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TODD: Rush, of course, didn’t just push Donald Trump over the finish line. And I’m sure that President Trump would disagree. Rush… Without Rush, Donald Trump wouldn’t have been president, I think. But Rush didn’t say that electing Donald Trump saves the country. That’s a misnomer. Rush knew there was a lot involved in beginning to fight back against what Rush so early on called the deep state.

And a lot of us said, “Deep state? Come on.” Well, we’ve seen it. President Trump surfaced the existence of the deep state for everybody to see. Everybody with eyes to see saw it. So now here we are talking about 2022 and 2024, and way back in February of 2016, Rush Limbaugh told us that saving the country was gonna be about more than one election, and he also predicted there wouldn’t be any unity.

RUSH: A lot of people talk about bringing the country together, unifying us, making factions of people who disagree somehow come together. I don’t think that that’s gonna happen. We’re too divided. The people on the left, they don’t want to reach common ground with us. We are gnats to them, or worse. We are the Gestapo to them. We’re Nazis to them. We are standing in the way of whatever they want.

These people have to be defeated. They have to be overwhelmed. And then after they’re defeated they cannot be allowed to bully whoever wins into cowardice and caving in. It’s going to be tough. Winning an election is just a tiny first step. After we win the election, it’s gonna take perseverance to prevail over all the attempts to subvert the winners of the election and to corrupt what’s going on, knowing they still own a lot of the bureaucracy.

But if you believe in a certain cultural America, it’s under siege. There’s nothing to join with on the other side in preserving it. They want to tear it down, transform it, and rebuild it. They have to be defeated. This is why the Republican Party’s worthless. They don’t even think this way.

The Republican Party’s thinking about showing they can work together, they can cooperate, make Washington work. Sorry, we’re so past that, we’re so far past that, it’s irrelevant. We’re talking about holding on and preserving the country as founded. And it’s gonna be really, really hard. The second thing is, “Rush…”

And this is not just you. “Rush, we can’t deport 12 million people. We’re never gonna -” Who says? All that is, is a conversation stopper. We are the United States of America. Who says we can’t get rid of people who are here illegally? It’s not a question of we can’t. It’s a question of do we have the resolve to? Do we have the desire to?

Does it makes sense to do it? Are we gonna do it — and, believe me, even if we win on this, the people opposing it are gonna be firing ammo at whoever wins like you can’t believe! But if we’re serious about stopping this transformation of America, it isn’t gonna be easy, and winning an election is not gonna send a signal to the other side to stand down, you lost.

They don’t look at it that way. This is a fight between socialism and capitalism, freedom versus tyranny, however you want to categorize it. There isn’t any overlap. The only things that we may have in common with them are what people want for their families.

But we can’t even agree on the definition of a family with half of these people. So I don’t think all the putting our hands together and coming together and unifying and working and making the country come together and common ground… That’s… We’re so far past that…

Because once you accept the task at hand and what has to happen, winning the election, that’s equivalent being born, and we’re an infant, and we’ve got people coming at us that are gonna try to wipe us out and eliminate everything and pretend it didn’t happen, corrupt, sabotage, undermine.

Whoever the next president is, and whoever’s running the next Congress, and whoever nominates the Supreme Court justice, if it’s a conservative, you have no idea what’s gonna be brought to bear! We’re gonna need people with such backbone and guts and steel and iron to hold up and to withstand what’s gonna come at ’em, you can’t even imagine it.

But it’s what’s gonna happen. So it’s all of that that informs me each and every day here, folks, as to what happens on this program, analyzing what’s going on out there. This is for keeps! This isn’t about unifying, getting along. They’re not interested in it — and what do you want to get along with ’em over? What about their agenda do you want to embrace?

TODD: February of 2016, and Rush basically described the TIME magazine article where the left bragged about “Sure! Oh, yeah, we hid information from the American people. Yeah, we changed the rules at the last minute. Yes, we coordinated with domestic terror groups who are burning down American cities.” And Rush saw that coming.

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