that is an interesting point. You know, here’s Thomas Friedman, and here’s the idiot Tony Schwartz, who they claim is the ghostwriter on The Art of the Deal. Let me… Yeah, yeah. What this guy says. “I do think that Trump’s base includes a significant number of domestic terrorists.” Wait a minute. Trump’s base is not violent.

Trump’s base… The domestic terrorists? The domestic terrorism that’s taking place right now is being committed by… Whether they’re low-information voters or not, it’s being committed by liberal Democrats. The Trump base is not out burning anything down. The Trump base is not committing any crimes. The Trump base is not destroying private property. The Trump base is not grabbing people out of their cars and beating them to death.

This is what’s striking about this. The Trump base is invisible! Nobody knows who they are. The Trump base actually is afraid to be identified because they are afraid of what will be done to them! So they are going about their lives as invisibly as they can. Meanwhile, the actual domestic terrorists are out engaging in domestic terrorism every day and have been for the past six months or longer, and they are all anti-Trump.

They are not pro-Trump — and here again is an ironic set of circumstances. We have to sit here and listen to all these allegations that we are the domestic terrorists and that if we lose, that we are gonna start a civil war. Where, in fact, the revolution against the Constitution has already begun. The revolution against the United States of America as founded as begun.

That’s what we’re in the middle of here, folks. We are in the middle of a revolution. It is being perpetrated by the American left. It has domestic terrorists in its midst. They are active. They are engaging in criminal activity, terrorism and the like, and yet… I mean, they’re burning the American flag. They’re attacking police officers. They’re saying that cops need to be defunded.

Meanwhile, we have to turn on CNN and listen to predictions about what we’re gonna do if the election doesn’t go our way. It’s surreal, folks. It is literally surreal. We are being accused of getting ready to do what is already happening multiple times a day in Democrat cities and states. Yeah, it’s a dangerous period. “Trump’s base includes a significant number of domestic terrorists, people capable of doing very irrational things.”

Uhhh, sorry. The Trump base dissents even want you to know who they are. The Trump base, they’re afraid that the actual domestic terrorists of the revolution are going to physically harm them if they’re identified. I mean, this is sick. Then you’ve got people like Thomas Friedman literally who are… This thing that he said, “DEFCON 5, the president has told us either I win or I delegitimize the election,” when we’re living through what happens when a bunch of people are enable accept that they lost!

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