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KEN: We’re in a time when everybody says the partisanship is worse than ever, and I would argue that what is happening is the small group of people on the left that dominate the news media and that create the division, and they fertilize the fear, they’re seeing that we’re starting to awaken like in 2020 and when we elected Donald Trump, and they’re worried. Liberals call us evil.

If you’re a conservative, they drop the name “Nazi.” These are people that never even read history. They’re trying to cancel us. They talk about how our very existence is so dangerous, that we have to be corralled, limited, stopped — and that was coming out of Congress. Some of these comments are coming out of Congress. If you understand liberals the way Rush understood liberals, none of this is surprising.

Here’s Rush on January 16, 2001. Twenty years ago, he clearly explained that liberalism is a religion.

RUSH: For many of those at the left who worship at the altar of man, politics is the means through which devotion is expressed. Politics is church — and they do have a god, but it is man. They believe in the primacy of man. The state is god, meaning Washington. Government is god. The religion is politics. Any views that are in contrast to that are heretical.

That’s their creed. You see, the liberals are fundamentally people who think that people are the way they are. If they’re corrupt, then everybody’s corrupt. Theirs is not a belief which embraces virtue. They are suspicious of virtue because they know they are not virtuous, not in the traditional sense. Many on the left who worship at the altar of man — and by this I’m talking about the environmentalist wackos, the feminists, these militant, extreme left-wing groups.

They are opposed to God because God is an authority higher than man, and to them, of course, there is no authority higher than man, and their politics is simply the means through which their devotion to the alter of man is expressed. To liberals, religion is their life. Abortion, my friends, is the sacrament of the religion of the pro-abortion crowd. It’s the reason they exist.

They are the religious left. They are as religious as anybody else. It’s just that their religion is one of man, and politics is the means of imposing the religion, of practicing it. Whereas conservatives say that they are charged with “witnessing,” meaning spread the word. Well, liberals view it the same way except their religion is one of man, and politics is how they witness.

They are deeply and totally devoted to their religion. This is why, by the way, they’re not interested in debate. They’re not interested in getting along with people. Let me ask you Christians. Would you give the Devil a seat at the table just in the interests of bipartisanship? No! You wouldn’t. The devil is someone that you are at odds with each and every day.

The Devil, evil — however you wish to phrase it. Evil is something which must be constantly defeated. You must be ever vigilant. You don’t extend the hand of friendship to it. You don’t say, “Hey, let’s be bipartisan. Let’s get along.” You don’t compromise your beliefs in order to be friends with evil. Well, this is the way liberals look at conservatives.

We’re evil. We’re a threat — and, therefore, anything that they do to defeat evil is justified. Therefore, lawlessness is not lawlessness. It’s virtue! Whatever you do to defeat the evil surrounding you is indeed virtuous. Like any religious zealots and extremists, the liberals find any views that are in contrast to theirs heretical.

No, my friends, it boils down to quite simply — and I think if you want to understand the left and how it is that they consider themselves the presumptive authority and anybody else is the interlopers, just try to put yourself in their place and look at politics as your religion and you go to church every day. Many of you think that you’re devoted by going to church on Sunday.

Liberals go to church every day. In fact, every day is spent in church. And whereas they fear men of religious faith who are conservative because they say, “Well, it’s not a place for religious people, politics isn’t. Why, you’ll impose your religion on the rest of us.” Why would they be afraid of that? Why would they be afraid of the imposition?

Because who is imposing their religion on everybody? The reason they’re afraid of it is because that’s precisely what they are doing with their religion. They are indeed imposing it on everyone else. It’s just that their religion is politics. If you look at it in that context, you’ll have a much better understanding of what animates them, motivates them, energizes them, and inspires them.

And once you look at it that way, it’s not hard at all to understand why they are intolerant of things that they consider to be threatening. Just imagine the things which you consider to be threats to your religion and ask yourself, “Would you tolerate those?” Of course you don’t. You’re not. You don’t think you’re supposed to. In fact, it’s a sin to do.

Well, they look at it in much the same way — and it also helps to explain why it’s a 24-hour-a-day calling with them. If you just think about it and give it some investigative time, you’ll have a lot of these questions that you have asked, scratching your heads, “Why do they hate us? Why do they fear us? Why do they consider us such a threat?”

When you look at it in the religious context, then it will become a little bit more clear to you.

KEN: Another brilliant explanation of liberalism and liberals on the EIB Network.

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