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RUSH: This is F. Chuck Todd yesterday on Meet the Depressed.

TODD: Our new NBC poll of registered voters has the president’s approval rating holding steady at 43% —

RUSH: Oh, no.

TODD: — with 55% disapproving.

RUSH: Oh, no.

TODD: It’s more or less where his numbers have been throughout most of his presidency in our poll.

RUSH: Oh, no.

TODD: And looking at the election, while 61% say Joe Biden won legitimately, only 35% disagree.

RUSH: Oh, no!

TODD: Among Republicans, 74% say no —

RUSH: Oh no!

TODD: — that Biden did not win legitimately.


TODD: Three in four current Republicans.


TODD: How can Joe Biden begin healing the country when more than one of three voters believe he did not win legitimately?

RUSH: May I translate this for you? F. Chuck Todd is sad and depressed again. They tried to separate Trump from his supporters, and they failed again. (impression) “How can we ever unify when you stupid Trump people won’t see the light?” That’s the translation.

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