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RUSH: Now, folks, the whole subject of absentee ballots and mail-in ballots is something that will not go away. And it seems like every day there are literal horror stories about mail-in ballots, where they have been found in ditches. Did you see the story last week where a sheriff’s department in Wisconsin somewhere found a bunch of mail-in ballots in a ditch?

Now, let me ask you a question. See, when I see a story like that, the first thing that I ask is, “Why in the world was a sheriff’s department running around where there are ditches?” And it’s never explained. It’s just, “Oh, yeah, it’s common. The sheriff’s department’s always patrolling ditches — and on today’s patrol of ditches, look what they found in there.

“They found a bunch of discarded mail-in ballots. Somebody had tossed ’em in the ditch.” Obviously what had happened is that a concerned citizen had seen them in the ditch and called the sheriff’s department. The sheriff’s department went out there and looked and said, “Lo and behold, there are! There are some damn ballots out here in the ditch.”

But, you know, this is the kind of thing that just boggles my mind. But let me tell you what we’re gonna have to do. We are gonna have to very soon — and I don’t think it’s gonna happen. But these mail-in ballots are going to be a problem. I think we ought to just say right now that they’re not gonna count. I know it’s not gonna happen. It should happen.

I know a lot of people are worried about going to the polls. They’re worried about COVID-19. They’re worried about transportation. They’re worried about being harassed. Especially if you’re gonna vote for Trump, I can imagine the fear that you have about actually showing up to your polling place. And if that fear is insurmountable, then by all means request an absentee ballot and go through whatever hardship hoops you gotta do to vote absentee.

But these unrequested mail-in ballots? We need to just put a stop on all of this right now. I have a story here about a mess-up with absentee ballots, and I think it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Here’s the headline: “Voters Across Brooklyn Get Absentee Ballot Return Envelopes with Wrong Name and Address — The city Board of Elections sent absentee ballots to some Brooklyn voters with return envelopes bearing strangers’ names and addresses, The City has learned.”

The City is the publication here.

“In those cases, if a voter fills out their presidential election ballot and sends it in as instructed, their vote could be attributed to another person.” You think that’s not by design? “As of late Monday, The City,” again, the publication here, “had received calls and emails from several voters affected by the apparent screwup in at least five neighborhoods: Sheepshead Bay, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Park Slope and DUMBO.

“Victoria Edel, of Sheepshead Bay, said she received a return envelope with the name and address of a woman who lives one street away and has a last name that begins with a D. ‘This is not my ballot, we have this random lady’s ballot — it’s like they messed this up in a big way,’ said Edel, 28. Valerie Vasquez, a spokesperson for the city Board of Elections, blamed a vendor hired by the agency, Phoenix Graphics of Rochester, N.Y., hired to print and distribute absentee ballots in Brooklyn and Queens.

“She said the board is trying to understand the scope of the problem and what to do about it. … ‘They took my information and we’re just about ready to hang up and I said, “What do we do here? I want to vote absentee. How do we resolve this?” They said “we’ll be in touch,”‘ [one voter] said. ‘It’s appalling that they can make a mistake like this and so close to the election,’ he added. ‘It seems like the voters are the last concern of the Board of Elections.'”

Here’s another one: “Voters in New York City are sounding the alarm after several have reported receiving absentee ballots [again] containing either the wrong name and address, or another person’s ballot altogether — and officials estimate as many as 140,000 mismatched absentee mailings were sent out.”

“The Gothamist,” another publication, “reported Monday that multiple voters in Brooklyn said ‘they have received a mislabeled “official absentee ballot envelope,”‘ …140,000″ New Yorkers got absentee ballots with the wrong names and addresses.” Now, is this purposeful by design, or is this just incompetent?

Now we go to Texas: “Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County.” Now, we haven’t even touched yet on James O’Keefe. James O’Keefe has another bombshell at Project Veritas, and the ballot harvesting and phoniness that Ilhan Omar’s operation has been engaged in.

This woman is illegally harvesting ballots left and right out in Minneapolis in various districts, and O’Keefe caught a number of people in her organization on videotape admitting it and explaining with great pride how they’ve done it. Now, note who’s doing all this. This is all being done in predominant Democrat areas.

Why? ‘Cause I’m here to tell you, folks, despite all of the attitude you see in the Drive-By Media, all of these efforts to make you think that you are the minority — and that the Democrats and the left and the communists and the socialists and the anarchists and the Black Lives Matter, that they are the new majority — it isn’t so. It isn’t even close to being so, and they know it.

They know that they are nowhere close to being a majority. This is why they’re trying to do everything they can to limit elections. It’s why they’re trying to rig them this way. That’s why they’re trying to overcome the fact that they are a pretty big minority. It’s why they’re trying to intimidate you into not showing up and voting.

It’s the only prayer they’ve got. “Well, Rush, but what about the polls that all show Biden so way far ahead?” Yeah, what about that? What about that? There isn’t a concomitant level of enthusiasm for Biden leading. You just don’t see it. And then all of these efforts at ballot harvesting and playing games with mail-in ballots.

“Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County.” That’s Houston. Now, these are explosive charges in this story. And as we know, folks — we have been taught, we have learned — it’s the seriousness of the charge that matters. There are names named here. Election fraud, malfeasance. It ought to be a debate topic tonight.

I think I saw where it’s gonna be “the integrity of elections.” Yeah, so Democrats… This is what frosts me. I cannot tell you how much it frosts me. For four years we have had to listen to one lie after another mounted on top of other lies about how Trump stole an election, he cheated, he colluded. None of it is true. I’m really having to dial back my emotion here ’cause I get so ticked off when I think about this.

Four years of this. They have done more to damage the integrity of elections than anything anybody could hope to — Putin, Russia, the ChiComs, the Democrat Party. And they did it on purpose. They want you questioning the results ’cause they know they’re going to lose or they know the odds are they’re gonna lose because they know they are the minority.

And so they’ve already baked it in that Trump has cheated in 2016, he’s gonna cheat again. That’s why he had to be impeached, don’t you know. But every story that we turn up about vote fraud, ballot harvesting, any number of things, it’s all happening in Democrat controlled areas.

“A Biden Campaign operative in Texas is attempting to rig the 2020 election with the help of others in a massive ballot harvesting scheme, according to two private investigators who testified under oath that they have ‘video evidence, documentation and witnesses’ to prove it. With the help of mass mail-in ballots, the illegal ballot harvesting operation could harvest 700,000 ballots, one Harris County Democrat operative allegedly bragged.

“The investigators — a former FBI agent and former police officer — claim that Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones and his cohorts have been ‘hoarding mail-in and absentee ballots’ and ordering operatives to them fill out for people in Harris County illegally, ‘including dead people, homeless people, and nursing home residents in the 2020 presidential election.'”

You think similar things are not what’s going on in Brooklyn, stories that we have out of there? While law enforcement agencies are reportedly investigating these potential crimes, nothing is gonna be done about it until well after November 3rd. So I’m just telling you, folks, they’re doing all of this — well, they’re doing it for a number of reasons. A, they just resent the hell out of fair elections. They resent they have to sit for ’em. They also have no confidence that they’re gonna win.

They thought they were gonna win 2016. They’ve got no confidence they’re going to win. They’re gaming the system everywhere they can. They know that there’s no enthusiasm for Biden and Kamala Harris. It’s obvious there isn’t any, other than the D next to their name and the fact that they’re not Trump. So it’s got them fit to be tied, and that’s the real truth of all this. They’re doing everything they can to tamp down your enthusiasm.

They’re doing everything they can to make you believe that it’s over, that Biden’s ahead by 10 here, by 12 there, and there really isn’t even any point in you showing up. And then they’re doing what they can to frighten you if you do show up. You could either get COVID-19 or you could get beat up. Who knows what.


RUSH: So here’s another story. This is PJ Media: “2000 Bush v. Gore Lawyer Exposes the ‘Underworld’ That ‘Trades on Ballots and Forgeries’ — In light of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Democrats have gone all-in on vote-by-mail schemes, ostensibly to protect people from the virus. Yet this shift empowers nefarious criminals who subvert elections by buying and selling ballots and engaging in other forms of voter fraud. Thomas Spencer, a lawyer in the Bush v. Gore (2000) case and vice president of the Lawyers Democracy Fund, warned about the existence of a criminal “underworld” that perpetrates voter fraud.”

You’ve heard, if you’ve paid any attention to Trump’s press conferences in the past week, you have heard him — he sometimes frustrates me, he says things that he thinks everybody understands and he talks about it from a level of everybody understanding and they don’t. You’ve heard him reference millions and millions and millions of ballots. That’s what he says, millions and millions and millions of ballots, when he’s asked, “Do you really believe, Mr. President, that mail-in voting is a problem?”

“Yes. Look, there’s millions and millions -” this is the kind of stuff he’s talking about, the stuff that’s bought and sold, the criminal enterprise. In this case, “There’s an underworld out there –” according to this lawyer, Thomas Spencer. “‘– that trades on ballots and forgeries. They prey on old folks or people in very poor communities. It’s a huge problem and it’s one of those subterranean problems where it’s very difficult to find who these people are.’

“Spencer cited a New York Post article in which a Democratic political operative confessed to engaging in voter fraud for decades. ‘An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes — it can make a difference.'” And this is why Trump says that he will not tell a reporter that he will accept the results of an election on election night. It’s because of stuff like this. Chris Wallace asked him in the 2016 debate with Hillary. It was the last debate. “Mr. President, like you say, will you tell us tonight that if you lose will you concede the election?”

And Trump said, “No, I’m not gonna tell you that tonight,” because what they wanted, they wanted to write a headline, “Trump acknowledges he’s likely to lose, Trump acknowledges he will lose election, Trump leaves open possibility he will lose.” They wanted some kind of headline like that. But what he was aware of was the cheating. He’s not going to tell anybody, particularly a journalist that hates his guts, he’s not gonna admit to them that he will accept the results of the election on the day it happens until he finds out what kind of chicanery has gone on. It’s the only sensible thing. But it’s this kind of stuff that he’s talking about.

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