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RUSH: After what happened this past election cycle, what I’m about to tell you is totally predictable.

In Georgia, a Republican state senator is sponsoring legislation to require a photo ID for people who want to vote by mail. Voters would have to send copies of their IDs to election officials when requesting mail-in ballots, and again when they return the ballots to be counted.

The reason for this legislation is obvious: to eliminate fraud, both in the mail-in ballot requests and in the returned ballots.

The other thing predictable about the anti-fraud legislation is the Democrat party’s reaction to it. They hate it.

“Fair Fight,” founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams, slammed it immediately. The group claims the proposal unfairly expects Georgia residents to have access to a printer. “Fair Fight” also accuses Republicans of racism, of course. They say Republicans are trying to “take away” Georgians’ ability to vote by mail because “too many people of color” voted by mail last time.

Anyone could have predicted the Democrats would play the race card; it’s their “go-to” move. But here’s the truth. Requiring voter ID for secure and fair elections isn’t about race; it has never been about race. It’s about election integrity, and Democrats know it. Which is why they will do everything in their power to fight it, resist it, and make sure it never happens.

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