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RUSH: Hey, folks, if you have thought that somebody has got to go to jail over this fraudulent Russia coup business that the FBI and Brennan and Comey and Clapper and all these people ran on Trump — if you’ve thought that some people gotta go to jail for this — I hate to tell you, I don’t think anybody’s gonna go to jail because one of the number one perps has just been given 12 months of probation.

His name is Kevin Clinesmith. He’s 38. (interruption) Who is he? He’s the former FBI lawyer who admitted — he admitted — “doctoring an email that other officials relied on to justify secret surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser.” He admitted it. “Prosecutors had asked that Clinesmith spend several months in prison for the crime. Clinesmith’s attorney said probation would be more appropriate.”

This is a guy who literally doctored an email to make the FISA court think that there was actual collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He literally made it up. He just doctored the email, made it up, lied — I don’t know how else to describe this — and he’s getting 12 months’ probation. This is the establishment that’s taking care of their own.

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