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RUSH: Now, if you look around out there, and if you had the ability to look around out there objectively, every sign is that Trump is surging. You know, to me, it’s amazing how this thing is shaping up like 2016 all over again. Look at what we’ve got. We have an obvious lack of enthusiasm on the part and on the side of the Democrats. While we have a lack of enthusiasm, we have arrogance. The Democrats are ignoring the age-old, tried and true tactics of campaign, retail campaigning, like door-to-door meet-and-greet. They’re not doing any of it. There is no ground game.

They sit around and they quote the pollster Nate Silver, the supposed genius, they quote him all the time. He is the guy giving them all the confidence in the world that the polls are right and that Biden is leading by 10 or 12 and it’s a landslide victory as we sit here today. They’re talking about red states that are gonna flip. They’re talking about Trump’s unpopularity. Nobody’s gonna vote for this guy. He’s even sicker now than he was four years ago. It’s an exact repeat — not exact. There’s some differences. But it’s so close to 2016, including — we’ve got two polls.

We’ve got Rasmussen and Trafalgar. And those two polls have it dead even or Trump ahead in key states. All of the others — you’ve got Politico, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS, Washington — or Wall Street Journal. They are hanging in with almost identical polling results that they had in 2016. “What do you mean, Rush? You think Trump is still surging?” Well, look, folks. I’d be worried if gun sales were flat, but they’re not. You know, the NBA is losing viewers.

Do you know that Tucker Carlson’s show one night last week outrated an NBA playoff game? When has that ever happened? Nothing against Tucker Carlson. When does that ever happen? In other words, the NBA features people that hate Trump, features people who love Black Lives Matter. Antifa, loves people that want to take out this country and, you know, kneel during the anthem, disrespect the flag. They’re not drawing flies. They’re not drawing huge ratings. Nobody’s watching.

Major League Baseball was pretty much the same. The NFL, ah, it’s hard to measure. But they’re not blowing the doors down. Neither are these former ratings behemoths. If all that were happening I’d be a little bit more concerned. You know, if Biden was on the trail 24/7, and if Kamala Harris was out there barnstorming. But she’s not. And Biden’s not. Biden’s called a lid on over half the days in September. He has not been out there campaigning. What he’s relying on is all of his ads to make it look like he’s everywhere. But he’s not.

The question you have to ask is how many people know that he’s nowhere, versus who watched the ads and think that he’s everywhere. Because the media is not reporting that Plugs is basically comatose when it comes to campaign activity.


RUSH: But the one thing, the one thing, folks, remains these polling units. You’ve got Trafalgar and Rasmussen, who, as I said, have it dead even or even Trump ahead, in key states, in key battleground states. And you go back to 2016, they had much better records, much better performance than all the other polling units in 2016. Now have Trump down, if you go to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, five of seven, Trump’s down some places 10.

And I have to ask myself, are these polling units, are they willing to ruin their brands, their reputations just to help Biden? Are they willing to do this a second time after Hillary? ‘Cause they did the same thing. That’s why this feels like a replay of 2016. And I think they would. You know why? I think any organization, any business, any company that thinks it’s on the same team as the Drive-By Media will have cover. So if you are a polling unit and you get it dead wrong two cycles in a row, if the media doesn’t say you got it wrong and if they don’t embarrass you and if they don’t harp on it, then no big deal.

Okay. So the American people, “Wow. The polls were really wrong.” But they’re not gonna think much of it beyond that, other than people like you, this audience will understand what’s going on. But I’m convinced — I don’t care what business it is or what polling unit it is or what consumer enterprise — if they think the media is on their side, they’ve got cover. They’ve got cover to be wrong, they’ve got cover to lie because they know that the media is not gonna call them on any of the things they blew up.


RUSH: As I say, ladies and gentlemen, the similarities between this year and 2016 keep adding up. For example, we were told that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 because she didn’t campaign in places like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. So now in 2020 Joe Biden is not campaigning, not just in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, he’s not campaigning anywhere. Biden isn’t going anywhere. But again, his advertising campaign makes it look like he’s everywhere. And I’m sure that’s what he’s relying on.

We also have another similarity between 2016 and today. Two Democrat candidates whose health is extremely questionable but totally ignored by the Drive-By Media. I mean, Hillary Clinton was barely able to walk. Hillary Clinton was barely able to climb three steps to get to a seat on a bus, leaving a memorial service on 9/11 down in Manhattan. Hillary Clinton was having seizures. She was having frozen moments in time. There was video of all of this, but it never found its way into Drive-By Media. But we all saw it.

And would you believe that most of the people that watch mainstream media still do not know the extent to which Joe Biden is suffering from, shall we say, dementia or mental deficiencies. They’re just not reporting it. It’s uncanny these similarities. It literally is uncanny.

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