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RUSH: Los Angeles Times reporter Evan Halper captured California residents’ joy now that Joe Biden has been installed. Listen to this:

“After four years of being relentlessly targeted by President Trump, who worked overtime to bait, punish, and marginalize California and everything it represents” – California is suddenly center stage in the Washington policy arena. California is the new “think-tank” for the Biden/Kommie Harris regime. Instead of “Make America Great Again,” the Biden/Harris plan is to “Make America California Again.”

Let that sink in. California, where businesses are taxed to death. Where immigration laws are flouted, and illegal immigrants are given sanctuary and all the welfare benefits they can collect. Where environmentalist-wackos prevent forest management, so deadly fires routinely destroy millions of acres.

California, where failing schools and high crime are the norm in Los Angeles, and where San Francisco tourists used to get maps to help them avoid piles of human feces in the streets. Until the entire state economy was locked down for the coronavirus, destroying small businesses and jobs by the thousands. But where Nancy Pelosi could still get her hair done and Gavin Newsom could party at an upscale restaurant when you couldn’t.

Make America California Again? That’s a dream come true to hardcore leftists, who think rampant, out-of-control socialism is a good thing. But to real America, it’s just a coming nightmare.

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