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JASON: Let me tell you something. These so-called experts — who first told us not to wear a mask, then to wear a mask; who first told us there would be no threat from the COVID virus in America, then it was the greatest threat ever known to mankind — want lockdowns in perpetuity. They want a permanent pandemic exception to the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

There is none, and if the Supreme Court had more guts, as the president said the other day, they would have struck these things down. Had state legislatures had more guts, they would have struck down the outrageous usurpation of election law going on in every single state, which Rush is gonna talk about here in a second.

The idea that we have hunkered down in absolute conformity — that we have instilled fear in our young people, that we have deliberately infected nursing homes in congregated living centers, that we have quarantined the healthy while we infected the vulnerable — is not a public policy mistake. It is a scandal. And it’s not just Cuomo in New York. It’s Walz in Minnesota.

You go across the Democrat blue state landscape and you will see much of the same across this country. In fact, the Minnesota Department of Health, where I live, said that they got a policy of taking COVID-positive patients out of hospitals and putting them in nursing homes. That called, quote-unquote, “affirmative.” That was part of their “affirmative plan,” to use their verbiage. This is gonna be the greatest catastrophe, looking back, in American history.

The idea that we have shut down an economy, we’ve destroyed children — an entire generation of them — we’ve killed the elderly, and we did it in the name of pure, abstract power. And now they want to keep it. And that means making certain we take this COVID experience with mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, consent decrees that undercut election law, and we keep it going, which is exactly what Rush warned about not long ago.

RUSH: I, The Big Voice on the Right, warned everybody this was coming. It should not be a surprise. I told you Democrats are hell-bent on making elections meaningless. They know they can’t eliminate them. They know they cannot wipe out elections. They’ll never succeed with that. But the next best thing is making elections foregone conclusions; therefore, making elections meaningless.

That means using whatever they can — such as mail-in ballots, mail-in voting — to give themselves an advantage. Now, some of you might be saying, “Rush, wait a minute. Why does mail-in voting automatically give them an advantage? Republicans can do it, too.” Yeah, Republicans are trying to stop it — and I don’t blame ’em, by the way. Republicans are standing against mail-in voting.

We ought to have one Election Day like we did for decades. We’ve had Election Day where all you did was show up at the polls and vote. There was no early voting. There was just Election Day, and absentee for people who literally couldn’t make it (it was a very tiny percentage of voters). And we were able to do it, and we were able to count the votes and know who won by the end of the night on Election Day.

And then all of a sudden, we stopped being able to do any of that, for whatever reason. We weren’t able to have show-up-in-person voting. No. We needed early voting and then we needed mail-in voting, and pretty soon there’s gonna be some other kind of virtual voting because of COVID.

“Well, Rush, that’s what mail-in voting is.” No. They’ll come up with something in addition to it. They never stop. Their objective is to make elections meaningless. There’s a way it happens, and they have got it down pat. So now they’ve introduced a bill for nationwide mail-in voting. They’re expanding on it. They’re not content for how it worked in 2020.

Mail-in voting and voting for several months before and after Election Day. This is what they’re aiming for. “What do you mean, after Election Day?” Oh, yeah! They’re gonna move for this. “Some people can’t vote on Election Day, even with mail-in ballots. We need to make sure every vote counts.” You’ve heard their mantras. This is called using their power as a bludgeon when they have it.

JASON: I am Jason Lewis, and along with you, I’m enjoying remembering Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Rush is right on that. Trust me.


JASON: Well, now we’ve got H.R. 1, and they want to cram that through. It’s why they want to get rid of the legislative filibuster, to get it done — and if they do, Katie, bar the door. Republicans will never get elected again. You’ll have permanent ballot harvesting. You can take ballots 10 days after the election just to see how many you need, then you can go get ’em, right?

You’ll have felons voting, and pretty soon imprisoned felons voting. There was a lower federal court judge ruling out in the Northwest that said, banning people who are in prison from voting performed a disparate impact on a certain class of citizens; therefore, that was illegal. That never made it, thankfully, but that’s coming. That’s coming — and of course, no ID. That’s precisely what Rush was talking about not long ago when it came to voter ID.

RUSH: This is Dee. Dee is in Spokane, Washington. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Prayers to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to let you know, I’m a retired letter carrier after 30 years. I recently retired, and I just wanted to let you know about my concern about mail-in ballots. And I know you were talking about even absentee ballots and I know that in November when we vote, there’s many absentee ballots because of the snowbirds.

And I would just like people to know that there’s good carriers and there’s a lot of rabid union carriers that are being told repeatedly, Trump wants to take away their job; he wants to close post office, privatize. They hate Trump. And all my years, I know that there’s ways that they delay mail. They can make mail disappear. We have a saying in the post office which is called “take it for a ride.” If they want to delay something, they don’t deliver it that day. They’ll take it for a ride or they’ll put it back in the mail stream. It reminds me of when you were talking years ago about Lois Lerner —

RUSH: Lois Lerner! Yes, that’s right. The Lois Lerner was the one that was responsible for delaying and denying fundraising status to conservative fundraising groups, and she didn’t even need a memo to do it. She was in that job because it was understood she would do it anyway. Look. This mail-in ballot thing… I’m glad you called, Dee. We all understand the pitfalls of this.

Here’s all you need to know about mail-in voting, folks. The only thing you need to know — the president needs to make this point more frequently and a little louder — is no ID is required. Now, he talks about how absentee balloting is much, much different ’cause you gotta go through a process. The process is proving who you are.

You cannot vote absentee without proving who you are. Mail-in balloting, you don’t have to prove who you are. You can make it up! You don’t have to prove anything. There’s no ID and there’s no ID verification. It is made to order for fraud. That’s the only reason the Democrat Party is interested in it.

JASON: That’s exactly right. 1-800-282-2882 as we continue on with remembering Rush. Time to squeeze in a quick call. This is Robert, Jamestown, Tennessee. You’re on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network with me today, Jason Lewis.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Jason, and God bless Rush. I sure as hell miss him.

JASON: You and me both, my friend.

CALLER: You know, the battle, to me, needs to be fought with the Republican Party here. The Republican Party sat back all last summer and sat on their hands and did nothing about this. They let the Democrats go through all these legislatures, all these courts, change all these rules, and they sat on their hands and did nothing. There was no great mystery. Rush was talking about it in April, what was gonna take place. It was obvious as the sun rises.

But they still sit here today and have done nothing about it. They haven’t challenged anything that’s gone on in Pennsylvania, Detroit. The way that it’s being set up is all they gotta do is hold off in the cities in the minority communities. Hold off in the cities to see what votes they’re going to need to take the lead in the election, roll a couple vans in and pull those votes out, and the Republicans, you know, are not gonna challenge that. They’re not gonna “disenfranchise” any cities or minority voters.

JASON: Well, look. Look. Let me get right to the point. You’re a hundred percent correct, and that is not only were the justices AWOL in the fall on this — it should have been taken up immediately’ there could have been a number of procedures to do that – -but state legislatures, Republicans in state legislatures, including my own, were totally AWOL too. They talked a good game, but they didn’t do jack.

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