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KEN: Have you been watching what’s going on in Washington? I’m sure you have. Washington will not have cheerleaders anymore. We’re done with the cheerleading. Who in the world wants to see physically fit women dancing and cheering on the sidelines anyway? So, for the first time since the NFL’s longest-running cheerleading team was founded in 1962, there will be a co-ed dance team in its place.

Finally, men will have an opportunity to be part of the NFL. (choking up) Oh, my God. We need to rename the team. They’re the ones that were the Redskins, remember, and there were some white woke people that were very offended by that. Why don’t you just call the team the Washington Wokies?

You serve Woca-Cola, you have a woke-a-palooza at halftime, everybody comes out and keep their distance, they wear their mask completely over their head just so diversity’s there, and once again Rush Limbaugh had a name for this years ago. Here it is.

RUSH: In a truly pathetic news story, this is deeply troubling. We have been talking recently on this program about the chickification of American culture, the feminization of American universities, the chickification of the news business. From the Associated Press, this is a story by Melissa Dutton, and this is about man showers. Brian, you went to one of these just last week, a man shower.

“‘Man showers’ become popular for pre-wedding male bonding.” This is pathetic. “When Jonathan Morris’ daughter was planning her wedding, he thought the groom was getting overlooked. So he planned a guys-only ‘man shower’ to welcome Brian Wigand into the family. The party included manly snacks, games and gifts.

“‘It seemed like there was a lot of hoopla for the ladies and not too much for the guys,’ said Morris of Maple Valley, Wash. ‘It was really fun, male bonding'” out there. “‘Showers geared to grooms are a growing trend in the wedding industry, said Allana Baroni, the entertainment expert.'” Have you heard about this, Snerdley? This is a growing trend?

Other than Brian going to a baby shower, I’ve not heard of a growing trend in man showers. Of course, I don’t keep up with weddings much, don’t go to too many. (interruption) Yeah, that’s true. It was a couples shower, but you still went. “‘Showers geared to grooms are a growing trend in the wedding industry,’ says Allana Baroni,” a woman.

“‘It’s another example of grooms leaving their stereotypical roles behind,’ she said, noting that male bridesmaids and female groomsmen are becoming more common. That doesn’t mean they’re abandoning tradition. For Rob Wise, the man shower was a warm-up to, not a substitute for, the bachelor party. ‘It was precursor, a chance to get the guys together and let off a little steam,’ he said.

“Highlights of the [man shower] included playing football, drinking games and Rock Band, a video game where players perform in virtual bands.'” (interruption) No, there’s no stripper. I guess the stripper is the bachelor party. But we don’t hear anything about the bachelor party in this story. We only hear about the man shower.

“‘First and foremost, it was getting all my friends together in one place,’ the Baton Rouge, La., resident said. “It meant a lot for everyone to mingle before they got to the wedding.'” But get this. This is what did it for me in this story: “‘Men also are recognizing that showers are a great way to acquire tools and other necessities needed to maintain a home,’ said Abby Buford,” another woman, “spokeswoman for Lowe’s Home Improvement stores, which launched an online wedding registry in 2006.”

So the purpose of the man shower is to teach men how to do housecleaning. “It’s a great way to acquire tools and other necessities needed to maintain a home.” So anyway, man showers, if you have a son who is soon to be getting married, don’t be surprised if someone comes along and says, “We gotta throw a shower for the groom, too,” in addition to the bachelor party. And note that this is an idea (chuckling) straight out of the female brain, by a wedding planner. Would you do one, Snerdley? If you were going to get married, would you…? (laughter)

KEN: Wow. I don’t even like the name man shower. Anyway, 800-282-2882. I’m Ken Matthews on the EIB Network as we celebrate the wisdom and the great insight of Rush Limbaugh — and it’s just amazing. Day after day, it rings true. Day after day you can insert it right into the current goings-on — in particular, Washington or wherever. It’s amazing when you think about that. And you don’t get it anywhere else.

We used to expect this from news people, remember? Remember watching things like Dateline or 20/20 or 60 Minutes or whatever, you’d watch those shows, and you’d say (impression), “Aw, we’re gonna get insight. We’re gonna get the truth about the tire that blew up, or we’re gonna get the truth…” I don’t know why I’m talking in this accent. I’m sorry. It just happened.

We’re gonna get the truth about the tire that blew up or the pharmaceutical company or whatever. We’re gonna get the truth, we’re gonna get the insight, we’re gonna get both sides. There’s gonna be debate. It’s all dead now. Dead. And to make sure it never is alive again, censorship is there to shut you down, to shut me down, to ban your website, to track your decisions — and the icing on the cake is to take pictures of your red hat if you’re in the wrong city at the wrong time.

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