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RUSH: James Comey, in an interview with the U.K. Guardian, said the Republican Party “needs to be burned down or changed.” Comey said, “Something is shifting, and I’m hoping it’s the fault breaking apart, a break between the Trumpists and those people who want to try and build a responsible conservative party, because everybody should know that we need one.”

We need a “responsible conservative party… Who would want to be part of an organization that at its core is built on lies and racism and know-nothingism? It’s just not a healthy political organization.” Well, there you have it. Here’s a guy — who, by the way, should be convicted of a number of different crimes he’s committed.

He’s out there fully insulting everybody who had anything to do with supporting Donald Trump, as a racist, as an idiot. That’s what a know-nothing guy is. “Who would want to be part of an organization [conservatism] that at its core is built on lies and racism and know-nothingism?” So let me translate this for you.

This is James Comey, who represents maybe 5% of Republicans, who doesn’t like Trump and is gonna purge the 95% who do. Now, I’m gonna be fascinated watching that happen. This is gonna be a neat trick. The 5% of inside-the-Beltway Republican/conservatives are gonna purge the 95% who like Trump. That is gonna happen how?

But you see what’s on display here is, again, the same thing that’s gonna come back and bite the left. This out-of-control arrogance, this presumption that they’re better than you and most everybody else, that they are qualified to exist in this club of inside-the-Beltway elites, and you’re not. (impression) “You are so not qualified!

“You’re a racist and you’re a white supremacist and you don’t know anything. You’re an idiot to boot. Conservatism just cannot be healthy with you people in membership,” and Comey senses “a fault line shifting,” and that means that you Trumpists, why, you might be swallowed up by the fault! You may never be heard from again.

Well, I’ll tell you, Comey represents 5%.

I remember when Mitt Romney, trying to establish his bona fides as a conservative, said, “Yeah, yeah, don’t anybody should misunderstand. I am one of your severe conservatives.” People shook their heads. “What, what, what? ‘Severe conservative?’ Who ever described themselves as ‘severe’?” He meant to say “staunch,” but the word didn’t come to him.

So these people represent the lose-with-honor Republican Party. Losing with honor then guarantees them membership in the Washington establishment.

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