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JASON: Let’s run out to Waseca, Minnesota. Jessica has been so patient. Thanks for hanging on. You’re on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.

CALLER: Hello. I just wanted to say, after the loss of Rush and Trump losing the election, as a newly conservative voter in the last few years, I remember reading books, and I follow Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro. I read this book about a world without people like Rush, and it’s sad.

He is going to be so missed, but as conservatives I think we need to stick together more than ever now and just hope that things get better as the years progress and… Yeah. That’s all I wanted to say.

JASON: Yeah.

CALLER: It’s sad that he’s not on the air anymore.

JASON: So sad. It’s surreal, isn’t it? Without sounding too much like Andrew Cuomo, how old are you, Jessica?

CALLER: I’m 45.

JASON: Oh. Well, you’ve been listening for a while, I presume.

CALLER: My dad listened to it when I was younger, and I, you know, caught tidbits and then the last few years I really caught on to what being a conservative is, and my family values, and that’s when Rush really hit me.

JASON: Okay. Well, I think the cancel culture and Rush’s great work will counter it all for a long, long time.

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