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RUSH: Donald Trump has scolded the media for failing to report on the FBI and the dossier news that happened late last week. Maria Bartiromo — and I’ve got egg on my face here because I was wrong about this. Yesterday morning on the Fox News Channel on her program, Maria Bartiromo said that her sources are now saying they no longer expect John Durham to release a report on the FBI’s Russia probe. They don’t expect there to be an interim report, even.

And Bartiromo said: “It is unlikely that we will get a John Durham interim report or any indictments before the election. Now, just 37 days away, a debate has begun within the Department of Justice, as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusions. I’m being told by sources it is now too close to the election and could be seen as politically motivated.”

Now, I understand that. They knew that going in. I think this is absolute nonsense. For starters, this rule about not interfering in elections was created by Eric Holder, for crying out loud, in a memo. There’s no regulation against this. There’s no regulation that the Department of Justice, “We can’t announce indictments, and we can’t close to the election lest it be thought of that we’re politicized.” There’s no regulation preventing this.

But, more importantly, it’s preposterous to withhold information on a candidate before an election. That is far more election interference than releasing the actual facts would ever be. Now, I told everybody in this audience that I thought there would be indictments before the election and I’ve been wrong. And I thought that because of the confidence I had in the attorney general. I know. I know a lot of you are saying, “Rush, you should have known. The deep state’s not gonna go out and kill itself.”

I know all that. I just misjudged this. I also believed that they think — look, the two sides are just different, folks. The Democrats wouldn’t be stopped by this. Everything the Democrats have done has been done to affect the outcome of an election. You talk about election meddling. That is what the Democrat Party has become. They are the official meddler of elections.

That’s all they do. They either impeach the president, they conduct investigations of the president, they announce investigations, they lie about their impeachment, they have hearings, they have phony hearings. Everything the Democrat Party does is to affect the outcome of the election, including using their political power, such as Adam Schiff and his committee to investigate Trump impeachment, phone call Ukraine, you name it.

Whereas our side, “Well, we must be very guarded. We must be very careful not to be seen as being overtly political in our pursuits here. We must not have our end result ever be tainted by the charge that it’s entirely political.” I’m sorry. There’s no way that isn’t gonna happen. You announce your investigation and you have your indictments two weeks after the election or two weeks after the election is known, the results, and they’re still gonna say that it’s all political.

But, apparently, we still have people who are convinced that the way to reach the hearts and minds of the American people is to go by the book at all times and be paragons of virtue and the utmost in fairness and so forth. The American people will see, the American people will see exactly who the virtuous party is, and they will all side with us. You wait. You wait and see. We do not want to deal with this allegation that what was done here is political.

Hell’s bells. Everything about this is political. What would you call the refusal to accept the election results in 2016? This coup attempt. There wasn’t anything substantively legal about it. Every bit of it was illegal.

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