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RUSH: Here’s Kathryn, Richmond, Virginia, as we head back to the phones on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. So great to hear your voice. Thanks for fitting me in.

RUSH: Well, you bet.

CALLER: I was wondering, if asked by Chris Wallace, if you would go back on his Sunday show.

RUSH: You’re asking would I accept the invitation?


RUSH: Probably not, but not for the reason you’re thinking.

CALLER: Why wouldn’t you?

RUSH: Well, because this whole year I’ve been rejecting invitations from any number of people. And if I all of a sudden I accept one then I’ve made a lot of enemies. Not that I guess that matters at this stage, but my value base is such that, you know, I’ve been turning down — and it’s not a lot, well, actually it is — for a whole lot of reasons that they’ve stated they wanted to talk to me. Some want to talk to me about the medal of honor. Some want to talk about my diagnosis. Some want to talk about politics, the issues of the day, and I’ve just rejected them because I can’t do them all and I’ve I decided if I can’t do them all I’m not gonna do one.

So if I turn around and accept — and I don’t know if I’m gonna get an invitation or not, but I can’t imagine doing it because then I would irritate and anger so many other people at this stage. It doesn’t bother me. I have never been — Snerdley will tell you — I have never been somebody that needs face time. Meaning, I see a TV camera, and I’m not drawn to it. In many ways, I’m repulsed by it. But I certainly am not drawn to it. I’m not somebody who feels the need to be on TV.

I don’t have a desire for people to say, “Hey, I saw Rush on TV. Man, it was cool.” I’m not one of those people. A lot of people love being on TV. But I’ve had my run at it, and it’s not that big a deal to me. So that’s the long answer. You think I should accept? Is that why you wanted to know?

CALLER: Well, half of me says that you shouldn’t because it would bolster their ratings out the —


CALLER: And another part of me says, yes, you should because there’s always a good robust conversation. And now that I feel Fox News has been kidnapped, it would be a really good conversation.

RUSH: It might. But one interview is not gonna change the fortunes of Fox News. I wish I had that kind of power, but I don’t. I mean, it might matter for a day or two. Anyway, Kathryn, I gotta go. I’m out of time. I just noticed. I don’t mean to be rude but we’ll be back, folks.

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