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RUSH: Tammy in Rockville, South Carolina. Thank you for calling. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s great to talk to you. Very excited to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Want you to know we get much encouragement listening from you and education. And we’re praying for you, of course, and all you’re going through. Just wanted you to know, my son — I started reading your Rush Revere books to my son and my daughter. My son is 11. My daughter’s 8. And they are a hit. I enjoy reading them. But my son got so into it that we were watching the playoff game with the Bills and the Chiefs, and he looked at me and he goes — ’cause it was Sunday night and it was almost time for bed, we had school the next day, and he says to me, “Can we go ahead on up so we can get our reading in?” So he was willing to give up watching football —

RUSH: You mean you were gonna say he wanted to read the Rush Revere books instead of watching the Chiefs and the Bills playoff game?


RUSH: That’s amazing.

CALLER: My husband told him, “You realize there’s only two games left this season?” And he was fine with that. He said, “That’s okay. I want to go read.” And so we went upstairs and we finished the first book and we read about half of the second one.

RUSH: Well, that is fantastic. You know, I love getting feedback like that. These books were a godsend, the inspiration to do them and the feedback that we get on those books is just over-the-top fantastic. And they are worthwhile because so many people have been ill-educated on the American founding and the people who founded our country and what they went through to do it and so forth. And this is an effort to combat that. And the fact that it’s getting through to so many people is a reward into itself.

Now, I tell you what, Tammy, I want to you to hang on, because we have a little, nice package of stuff from the Revere neighborhood that we send out to people that love these books, young readers who love the books. We need your address to send these things out. So if you could hang on for Mr. Snerdley to pick the phone back up, get your address, we’ll have this stuff sent out soon, and you’ll have it. It’s just a little addition of things that are part of the books, a Liberty doll here and there and some other goodies that we throw in. I just appreciate very much that your kids are liking the books and enjoying them. I’m glad you got through to tell me.

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