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RUSH: Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi held an online meeting with her San Francisco constituents. Speaking of the events in Washington last week, Pelosi said the world had an epiphany. She said the world saw there are people in America, led by President Trump, who “have chosen their whiteness over democracy.”

Don’t dismiss this as just political rhetoric from an ancient political hack. Think about what Democrats have been saying for days. Joe Biden and Kamala claimed that protesters would have been treated far worse last Wednesday if they were black. Even though Democrat cities were torn apart by riots, looting, and arson for months – while Democrat mayors and governors did nothing to stop the carnage by Black Lives Matter.

The race card has long been Democrats’ most potent political weapon. They want the world to believe that everyone who opposes them politically is motivated by racial animus. Not because of the lack of integrity and transparency in elections, or over sincerely held policy differences.

Pelosi, Biden, and Kamala are picking up where Obama left off. The last thing they are interested in is healing this country – or promoting unity. They are intent on doing everything they can to keep America divided, especially along racial lines. If you want proof, all you have to do is listen to their words.

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